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Before travelling, contact numbers are available on the getting to the farnes page on the serial internet and some players. Mass produced Schwinn bikes have been data-coded since by the first two letters in the serial number. The first letter tells production month, the second tells production year.

21st Century Stingrays

Sting 20" racing bikes have a production month letter "T" signifying that it is a tri-oval frame with three frame tube ends ovalized. Imported Schwinn serial sequences depend upon country of origin. Bicycles from Japan have a production month letter in either the first or second position and a production year number in the other first or second position. Here's the scoop on 82 and older Schwinn's Schwinn's and older had two letters, first one is the month and the second is the year, then it is followed by five or six numbers which is the sequence number.

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Here another great web site for Schwinn numbers. There may be an issue with the serial numbers, perhaps. I just called on a Scrambler. A straight tube one. Its first two serial numbers are KG according to the seller. But that would make it October So either KenC is wrong, or the lady read the letters wrong. GO i think its a scrambler.. I have a schwinn stung I got from a garage sale about 7 years ago. I can't find a serial number but I found a production number I think. Anyone have more info?

Try the headtube for a serial number on older schwinns I can't clearly read the first 2 didgits in the SN. They could be C's, G's O's, I cant tell.

How to Tell What Year a Schwinn Sting-Ray Bike Is?

Maybe someone here with more experience could. Heres a couple of pictures.

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And what would have been the factory forks? I have a purple Schwimm BMX bike I have a schwinn predator. It was made in december of Because if it was made in Dec , it would be a It would be a , not anyway, actually.

Vintage Schwinn 74180 Brake Lever Alignment Tool Demo

I have a scrambler and has the serial on the head give but it starts out FU none of the charts I've found list a U they all stop with T. You sure it not just a lightly stamped Q and not a U?

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Or something else like that? If it was FQ then it would be a frame. K It arrived today and i was hoping to submit b4 and after piks of this rare bike while i build it up again. The problem is that it looks slighty different from the original catalog pik i have so im not sure of the year now..