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Having a command authority is one requirement for combatant status under the laws of war , though this authority need not have obtained an official commission or warrant. Commissioned officers generally receive training as leadership and management generalists, in addition to training relating to their specific military occupational specialty or function in the military. Many advanced militaries require university degrees as a prerequisite for commissioning, even from the enlisted ranks.

In the Israel Defense Forces, a university degree is a requirement for an officer to advance to the rank of lieutenant colonel. The IDF often sponsors the studies for its majors , while aircrew and naval officers obtain academic degrees as a part of their training programmes. The first, and primary route are those who receive their commission directly into the officer grades following completion at their relevant military academy.

In the second method, an individual may gain their commission after first enlisting and serving in the junior ranks, and typically reaching one of the senior non-commissioned officer ranks which start at sergeant Sgt , and above , as what are known as 'direct entry' or DE officers and are typically and informally known as an 'ex-ranker'. The third route is similar to the second, in that they convert from an enlisted to a commission; but these are only taken from the highest ranks of SNCOs, and are known as 'late entry' or LE officers.

LE officers, whilst holding the same Queen's commission, generally work in different roles from the DE officers. In the infantry , a number of warrant officer class 1s are commissioned as LE officers. The first two modules may be undertaken over a year for each module at an Officers' Training Corps , the last two must be undertaken at Sandhurst.

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The courses consist of not only tactical and combat training, but also leadership, management, etiquette, and international affairs training. Until the Cardwell Reforms of , commissions in the British Army were purchased by officers. The Royal Navy, however, operated on a more meritocratic, or at least socially mobile, basis. Commissioned officers are typically the only persons, in an armed forces environment, able to act as the commanding officer according to the most technical definition of the word of a military unit.

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Non-commissioned officers NCOs , to include naval and coast guard petty officers and chief petty officers, in positions of authority can be said to have control or charge rather than command per se although the word "command" is often used unofficially to describe any use of authority. Most officers in the Armed Forces of the United States are typically commissioned through one of three major commissioning programs:. Graduates of the United States service academies attend their institutions for no less than four years and, with the exception of the USMMA, are granted active-duty commissions immediately upon completion of their training.

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  8. In addition to the service academies, officers in the U. Army and the U. Air Force during peacetime:. ROTC is composed of small training programs at several hundred American colleges and universities. A smaller number of officers may be commissioned via other programs, such as the Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class PLC during summers while attending college. PLC students are placed in one of three general tracks: Upon graduation from college, PLC students are commissioned as active duty 2nd Lieutenants in the US Marine Corps Reserve, with the option to augment their commissions to the Regular Marine Corps after five to ten years of commissioned service.

    These schools train and commission college graduates, prior-servicemembers, and enlisted Guard soldiers specifically for the National Guard.


    In the United States Armed Forces , officers without a four-year university degree at the bachelor's level can, under certain circumstances, also be commissioned. Graduates of junior military colleges can also be commissioned with 2-year associate degrees, conditioned on subsequently completing a 4-year bachelor's degree within a defined time. The Air Force, in contrast, now requires all commissioned officers, regardless of background or enlisted rank, to possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree prior to commissioning.

    Direct commission is another route to becoming a commissioned officer.

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    Credentialed civilian professionals such as scientists , pharmacists , physicians , nurses , clergy , and attorneys are directly commissioned upon entry into the military or another federal uniformed service. However, these officers generally do not exercise command authority outside of their specific branches e. Army Medical Corps ; U. Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps , etc. In the past World War II , industrial management expert civilians were also direct-commissioned to stand up materiel production for the Armed Forces.

    Although significantly represented in the retired senior commissioned officer ranks of the US Navy, a much smaller cohort of current active duty and active Reserve officers all of the latter being Captains or Flag Officers as of were commissioned via the Navy's since discontinued Aviation Officer Candidate School AOCS program for college graduates.

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    Designated as Aviation Officer Candidates AOCs , individuals in the AOCS program were primarily non-prior military service college graduates, augmented by a smaller cohort of college-degreed Active Duty, Reserve or former enlisted personnel. AOCs were active duty personnel in pay grade E-5 unless having held a higher Active Duty or Reserve enlisted grade for the duration of their week program.

    Upon graduation, they were commissioned as Ensigns in the then- US Naval Reserve on Active Duty, with the option to augment their commissions to the Regular Navy after 4 to 6 years of commissioned service. AVROC was composed of college students who would attend officer training in two segments similar to Marine Corps PLC, but would do so between their junior and senior year and again following graduation, receiving their commission upon completion of the second segment.

    After their initial operational tour, they would be assigned to a college or university full-time for no more than two years in order to complete their bachelor's degree. If a superior Soldier is caught fraternizing with a subordinate, he could face a dishonorable discharge from the Army or even prison time in more serious cases. The fraternization policy prohibits dating, engagement and marriage between officers and enlisted Soldiers, but does not affect existing marriages. In the past the Army had a more tolerant fraternization policy than other services, allowing personal relationships between officers and enlisted Soldiers as long as they were not involved in the same chain of command.

    In that policy changed. Following in the footsteps of the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy, the Army barred personal relationships between officers and enlisted Soldiers. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.

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    Because of having sex with a subordinate, two of the instructors were discharged, one spent four months in prison for alleged rape, and one was put on probation. Former instructor at Aberdeen Isiah Chestnut was charged with indecent assault and fraternization for having sex with a trainee. He was discharged from the Army. Initially fraternization in the military was prosecuted under UCMJ Articles and and focused on cases involving officers who were fraternizing with enlisted members. While the Fraternization offense listed in the MCM prohibits officers from fraternizing with enlisted persons on terms of military equality, the drafters of the MCM indicated that there was no intent to preclude the prosecution of senior enlisted members who fraternize with subordinate enlisted members or the prosecution of senior officers who fraternize with junior officers.

    As a result, military courts have recognized that conduct between senior enlisted members and junior enlisted members, as well as conduct between senior officers and junior officers, could be an Article offense. So, while the Fraternization offense under UCMJ Article , by its terms, limits its application to officers and warrant officers, the elements of fraternization are equally applicable to cases involving senior and junior enlisted members and senior and junior officers.

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    Not all contact or association between officers noncommissioned officers and enlisted persons is an offense. Whether the contact or association in question is an offense depends on the surrounding circumstances.