Dating a silverface twin reverb

You will need to get the date codes from the speaker frames, the potentiometer date codes, the transformer codes and as much other detailed information you can about the specs and features of your amp.

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If you have a serious interest in learning about the history of Fender amplifiers, or if you just want to try to establish the year of production of your own amp, I recommend that you pick up the following book. Fender used speakers manufactured by the following companies: Jensen supplied all Fender speakers until approximately Since Fender used speakers from all the above companies.

Dating a silverface twin reverb

This information is not for commercial use, and cannot be copied, posted, pasted or otherwise used in any publication or web site. Early Fender Electric Blackface amps from and some into early did not have a Fender Logo on the grillcloth.

A good amp tech can make these sound great. In , Fender removed the "Tail" from the logo. A push-pull pot was added to some amps in The final year of production saw a blackface front panel re-introduced. Thu Sep 01, I seriously appreciate the help!

How to Date Fender Twin Reverb Amps | Our Pastimes

Thu Sep 01, 4: Looks like the amp is in serious need of a new master-volume knob. I prolly got an extra lying around I don't know Arjay's feeling on this,but there seems to be quite a bit of rust on the transformer that can be seen in the picture,I've never liked to see that and know that rust can never be a good thing,you might want to look at some of the exposed parts of the underside of that chassis and see if there's corrosion elsewhere.

Thu Sep 01, 3: The corrosion might be a cosmetic issue only and not a factor that would affect the proper operation but it should be explored and examined prior to purchase. Mon Sep 05, 4: F and 18 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Page 1 of 1.

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    7. It's probably a , but has had a later logo installed at some point. Maybe a new baffle and grill.

      Do you have some pictures? Apr 5, 3.

      Silverface Twin Date

      Serial is for The transformers will have date code also. Apr 6, 4. The grill and logo look origional to me. Take a look at the pics. The transformer code is , which should be the 50th week of '71?

      How to Date Fender Twin Reverb Amps

      EricS76 , Apr 6, Apr 6, 5. T Prior , Apr 6, Apr 6, 6. Amp is definitely a 72, but I think and could be totally wrong that a '72 should have a tail on the logo, and have the blue sparkle grill cloth. I think the orange lined sparkle grill cloth came a little later??