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Also, the new system will add a new tactical decisions to the gameplay - there are more opportunities for maneuvering and choice of opponent. And the pilots also have an additional purpose to improve the fleet strength. From today, 3 types of games are available in skirmish mode: Bonus power depends on how close your rank to minimum available in certain fight.

This allows the ships of small ranks to reduce the backlog in the technical specifications. Another innovation is in a change of the number of pilots on destroyers in battles. Now each team can have only 3 players who have destroyers of any rank in their slots.

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We carefully watch the fights on all the difficulties. On the next day it was removed from players' Garages , the crystals were given back and the description was changed. Shaft was weak, so it was slightly improved and, before the release, there was an open testing in Test Server. On the first day of testing, the maximum damage of Shaft in aiming mode was - - - HP for M0 - M1 - M2 - M3 , on the second day was - - - First Gold Box was worth 1 crystals. Initially, no one knew how, where and when this bonus would appear. First Gold Box fell on the map " Kungur " when the battle fund was crystals, it was caught by player Noosya.

Later, Gold Boxes began to fall almost on every map, but their value was cut to crystals. Now, the drop zones of the Gold Box drop exist on all maps and the value has again been increased to crystals. In February , a special modification of Smoky was introduced. It was named Smoky XT. This modification costed about crystals. It was available for purchase only for one week. Smoky XT was better than Smoky M3 in all aspects. In , developers decided to create a turret that could deal damage to opponents and heal allies.

Isida was also able to heal itself by firing into the void. This ability was too strong and was removed. Isida was last modified in February , when the self-healing ability was removed. This says that, while only in the test phase, Tanki Online had gained recognition and fame in the gaming industry. In the Summer of , there was a special event hosted to holding the European Football Championship.

During this action Gold Boxes value was increased several times.

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After the action finished it was estimated that during the action players caught 90 million crystals in gold boxes - in the current economic system it is worth nearly one billion crystals! Maksim won with a score of Tankers could support Maksim and Kseniya by acquiring a special paint in the Garage that costed crystals.

Every year on October 31 Tanki celebrates Halloween. In , during the action a special map was created 59 times, and a special gold box fell 12, times. There were some interesting coincidences: October 30, the th tanker registered, and the Tweet made about the special video blog was th. In , there were 45 ghosts on a special Halloween map. On October 31st , tankers spent in the game a total of years, and caught Gold boxes. The creation of the first test version of Tanki took four and a half months.

First registered player who is not a developer was GlebNikitin. And the first registered account was arts80 which belongs to server programmer Alex Kviring. The first map in the game was the prototype of Tribute. By mid, there were about players registered. On December 19, the millionth registration was achieved.

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January 4, - seven millionth registration the player with the nickname stepan March 25, - the barrier of 10 million registrations was overcome player with the nickname lYonsl. On Tanker Day there was a registration 15 a player with the nickname adilov. February 5, - twenty millionth registration the player with the nickname tolik End of July of - thirty millionth registration the player with the nickname nadja Tanki Online is most popular in Russia.

The most popular paint in the game is "Green", then "Holiday" and "Forester". Three of the most popular turrets are Railgun, Ricochet and Twins. Three of the most popular hulls are Hornet, Viking and Wasp. Winners receive a "dream tank" - a fully micro-upgraded hull, turret and paint. Player DisappearedStar, who was the winner of the event on NY , chose three paints instead of a "dream tank": Taiga, Raccoon and Jade.

Russian community manager Maksim Khusainov promised to take a dip in the hole if the number of subscribers in the group will be over September 27, , this mark has been passed, and on New Year Maksim fulfilled his promise - in the first v-log in he began speaking from the hole.

In addition, Duel is the only map that is not available to be played in both Capture The Flag and Control Points modes. The most capacious map is Dusseldorf, holding a massive 40 players, Berlin goes next with 36 players max, while Lost Temple and Madness have 32 players max. In turn, Lost Temple is the largest map, Berlin is just a little bit behind, and Dusseldorf closes the top three.

The smallest maps are Island, Duel and Ping Pong. In the summer of the Football World Cup was held in Brazil, and Tanki could not stay away from the event. In the action called "Football Frenzy" players could purchase one of the 32 paints, symbolizing the participants of the World Cup. Total number of paints bought is ,, including for Russia - the most popular paint , for Germany the winner - 38 , for Argentina - 17 , for the Netherlands - 15 About million crystals were returned to tankers.

At the end of the quest, tankers got the paint.

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A long time ago Railgun was called Fear Machine, Ricochet could've been called Vulcan, Hornet could've been called Raptor, Viking could've been called Centurion, and Hammer could've been called Magnum. As for the Vulcan, the game designer Semyon Strizhak known as Hazel-Rah jokingly promised that "the turret will never be named Vulcan, otherwise I grow two additional fingers on the hand. Spectator mode wasn't in the game from the beginning. In the summer of , the team of Tanki Online visited the gamescom game exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

In honour of this event, a map named " Cologne " was introduced, on which Gold boxes worth crystals fell. During the event, million crystals fell in Gold Boxes and the map was visited by about a million players. Tanki Online's birthday is considered to be June 4, - the date of the start of the open beta testing.

Lol matchmaking bonus deutsch

The first player to have reached the highest rank at the time it was Marshal was the legendary T In April , a Chinese server was started. On 16 April , Tanki Online was launched in Brazil. First Generalissimo in the Brazilian community was the player limadj2 — he reached 1 experience points on 2 September , spending about four and a half months to get to the highest rank. As a reward for his speedy passage, limadj2 received a fully micro-upgraded Viking M3, Ricochet M3 and Zeus.

Sometimes in holidays and special celebrations, funds in the game are increased.

The biggest funds in the game were five times the normal fund on August 2, in honour of the 50 viewers who tuned it to watch the eSports finals on Tanki Online's Twitch channel. On May 9, there was a pass "Endless Supplies", which costed 70 and could be bought until a restart on May 10th. On that day it was almost impossible to find a player who was playing without three supplies activated at once - except for those who played in PRO-battles with supplies disabled. During the Christmas holidays , an entrance from North Korea was registered in Tanki Online. It's known that access to the Internet is severely limited in North Korea.

Who could it be?

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The special items were in the game for twelve days and you could hire these at any time during the twelve days. The price started at crystals for Railgun XT M0 and an additional 50 for each modification, which gave you the item in your garage for the whole twelve days. Forester is the most popular of all the paints.