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Is The Peacock Network in love? Remember, the television vulture is watching your shows. Drew Barrymore narrates the dating reality TV series, which is based on the UK program of the same name. The action centers on different couples who have just met, as they go out on their first dates. The participants — from all over the US — are of various ages and backgrounds. At the end of each hour, the audience learns whether the daters plan to see one another again. Stay tuned for further updates. Want to automatically receive updates about this TV show? Sign up for our FREE email alerts.

However, they have remained pretty consistent. In the current market, I think that may be enough to get First Dates a second chance. What do you think? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Flynn and his team travel to July 20, , to infiltrate the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston and disrupt the Apollo 11 mission. Shortly after entering the timeline, Rufus confronts Anthony over his involvement in the stranding, but Anthony escapes when Mission Control loses communication with Apollo Rufus discovers through a local computer that Anthony has inserted a DoS attack into the center's mainframe.

As s technology is unable to counter the virus, Rufus and Lucy get help from mathematician Katherine Johnson , who gets them into the mainframe. Just as they are deleting the virus, they are confronted by Anthony and one of Flynn's henchmen. Rufus kills the henchman before Anthony escapes while communication with Apollo 11 is restored by Rufus and Katherine's computer fix.

Meanwhile, Flynn meets Lockman Aerospace secretary Maria Thompkins and her son Gabriel at a park before disappearing from Wyatt's sight. Wyatt explains to Maria that Flynn is a Russian spy, but Flynn sneaks into her home and injects Gabriel with a shot of epinephrine to counter an anaphylactic reaction before getting away from Wyatt. Back in the present, the team discovers through a secret file that Maria was Flynn's mother and Gabriel was his half-brother.

The trio travels to in Arkansas as Flynn tries to find a necklace key related to Rittenhouse. Upon their arrival, they encounter Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow during a bank robbery and discover that Bonnie is wearing the key. Lucy and Wyatt help Bonnie and Clyde escape from a gunfight with the police and Flynn. At their hideout, Bonnie reveals that Clyde gave her the key as an engagement gift after stealing it from Henry Ford.

‘Emerald City’ Canceled at NBC After One Season

Methvin shows up at the hideout, as well as Rufus, but Methvin is killed by Clyde after Rufus reveals his betrayal. Meanwhile, Hamer's posse and Flynn close in and a shootout occurs. Flynn grabs the key and escapes before both Bonnie and Clyde are shot dead by Hamer. Back in the present day, Mason warns Cahill that Agent Christopher is coming close to discovering Rittenhouse, unaware that she has him on surveillance.

Upon the trio's return, Rufus agrees to ally with Agent Christopher. Elsewhere, Flynn uses the key to open a clock, revealing a secret letter.

Agent Christopher entrusts a thumb drive containing details of her family to Lucy to carry in the Lifeboat in case history changes again. The trio are captured by George Washington 's forces and confronted by Flynn, who reveals that the secret letter shows Arnold was a founding member of Rittenhouse. He offers them the Mothership and the identity of Wyatt's wife's killer in exchange for them helping Flynn capture Arnold. The trio and Flynn rush to the British border acting as defectors and capture Arnold, who reveals that Rittenhouse was founded by David Rittenhouse.

The group gets Arnold to bring them to meet Rittenhouse, who quickly foils their plot to kill him.

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Rittenhouse murders Arnold, but Rufus saves Wyatt and Flynn from being executed as well. Flynn kills Rittenhouse, but Rittenhouse's son, John, escapes from the scene. Flynn finds John and prepares to kill him, only to be interrupted by Lucy. When John disappears, Flynn takes Lucy with him aboard the Mothership and they disappear before Wyatt and Rufus can save her.

Wyatt and Rufus are desperate to rescue Lucy, who has been kidnapped by Flynn. At the fair, Lucy and Flynn apprehend Harry Houdini and have him break into Edison's office to plant a bomb, but Houdini prevents Flynn from killing them. Houdini then helps Lucy save Wyatt and Rufus at the hotel.

Lucy realizes that "George" is Holmes just as she is captured, but Wyatt saves her and kills Holmes. The trio bids farewell to Houdini and Sophia before returning to the present day. Rufus records a threat to Rittenhouse and hands it to Mason. Wyatt gets a phone call from Flynn, who reveals the identity of Jessica's killer and suggests that Wyatt try and erase the killer's existence. Wyatt visits Wes Gilliam at San Quentin to know if he really is Jessica's killer, while Lucy has a nightmare about Amy and Rufus finds out that Jiya will replace him as the Lifeboat's pilot in six months.

