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I hardly ever time to go out and my logistics are also bad for going out so I have been cold approaching girls a lot during the day. I used to think the night club was the I'm a girl and a prospective monkey and was just curious, but what are the chances that you would you ever marry another banker?

Also, what's your opin One of my frat bros who graduated college 2 years ago is married. He married his high school sweetheart last year, at age I went to his wedding, the girl was pretty hot she was a solid 8 , he told me he was the happiest man on the planet at the momen Recently, there were several articles on where people meet their future spouses. There was the controversial op-ed from a Princeton alumna who urged the female undergrads at her alma mater to snag a husband while they're in school because their pool The days of college over.

Blonde girls walked around with almost nothing on, with those oversize sunglasses, talking about which sorority they were going to join.

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You make it clear you are interested in getting to know a girl more and you invite her lunch. She says she is busy that day and that whole week so we should reschedule. I invite her out to coffee and she accepts but she brings her friend along without tel Are they really at the bottom of the dating ladder, being seen as undateable? Are they better off moving out of the country for relationship prospects? I'm being serious in this post so please no BS or jokes. I see a beautiful girl at my office walking around all the time.

Pretty confident that she's not on my floor because I always see her around lunch time only. Never spoken to her before, bu A few nights ago, I stumbled upon a blog where a guy claims that sleeping with ugly girls is a better option than focusing on the hottest ones.

The site was http: I suppose he has some great points. Getting sex from le Hi guys, long time poster here, and even longer time lurker was gone for a bit of hiatus.

In The Battle Of The Single Banker Sexes: What Relationship Advice Can You Take to The Bank?

For the record, this is NOT a troll post. If you think it is, please refrain from replying because I need a genuine opinion here. How can I talk sense into this guy? We're in the same class, and recently he met a married woman who is a first-year. She has only been out of college for a few years and got married last summer. He met her through a student club and has managed to s Pretty funny piece from The Atlantic on the rampant pervasiveness of the hookup culture at schools obviously old news and how it actually empowers women.

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Some interesting anecdotes as well. Alright Monkeys, So I've been a long time user of this site and have wanted to give back for a while- so here goes. Given their busy schedules, in your personal experience or experience of friends, who do they usually date and who do they usually end up with? Somewhat NSFW if monitor easily seen by peers. So there's this bartender chick that I have an in with, long story short it's overtly indicative she want's String's D actually verified, because we hooked up the first evening w WSO, Most of us work hard and play hard.

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But dating takes a toll, as every ones knows, you gotta do the whole mating dance; the mind games, teasing, etc.. They say don't "shit where you eat" or "dip your I've been dating this sociology major for a while now.

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Mostly, she's great, but sometimes she says some things that make me suspect she thinks all businessmen are like Tex Richman, the evil oil baron from the Muppet Movie. For my senior project, Help out a brah. This comment comes from "Bankers and bad relationships" and quickly gatthered up 13 sb's.

We thought it deserved to go on the homepage in case you missed it. The single most import Dress okay-ish, and never too hip. Yes, I know that b-schools in general are not great for guys due to the gender ratio and the fact that a lot of women come in already committed to serious relationships. However, from my own personal experience and talking to numerous buddies at the top p What does "casually dating" mean to the average man?

First, wallstreetoasis has been my all time favorite for quite a while, I especially enjoy reading the thoughtful dating tips you guys offered to your fellow frustrated male moneys. I rarely saw ladies seeking such advice here, but I don't mind to be If you had an informational chat with a banker who was ridiculously gorgeous, would you test the waters and invite her for a drink or something?

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What could the potential pitfulls be? They get me nervous. I did not intend this to be a joke thread. I was using a joke to poke fun at my insecurity around attractiv When Desiree Royer spotted a suave gentleman sporting a three-piece Armani suit step into a dingy pub in Hartford, Conn. Back then, she was a year-old artist and bartender, and he was a year-old consultant on Wall Street.

Investment Banker's Excel Spreadsheet of Dating Prospects

On their first date, he whisked her away to nearby Glastonbury, Conn. Big to take care of them. Rhodes, a psychologist based in Midtown , who, in the past five years, has noticed more young women coming into her office who are looking for a man with emotional intelligence, rather than a guy with an impressive bank account. They need [someone] to interest them or excite them.

Erin Davis, 32, says that another problem with Wall Street types are their early, opening bell hours.

In January , Davis started dating an actor and fellow stand-up comic because their schedules and values complemented each other. These guys are always the groomsman, never the groom. View author archive follow on twitter Get author RSS feed.