My daughter dating muslim

Last edited by CaptainCourtesy; at I just found out my daughter is dating a muslim If you're taking suggestions, I'd strongly recommend that you do two things: I'm already gearing up for Finger Vote Just for reference, means my post was a giant steaming pile of sarcasm. Originally Posted by SgtRock. My daughter told me today she is dating a guy from pakistan. He graduated from high school.

I just found out my daughter is dating a muslim Um, yeah. Originally Posted by I think, for starters, you should PM the mods and ask them to delete some of the identifying information you've posted about your daughter and her boyfriend. This is the internet. We have thousands of visitors per day to this site. We can discuss the situation just as well without knowing your daughter's name or which high school, in what Texas town, her Pakistani boyfriend attended. Especially if he doesn't feel ready to discuss the situation with his family yet.

I just found out my daughter is dating a muslim has so many muslims there is no freakin way anyone would possibly know who I was refering to.

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Mods, please deleate this thread. I thought I would recieve some advise from our members.

Last edited by RightinNYC; at I just found out my daughter is dating a muslim I dated a Muslim once and the whole ordeal was pretty miserable, although not entirely for reasons unique to him being a Muslim. Thoughtful engagement with your daughter and her boyfriend regarding religion needs to be based on knowledge rather than suppositions. What are the key distinctions?

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You can help your daughter reflect on these topics if you have a basic understanding of his faith. When pondering how to react, turn to Scripture before an impulsive response slips out. My daughter, a practicing Catholic, is dating a Muslim man My adult daughter, who's always been a practicing Catholic, is dating a Muslim man. It is not my life to live. Do I worry about the potential for future heartbreak and regret? Sure, but not obsessively. She is in most respects a perfectly nice young woman.

Things You Only Know When Your Boyfriend's Muslim And You're Not

Even if he married someone tomorrow, that's no guarantee of his perpetual happiness. So I keep my peace and hope for the best for him, because that is all we can do for our adult children. That young woman is more aware of any putative danger she may be in than you are. And this may come as a shock to you - but even in countries where sharia laws hold, men killing their disobedient daughters is still not the usual thing.

It is certainly even less common among Moslems who live in this country. Regardless, that is her concern, not yours.

Mom Worries Because Navy Daughter Is Dating a Muslim |

Be glad your son isn't dating someone who is encouraging him in irresponsible behavior, or who treats him like a doormat, or who cheats on him, or uses drugs, or is constantly embroiling him in drama and upset. There are a LOT worse things than a young man dating a nice, attractive, hard-working, studious young lady. How is it still a "thing"? One family, the Islamic one does not recognize the relationship. The other family is being supportive of something that eventually will end in unhappiness.

The OP had a son who deserves better than this. There is still a way out. It's good that she is studious and hard working. Those should be essentials. However, her family is from a very different culture and religion that is against this relationship. I would protect my son. Last edited by sheena12; at Originally Posted by sheena All of this says to me OP should be this girl's friend. The law is on the girl's side.

The girl does NOT have to go with her parents' wishes.

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She is her own individual person. She should make her own decisions.

Those 2-4-1 cocktail offers quickly become 2-4-YOU. Hellooo margaritas...

Regardless of what some religion says. Originally Posted by NeonGecko. College students remain financially, socially and essentially dependent upon their parents at least until they receive their BA. Most need money and support for other things.

My Daughter Married a Muslim

The OP needs to assert their beliefs and stop facilitating a relationship where her son is not even allowed into the house. Our children understand the "One Date Rule". They have Islamic friends. All of their parents want their children to marry other Islamic people. Similarly, we do not want our children to lose their heritage and traditions. I would also feel very uncomfortable harboring a young individual in my home who is forbiden to date my child.