The team travels to April 3, , where Flynn saves famous outlaw Jesse James from being murdered by Charley and Robert Ford in order to get his cooperation in finding a person deep within Indian territory. To track Flynn and James, the trio enlists the help of U. Flynn and James arrive at the home of Emma Whitmore, a former time machine pilot who avoided Rittenhouse by stranding herself in the 19th century.

Wyatt wounds James but, as Reeves tries to defuse the situation, Lucy kills James. Mason confronts Jiya over hacking secret video logs about Emma. At a bar, Wyatt asks Rufus to help him steal the Lifeboat to save Jessica. Wyatt and Rufus steal the Lifeboat and travel to Toledo, Ohio , in to circumvent the one-night stand between the parents of Jessica's killer, a bartender and a stewardess.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Wyatt chases the bartender outside in the midst of a tornado. The bartender trips over debris, resulting in a fatal fall. Meanwhile, Emma tells Flynn and Anthony about Rittenhouse's real intentions for the time machines. Flynn wants to continue eradicating Rittenhouse, but Anthony thinks they should destroy both machines. Anthony confides in Lucy about his plans for sabotage. Lucy tells this information to Agent Christopher and they agree to keep it to themselves just before Lucy learns of Mason's dealings with her biological father, Benjamin Cahill.

When Wyatt and Rufus return to the present, they discover Jessica was still killed but the other two women were saved, as Wyatt is taken into custody. There is an explosion at the Mothership's location, but there is a lack of debris from the machine and Anthony's body is discovered in the rubble with close-range gunshot wounds. Agent Christopher and Rufus realize that Flynn discovered Anthony's betrayal and escaped in the Mothership.

Lucy confronts Cahill about Rittenhouse. There, Flynn shoots down the Spirit of St. Louis and takes Lindbergh hostage.

The trio chase after Emma and Karl outside a night club headlined by Josephine Baker , but Dave is killed in the ensuing gunfight. With Dave gone, a drunk Hemingway offers to be the team's muscle, much to Lucy's chagrin. Lucy is captured by Flynn, who plans to kill Lindbergh unless she convinces him to leave Rittenhouse.

Rufus and Hemingway enter the city's catacombs and rescue Lucy and Lindbergh, who decides to go in hiding. Wyatt escapes after being secretly handed a paper clip by Agent Christopher. Lucy and Rufus are shocked to meet Neville upon their return. Lucy discovers in a history book that Lindbergh went underground for a few weeks before resuming his life of fame and fortune. Agent Neville orders Rufus, Lucy, and a soldier to travel to Houston to erase Flynn from existence by killing his mother, but Rufus and Lucy steal the time machine and reunite with Wyatt.

Although they had planned to save Lucy's sister, they jump to Chicago to pursue Flynn. The team joins forces with Eliot Ness to bring the mobster to justice, but Ness is gunned down by one of Capone's hitmen.

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With Ness eliminated, the trio seeks help from Capone's elder brother who is living as a Prohibition agent under the name of Richard Hart. They gain access to Capone and the mobster reveals that Flynn has learned about a Rittenhouse meeting in before Hart announces that he is bringing him in. Capone shoots Rufus as a favor to Flynn before he is killed by Hart. Jiya is questioned by Mason and Agent Neville as to the team's whereabouts.

Mason asks Cahill for access to NSA data to track not only the Lifeboat but virtually anyone globally. Just as the Lifeboat is about to jump, Rufus loses consciousness from his gunshot wound. The Lifeboat returns to the present, where Lucy has Noah treat Rufus before she breaks up with him. The team and Jiya jump to Washington, D. After being arrested on suspicion of being Soviet spies, Lucy and Wyatt escape and coerce Ethan Cahill, Lucy's grandfather, into taking them to the summit. Upon their arrival, Lucy convinces Flynn of another way to stop Rittenhouse.

Meanwhile, Mason reveals Cahill's activities to Agent Christopher and expresses remorse for endangering Rufus. Back in the present, Lucy and Wyatt visit an elderly Ethan, who gives them decades' worth of records of Rittenhouse's activities. Mason and the team use the documents to systematically topple the organization.

