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Dating is a microcosm for the larger world in which women are already ignored, talked over, and mansplained to on a regular basis. Is it so much to ask that men who want access to my body respect the brain that controls it?

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Sat Feb 02 2: Fri Feb 08 8: Sat Feb 09 From my experiences on OKC it was more common than I first thought and I thought maybe toxic positivty has something to do with it. If you are obese and proud, that's great. Nobody should be putting you down. At the same time, you are no better than people who are of average weight to skinny. The amount of times women that I talked to and sometimes dated said "skinny bitches" but were not joking was very high. I used to ask them what their "ideal" guy looked like. Most of the time it was a conventionally attractive guy.

It's just about how far down they willing to bring their standards. There is nothing "fatphobic" about this post. There is nothing wrong with wanting to date if you are obese. You shouldn't be insulting someone on dating sites because of their weight. What gets to me is that when an obese guy says he's entitled, he gets the "nice guy" treatment, but when it's an obese woman, here come the "body positive" people to tell her having those standards is okay but I would have no problem with that if those same people didn't insult heavy guys.

Either both are entitled or neither are. Entitlement is entitlement and I don't care what you have between your legs. Sometimes they will be more straight forward about it and list actual physical requirements but most of the time they won't admit to having those.

Being At Cause VS Effect With Women Entitlement Series

Also, if they want a particular Chad who fails to meet one of their requirements, they can easily toss the requirements aside, and just go have fun with him. They are doing that while you are here, complaining about the world being unfair and women being liars with double standards. Having power is nice, there is a lot of stuff you can do and a lot of things you can get away with, if you have power.

Sexual attractiveness gives power. Women can get away with having high standards. It's like if I had perpetual free twice a week sessions with a hot model looking escort, i'd probably lose a lot of interest in average looking girls as well. When women complain about guys only wanting sex or never want a relationship I always think wonder about this. I got downvoted for saying once in another thread if a really attractive confident guy hits on you on the street, you should be wary.

But no one ever tells a girl that only meets guy that want them for sex they should lower their standards. One time I was at the mall and an extremely good-looking, confident guy came up to me and asked me if I would go out with him. I was skeptical, to say the least, hah. There was no way he was actually hitting on me so I said something like "Are you selling something? Then the crew appeared and it turned out to be a hidden camera thing where he was hitting on women and seeing what their reactions were.

I got the impression that he was not pleased with my reaction. As a man, you are basically worthless on the dating market. There is even a whole theory behind it: A heterosexual community can be analyzed as a marketplace in which men seek to acquire sex from women by offering other resources in exchange. Since the demand is higher than the supply, being a woman gives you advantages. You can be picky since, well, you can pick the price.

But most people of both genders get married at some point in their lives so obviously it's not reserved for the elite. Yes, the demand is high for a certain subset of both men and women, but most people aren't part of those subsets yet they still find partners. I just don't think it's so simple as "Men are worthless, women hold all the power". The fact is that attractive people of both sexes hold the power.

And how you define attractiveness is different for each gender. So a lot of guys end up waiting until they get into their thirties to meet someone who appreciates them while women in their twenties get their pick of men.

Why Your Sense of Entitlement is Keeping You Single

By then you feel worthless to women, because women always treated you like crap. They will say well now you are more confident but really you wanted someone there with you when you had nothing, because then that means they liked you for you and not you for what you have. Your like a famous guy who feels like people only like him for his fame. So you want to cling to people who cared about you before your success but realize no one like that exists.

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So you believe your fame is the only thing that makes you lovable and the minute you loose that, then you will benga into being alone. And then I hear my friend tell me it's not fair that in her 50's no guy her age wants to date her. Yes, it's the same for women with beauty. It's being wanted because of something superficial and temporary.

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At least money might last your whole life and can be used to make a nice standard of living for your family. That's the thing so many guys don't know - or refuse to acknowledge. And it's not in her 50's, it starts much younger than that. Many men really believe women have all the power when really it's just attractive women of a certain age range, about , and men of all ages, or at least about desire women within that age range, and that's because women's fertility window is limited. That's what creates the perceived gender imbalance in most cases. After her early-mid 30's most women become practically invisible, unless she's part of a very gifted genetic minority, and even then an older good looking woman is usually just fetishized as a 'MILF' or cougar, someone to bang or have a fling with, not really a real relationship prospect.

Even as an attractive man will never even come close to the power an attractive woman holds in dating. For example, this experiment: The second most attractive men got one message more than the least attractive woman. As a woman, online dating is a buffet.

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Just being female will put you in a position of power, even if your looks are not this great. Attractive women do get a lot of messages online, there's no denying that.

Men outnumber women online, and traditional "the man does the pursuing" roles add to it. But as an unattractive woman who tried online dating a few years ago, it was crickets except for crude sexual propositions. Online dating is great for beautiful women and for women looking to be treated as free prostitutes. The rest of us are just as frustrated as the guys, believe me. I apologize if this is rude but but online dating is good for women who are in shape and also not black. So unless they are black, they are able to get dates right? Or at least get a handful of messages from non creepy guys.

At least you received some attention. Think about a male perspective here: You write dozens maybe hundreds of messages and get no replies at all. No girl ever said: I dislike reducing people to numbers but Ed, your post was deleted for bringing up a mass shooter when talking about frustrated guys. If you left it at "I'm a victim here" it would have been fine.