Hook up light fixture

The larger chandelier is so impressive but I dont know if it would be too large. Which one do you recommend and how high do I hang it?

How to Install a Light Fixture: 10 Steps - wikiHow

Hi Ron, Is it a three way switch by chance, with another switch going to the same fixture on the other side of the room? If not, you should only need two wires. It has 2 unmarked wires and a ground. Black, red, white and green ground. If I put black on 1 wire and white on the other,and put the grounds together, where does the red go? Hi Jim, I have a dimmer on the multibulb chandelier in my house, and it works fine. If there is a reason, be sure to let us know what it was.

How to Install a Chandelier and Dimmer Switch

I recently purchased a 7-light W ea chandelier to replace an older one in my dining room. I started to review the manual when I found a statement that the chandelier should not be used on a dimming circuit. I have a dining room chandelier that was connected to a dimmer switch, but did not dim.

How to Replace a Bathroom Light Fixture

I replaced the switch talking to someone at Home Depot to make sure I did it correctly but the lights still will not dim. There are only 6 lightbulbs, and it does not exceed the watts for the switch. What could be the problem with this? The chandelier itself seems to have a power wire and a ground wire going up to the ceiling.

Does the fixture itself make a difference? You'll see white wires at one side of the switch and black wires attached at the other side.

How to Replace a Light Fixture With a Ceiling Fan

One of the black and white wires goes to the light fixture. The other black and white wires are the electrical circuit for the switch. If the light can be turned on or off from switches at each side of the room, you'll see a blue wire that connects the electrical circuits for three-way switches. In some cases, it may run through the electrical box where the existing light is installed, but it is only a switch wire and not a wire for the light.

Look at the wires on the back of the new light fixture, and note black insulation on one and white on the other. These connect to the corresponding black and white electrical wires that run from the switch to the electrical box where the existing fixture is installed. In addition, there is a bare copper ground wire that connects to a green grounding screw inside the electrical box.

Open the package of wire nuts and installation screws that came with the new light fixture. While the light only has a black and white electrical wire, some manufacturer's include an addition wire nut because these are easy to misplace when installing a light. In most cases, the nuts are the same color, such as red, yellow or black. Again, this depends on the manufacturer, and any color wire nut can be used to connect a corresponding color of electrical and light fixture wires.

Install It

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