Power hook up cost

Also i would like to add they were 5 days bringing in the gas line about 3 kms.

Then another yards through the push to get to house. I thought that was the best deal i got on the whole house building exsperince. Electricity now that was a different story 21' to bring power in but i went underground the hole way which was alot more money. I had to go from a exsisting pole, Underground from there about yards to a transformer pole then underground from the transformer pole to the house about yards more of cable.

Now the septic depends on so many things. Pump out, septic field, gravity flow,How many bathrooms in the house ect. It cost me 11, Like a earlier post set your self up for 50k and you should be close. Our well was cheep compared to what others have spent, Most wells will cost you 10k just cause you have to go alot deeper sometimes to get good water, ' - ' feet is quite common in our area which just added on 5k easy.

You mentioned that you had Water Co-op already. Is it hooked up? So , I would be sure and Ask as here the sales tax is 8. Jan 31, 5.

Cost of Electrical Hookup?

Spring of I had the local electric co-op run a line ft with the first pole and first ft free and it cost me I believe. Jan 31, 6. We paid for our pole and everything that goes on it, had to put it all together ourselves. Them coming and running the wires from our pole to the closest other pole was free. We were lucky that we needed no permits, etc and did not have to pay an electrician.

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We were also lucky that the closest other post wasn't far away. Total cost for everything was about Looking at other costs Septic 1, gallon tank Road to our place 1, We have not gotten a well yet Dreams30 , Jan 31, Jan 31, 7.

How much does it cost to get temporary power for a construction site?

I went to the co-op office and sat down with them and promised that I would only use electric for all appliances and heating. Had to build at least square. I had to supply and install the hook up which was the weather head, mast, and service entry from the amp meter base they supplied.

I figure that when I am years old: LOL The sad thing is that since we had electric here Jan 31, 8. Jack, You didn't say what power co you will have service from but as said above the vary according to the company. Va Power is natorious for outrageous fees based on the principal, where else are you going to go?

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I would look into a temporary service to use for the RV and also for construction. I think the cost is minimal, perhaps you could work out something with your electrical contractor if you let him know what you want to do. Plus you could locate it where you wanted it ,away from the actual construction. Keep in mind our red clay think construction dirt will ruin a floor that is not covered.

I would look into a larger,used, say 25 to 30 foot trailer cheaper than a motor home which if you buy it right would be easier to get your money out of later. I have a contractor that is building a home in Faber who bought a new trailer to live in while building his home and will sell it when he is finished some time in the summer. PM me if you want his info and i'll share it with you. ChuckinVA , Jan 31, Jan 31, 9. They put in three poles and one short pole across the road. Sounds high compared to all the other posts Alex , Jan 31, But the way I read what they said is that I'm responsible anyways, even if they run the wire, just like I'm having to pay for the whole thing myself.

I don't want an easement on my property the whole way, because I don't want them running poles later on for someone else's service through my property later on, especially after paying the extra to go underground. I've read that some states actually have laws that require utility companies to pay for the infrastructure all the way to the meter at no cost to the customer. Last edited by skizot; at There is usually a maximum distance a utility will run free Ask the utility what size wire you need for a service over that distance If code allows it I would put 3 PVC conduit in the trench.

Who know in 10, Would be way cheaper then re-trenching and re-running in the long run. Would also protect the wire, pipe from rocks and ground settling in the trench. Originally Posted by flyonpa.

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  4. Originally Posted by MidValleyDad. Water and electric in the same trench?? I didn't think that was considered a good idea. In order to avoid resistance losses arrange for the utility to supply your underground lines at their distribution voltage with the step-down transformer next to your house. Question- Why has the Utility refused to run an above ground distribution line along the country road your house is only 75 ft. Seems to be the Utility is obligated to supply power along a public road to the point nearest the customer.

    Originally Posted by GregW. Somewhere in northern Alabama.

    Enhancement and improvement costs

    First, on a ' run, line loss at household voltage would be unacceptable. No one would even attempt to install it. That means you are going to have distribution voltage going to a dedicated transformer at the house end of the conduit. Second, the size of the line and conduit are going to be specified by the engineering department at the power company.

    Don't buy a single thing without getting those demands in writing.