Dating western bowie knives

From to Western knives also incorporated a blade stamp or etching along the blade.


Between and , the etching was composed of a tic-tac-toe- looking graphic with information in each section. A "W" in the upper left and an "S" in the upper right section stood for Western States. From to , the blade stamp combined "Western States" with an etching of a buffalo head. You may have to open all the blades on a multi-blade pocket knife before finding the tang stamp, as not all of the blades have it.

Knives in the Old West

However, the biggest blade on the knife is generally your best bet. Some Western knife sheaths also incorporate the Western logo. However, do not just assume that the knife inside the sheath is a Western.

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Always look for a Western tang stamp. I'm just trying to find out some information about this knife and any help would be appreciated. The guard may simply have been bent by a previous owner, perhaps while doing the handle repair. They appear to have bent where I'd expect them to, right at the end of the groove where they are weakest. It was also the last year they were made in Boulder, CO.

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The letters A through O can be seen on their knives depending upon the year of manufacture during the years '77 to ' Think it might be fake because every knife I've seen has stamping on the guard and the angles on the guard is very extreme. Yea i did look at some pictures and I thought the angles on the guard were strange.

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It still seems very old though and I just wanted more info. Thanks for the reply. That's a western w In they moved the stamp from the guard to the blade and added a letter code for the year. The guard has been bent by someone, you can see the original bends in it still. It looks like it will clean up nice, it will need a new handle. Western made a very nice knife before colemen bought them out. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

how to identify a Vietnam Western Bowie Fighting Knife - EDGED WEAPONS - U.S. Militaria Forum

The facts are that the last two years of the war The U. With the above in mind at this time I would advise you to look for knives with one of the following markings: This is generally excepted as the first variation of the W49 http: But without more evidence to support them the above examples are my recommendation at this time. Posted 10 January - Chrome plating of the blade was to protect it from rust in the jungle. If you come across a chrome plated Western Bowie it was probably plated for jungle use.

Tim-I found out a long time ago, from returning Vietnam veterans, was that they gave away their knives to buddies or indig troops before they left. Back in the early, and late 70's, all the guys I approached for any type of knife, especially SOG knives, said they left them in Vietnam. Very few guys that I can recall actually had theirs. In fact in 20 years of service, was never given a Vietnam carried knife. The ones brought home were kept, or given to some relative. How easy or difficult is it to come across a Western Bowie that actually looks like it may have seen use during the Vietnam War.

Many of the examples of Vietnam War vintage Bowies do not appear to have traveled any further west than the California shoreline. Is it uncommon to come across a Bowie with that "been there and done that" look? I'd sure like to find one and would pay good money to acquire it. Posted 12 January - The only sure way to get one that was in Vietnam is from a vet that can document the knife.

If your really lucky you might come across a presentation piece but that is still not a guarentee that it was in Vietnam. The one in the picture with the chrome plated blade came from a vet and I have the documentation and a photo of him wearing the knife in Vietnam. Posted 18 January - Posted 05 December - Community Forum Software by IP.

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View New Content U. Militaria Forum Forums Members More. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. I knew your research was fairly extensive and that you had more info than I could ever find in a short time Just when you think you have them figured out one turns up that does not fit the mold. I have always thought that the Western Bowie with the bigger handle bolts, thick handle, W49 guard marks and ringed sheath was post Vietnam but then came across this on ebay.

It has alot of documentation and looks good. It still could be post Vietnam presentation item but who knows.