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Back in , Naomi and another top Singaporean YouTube content creator, Jianhao Tan were thick as thieves, and very much in love. But after a tumultuous relationship where she even made a video about the breakup, they ended.

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During their romance, their fans called them NaoHao. According to her own blog post, she and Tan were together for more than a year and were friends for two years before they entered into a relationship. She also shared that Tan tried to court her for six months and got rejected three times. Fans had speculated that she and Tan were no longer posting photos or videos together and that maybe they had broken up.

Tan Jian Hao and Naomi Neo

According to different sites, Naomi and Tan were having relationship trouble because of work and many misunderstandings. Some other parties were involved and eventually, it became too much for the two of them to handle. Their suspicions were eventually proven to be true, and Naomi announced the breakup on her channels. All these are in the past though. Preaching about how it was to show that people are drawn to negativity and drama.

In both Ridhwan and her highlights videos, it wasn't mentioned either. Anyways, it's cunningly intelligent of Nicole to make Ridhwan delete evidence of herself abusing him but keep the evidence of Ridhwan hitting her. But I hope that it is because somewhere in her heart, Nicole is still kind and cares for him. However, I can see the way Nicole is manipulating her readers in her blog post. Y et she only said both of them physically hurt each other and that she hurt him too.

Using the word, hurt , to divert attention away from the fact that she physically abused him TOO. Nicole said that Ridhwan and her had broken up in December before she started to see the other guy. I feel like by using the word 'seeing' instead of 'cheating', it's making it sound like what she did was less serious. Stop trying to play victim, honey.

Jianhao and naomi neo dating time

Is no one noticing that Nicole Choo's post has the exact same title and similar style as Naomi Neo's post about her breakup with Jian Hao Tan? Except that Naomi admitted she was wrong and Nicole is still trying to push the blame away lol. Not everyone has the same opinion so feel free to sound off your opinion in the comment box below, anonymously if you'd like.

Boyfriend VS Girlfriend

Just remember to be respectful and be kind. No need for cussing! And if you want to send hate right, just make sure they are logical okay?

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  2. Naomi Neo is engaged and here are all the details.
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  7. Please don't get the wrong idea, I'm not saying that Ridhwan isn't in the wrong too! Obviously, both of them had a part to play in causing the break up like what Nicole said , and there's definitely much more to their story than we know. I'm sad to hear that they emotionally and physically scarred each other, especially since I'm truly a fan of both of them. Lol if you ask my friends you'd know that I liked Nicole more than Ridhwan. I'm just pointing out the fact that Nicole was manipulating her words to make it seem like what she did wasn't that serious and thus she was indirectly whether or not it was her intention , playing victim.

    Whether or not it is the truth, we will never know. Everyday conflicts and stresses occur.

    Naomi Neo is engaged and here are all the details

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    Jianhao naomi dating apps

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