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Jul 24, 9: We have been troubleshooting a similar issue with apple for the past few weeks with our 13" macbook pros. When we plug into our NEC projectors or a dell monitor, we get a black screen with 4 vertical lines. If I change the resolution to better match the projector x 60hz , I can get a desktop with 4 lines through it, which looks like a segmented desktop.

Connecting a Mac computer to a projector or TV or monitor using HDMI

If I reboot, I can get a working projected desktop. However, if I disconnect from the projector and reboot, I am back to a desktop image with 4 lines through it. This is using an apple branded displayport to VGA adapter. These are the Mid model 13" macbook pros.

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The previous generation late models work fine as does a Mid 15" macbook pro. Both of these work with the 3rd party adapters as well. The main difference I can find is the newer models have an intel graphics chip, versus the series, All are thunderbolt compatable. We have used lion restore to start with a clean image and updateed to Apple engineering is now looking at our case and I have sent them log captures of the issue. So far, they have not been able to provide a solution.

Hooking Up an Apple MacBook Pro to a Projector

Jul 25, 4: Jul 27, 8: I just received my new MBA and had exact same problem with external projector. Will be eager to see a fix as we utilize overhead displays extensively.

Hooking Up an Apple MacBook Pro to a Projector : Computer Hardware Help & More

I noticed the stretched resolution options are not available. Sat side by side with a MBA and it worked fine. I noticed the older MBA used the stretched display resolutions.

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Not sure if that is relevant. Jul 30, Aug 2, 5: I am having this same problem.

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  4. As a college professor, this laptop is useless if it won't project. Restarting with the projector connected has yielded no results, BTW.

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    Aug 2, 6: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Apr 9, 7: Apr 9, 8: Apr 9, 9: Apr 9, User profile for user: Mac Book Pro - Projector hookup Hi everyone. Skip to main content. Power on your MacBook Pro. Plug in the projector's power cable, then power on the device. Click on the "Displays" control panel icon.

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