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I had 6 dates with a guy who had ADD. I actually can't remember on which date he first mentioned it so obviously neither of us saw it as a big omg moment, and we stopped seeing eachother for unrelated reasons posted by lifethatihavenotlivedyet at 2: I think you are way over thinking this. You can mention it when they ask about the pills in your cabinet. I'm pretty sure you can just say "oh, my early twenties? Video games and dirty dorms. I'm so glad to have grown up.

I'm in the US, but: I would think it was a bit weird if a date made it a big deal, either by actively hiding it or announcing it. If a date mentioned it casually, I wouldn't think anything of it at all. I personally don't see any conflict or weirdness with taking a prescribed medication and not using recreational drugs. I wouldn't even mention it, and I don't know why people would think to mention it. There is no disclosure here, there is the way you are.

Okay ADHD adults, it’s your turn

Or, that's how I see it. Would you feel the need to disclose that you're an introvert, or that you can't stand karaoke? I'm not trying to minimize ADHD, and I'm glad your life has changed so radically since treatment, but what you're talking about here is something that will either come out in your personality, or won't, and the time to discuss it is when if it's noticed as something worth discussing.

The comment that ADHD might be a deal breaker in dating is extremely strange. ADHD symptoms are aspects of normal behavior. Everyone has these behaviors, they exist on a continuum, and some people with more extreme versions of these behaviors are diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD from A to Zoë

Making the diagnosis itself, rather than the behaviors associated with it, a "dealbreaker" betrays a pretty big misunderstanding of what the diagnosis is. Which is precisely why this is something that will either come out of someone getting to know you, or it won't, but it isn't something that needs "disclosing. I agree with others that you probably don't want to make a big deal announcement out of it, but also be careful mentioning it too off-the-cuff. While genuine ADHD wouldn't be a dealbreaker for me, I really dislike the kind of person who casually throws out "Tee hee, I'm so ADD" in the same way that people throw out "depressed" and "OCD" without any particular care for what those conditions are actually liked.

What I'm tryin to say is everyone's got a bit of baggage, and having ADHD especially if you're treated and can function fine is super minor.

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I don't see why you'd mention it until you get to the disclosing-awkward-personal-backstories part of the relationship, which is typically a few dates in. Bringing it up on the first date would be pretty odd, and risks making the ADD part of how the other person defines you, or believes that you define yourself. As long as your medication regimen is good enough for you to "pass" socially i.

Unless it's a communicable disease, let your dates like you for who you are first. Don't let an ADHD diagnosis affect your confidence.. If it naturally flows into a conversation however, then follow that of course My view is, we all have personality quirks, just some have labels and treatments attached to them. I literally just did this yesterday. I was chatting online with a guy I've been out with twice. I basically made a joke about being a little scattered because I have ADD.

I suppose it's not too terribly likely that your beaux will also happen to share your diagnosis. However, it just goes to show that the reactions you get will be pretty varied, and you never know how people will respond to things you're nervous about. I think it definitely needs to be mentioned if you were to get serious with one of the people you are dating.

A simple google search of 'relationships and ADHD' will give you so many hits on issues that it may make your head spin. I recently ended a 2. At first, thought like everyone else, no big deal, right?

Tinder ADHD: How online dating can ruin your love life

Especially since at first his ability to focus landed intently on me. Wow, that felt good. Then, we had an accidental child together and because just keeping it together on a daily basis was a big deal to him, the pressures and responsibilities of a child were just too much for him to handle.

He was always bored easily He quit his counselling 3 times and then refused to go back.

eDiscord: A New ADHD-Oriented Dating Site

He was out when I was in labor and was angry that my labor had interrupted his 'state of mind'. He couldn't keep a job to pay rent, he wasn't able to help out with household chores or tasks. Please do not apply if you are a liar. I am not looking. Nor, I might add, have I ever ok, rarely met anyone else on the hiking trails, out snowshoing, or watching a meteor shower in the middle of a cold, dark field. And now my new squeeze.

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Someone who will get a kick out of me just as I am as opposed to kicking me for who I am. I am sick of that. I look 10 to 15 years younger than others my age. I also act it, and then some. This is mostly a blessing, but not always. In general, that is. New squeeze, ignore that last comment. Alcohol, books, and intense conversations with friends. Okay, I can live without alcohol, but only if I get to play rock music a lot or sit around all day reading a book. Or have a lot of sex.

eDiscord: A New ADHD-Oriented Dating Site

Not surprisingly these relationships are often full of drama with intense highs and lows. According to research, however, this finding is not surprising. A study conducted by Blackhart found that those people higher in rejection sensitivity were more likely to use online dating. Whether rejection sensitivity is related to self-esteem is another issue, but it begs the question as to whether these women are using online dating for a different purpose other than finding a relationship.

While these women will cry in my office that they want to get married, they are unable to go through the process of self-development that is necessary to have a healthy and happy relationship. Only the individual can decide enough is enough. While this would be normal in your 20s while you are exploring your dating options, if you and your girlfriends are having trouble committing at 35 and are frequent users of online dating sites, start asking yourself why. Marriage minded men do not have the time to parent you and want a real life partner.

If you are in your 30s and still do not feel great about yourself, for whatever reason, this will interfere with your ability to develop a healthy, committed relationship to a man who is going to love you for more than your physical beauty.