Lucy gives Flynn the name of the person behind the assassination of his family, but he is immediately arrested by Agent Christopher, who agrees to fulfill her promise to help Lucy restore Amy to the timeline. Lucy tells Carol about time travel and Amy, but her mother then reveals, to Lucy's horror, that she too is a Rittenhouse member.

Meanwhile, Emma is seen stealing the Mothership. They survive, and Agent Christopher relocates them to a decommissioned nuclear bunker. Wyatt and Rufus get a copy of Keynes's Rittenhouse time travel manifesto from a modern Rittenhouse agent fully integrated into the past. Mason, who feels as though he has nothing to contribute, develops an algorithm to track the Mothership's movements as Jiya continues to have seizures.

Wyatt surmises that Rittenhouse has placed sleeper agents throughout history. Carol brings Keynes to , and reveals that she is his granddaughter.

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Agent Christopher approaches an incarcerated Flynn about the manifesto, but he will only speak to Lucy. At the track, they realize that Millerson is the sleeper agent before race car driver Wendell Scott saves them from being killed by Emma. The trio deduce that a bomb in Millerson's car is intended to murder automotive executives in attendance, so Rittenhouse can take over the auto industry. They have Wendell sneak them into the track to stop Rittenhouse's mission. Wyatt kills Millerson, but not before the bomb is armed. Wyatt drives the car back to Wendell's garage, where Rufus defuses the bomb.

In the present, as Mason is preparing for a public appearance against Agent Christopher's orders, she arrests him and sends him back to the bunker. Keynes reveals to his followers his vision to perfect humanity by cutting away its flaws. The Lifeboat team travels to January 2, , in Los Angeles, where Rittenhouse sleeper agent Lucas Calhoun, an RKO Pictures producer, steals the only existing copy of Citizen Kane and offers it to William Randolph Hearst in exchange for a weekly column in all Hearst Communications papers, allowing Rittenhouse to manipulate history using propaganda.

With the help of actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr , the trio kill Lucas and recover the film. Rufus and Lamarr discuss intellectual property rights, leading to Lamarr becoming a tech billionaire in later years. Working in the past and present, the trio and Agent Christopher orchestrate Flynn's escape from prison so that he can help the Lifeboat team with their missions.

He joins them in the bunker. A medical exam finds Jiya in peak health; Mason tells Agent Christopher that previous afflicted pilots suffered schizophrenia or death. Shortly after Wyatt and Lucy's working relationship becomes romantic, he discovers that his presumed-dead wife Jessica is alive.

Seeing Lucy as an ideological threat, Nicholas orders Carol to kill her.

Making It on NBC: Cancelled or Season 2? (Release Date) - canceled TV shows - TV Series Finale

Jiya tells Rufus of her premonition that he will kill 17th-century judge Samuel Sewall. Wyatt tells Lucy that Jessica is alive. Rufus attributes it to recent Rittenhouse activity in Lucy, Rufus, and Flynn take the Lifeboat to September 22, in Salem, Massachusetts , where they discover that Abiah Franklin, the future mother of Benjamin Franklin , is slated for execution in the Salem witch trials.

Lucy and Rufus are arrested after Carol accuses Lucy of witchcraft. Carol slips Lucy a dagger to aid her escape, despite Lucy's rejection. Flynn shoots at the crowd, enabling all of the convicted to escape. Amid the chaos, Rufus defuses an armed confrontation with Sewall, but Sewall is killed by a runaway horse carriage. In the present, Jessica considers divorcing Wyatt as their relationship is strained, but he brings her to the bunker to show her the Lifeboat and reveal her original past.

He asks for another chance with her. Distraught by the predestination paradox they experienced, Rufus asks Jiya to not describe her premonitions. For Carol's failure to kill Lucy, Nicholas tasks Emma with this. Family and friends get together to watch it. Our dumb shows continue and this one is very interesting. Yeah I am upset about the cancellation of the third season I would like to see more but I guess not thank you.

I love this show and the characters in season 2 ….. I hope another network picks this up Good luck to all…….. Home News Cancelled or Renewed? My husband and I have enjoyed the TV series Taken and would like to have the drama come back. January 5, 2: It was a really good show.

I hope they reconsider and bring it back. December 28, 3: October 24, September 30, 6: Very disappointed that this show was canceled. Bring it back and at least give it an ending.