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If low enough, it'll automatically accept hanging out next week. If high enough, for friendship decline, for romance, accept.

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If you accepted the cave walk at the festival, you'll automatically his offer. Week 8 - bonus scene if you pick cave at some point. Week 2, Friday - "Attempt to crack a joke.

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Week 4, Wednesday - "Deandre seems easygoing. If affection points are extra high, minor dialogue variance. Week 6, Thursday - "Grab Deandre" and "Agree and switch" Week 7, Wednesday - "Help Deandre with the food preparation" and "Uh, sure…" Week 7, Thursday - If affection is high enough you can accept "next weekend sounds great" for friendship or "It is true, the way through a person's heart is through their stomach…" If not, it'll automatically stay on friendship route.

Week 8 - bonus event if you picked lab for any of the days. Week 2, Friday cave or lab - "Ask Shoji to stay" and "You did what you had to do. Week 2, Friday - "Decline the offer", "Cheerful hello", and "Encourage talk".

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Week 3, Wednesday lab - "Take a stab at it" and "Get Shoji" it appears if you picked "Encouraged Talk" from last week. Week 4, Wednesday - "Would… Shoji say yes if I asked? Week 4, Thursday - Affection points have to be high enough.

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  6. Week 6, Thursday - "volunteer yourself" Week 7, Tuesday - "Mention your concern. If affection isn't high enough, it'll automatically accept next weekend.

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    Week 8 - bonus scene if you picked gaming sometime this week. If Hendrik's affection points are a little higher, there'll be more dialogue with him. Week 4, Wednesday - "Hendrik should rock the dance floor. If affection isn't high enough, it'll automatically accept the 2nd option.

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    Week 7, Thursday - "I'd love to" for bonus scene and variations romance and friendship Week 8 - pick lab for a bonus scene. Bonus friendship CG - Get everyone's affection points 35 and above. BucketDwarf 29 Jun, 7: Prince Kat 25 Dec, You're better off just doing the activity that's associated with their stat. Thank you for the awesome game and walkthrough! I have a couple of questions, though: How high do I have to take a character's main stat to get a love ending?

    And is there a difference when volunteering with a character or another? I mean, would that change the relationship with them or is it only to raise stats?

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    LocalCaitortot 26 Dec, How many hearts does "35 points" translate to? Can you get the group photo after pursuing a romantic or best friend route? Ban, the sin of greed 2 Dec, 9: Deandre's route was the best one!!! Kyler is a close second favorite! Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. C14 Dating Store Page. C Dating is an otome dating sim that combines archaeology, friendships and love. Most popular community and official content for the past week. I'm having ALOT of trouble doing the 9 square puzzles in the cave, does anyone have any tips on how to solve them, or is it all just blood, sweat and yelling like a manic at the screen?

    I don't know if it's just me, but I keep reading that last word as something else.

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    I'm a horrible horrible person! Everything you need to know to unlock all the endings! I followed all the instructions in the guide to get Shoji's dance scene but he's still rejected me and stayed in the tent.