Im dating my cousins ex

U shouldn't go for your cousin's girl..

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Plus the girl, is she showing any signs that she likes you? If the girl prolly tells u that she likes u and stuff Seems to me like..

falling in love with my cousin's ex.....

Looser, get your own girl and leave your cousin ex alone. She would be thinking in her mind She just left your cousin, and because She offered to help with your business, u feel u can make use of her Word hot angel Odeku: Who says i want to pleasure myself? Ex-girlfriend is the word, here. I was once in Ur shoes!

In fact I still run from her coz tho they seperated now - U know U've met chicks before U know U might not be able to control urselves!! The situation may be different for U.

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With me everyone knew her with him. Soundz like that aint the case here. My advise- First check to see if its mutual THEN take it from there It aint easy but good luck Olori, well thanks jare but i've layed out of the feelings. Telling my cousin would be out of it 'cos he still got it all for her.

I'm dating my cousin's ex?

But i've moved on though. I'm dating my cousin's ex?

I started talking to this guy five years ago, he lives in another state than me, the same state as my cousin. I had visited alot so us three would hang out together. I had talked to her about it before and she said it didn't bug her if I dated him. I've been talking to him for almost 5 years at this point and there's something so real between us Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Nope there's nothing wrong with that you had feelings for him before your cousin and she didn't treat him well and obviously you do so continue being happy if your cousin wants to be distant then that's her own problem that she needs to sort herself. You made the right choice.

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If you have acted upon your feelings, you would have broken "the rule of morality". Although you have every right to date who you want, morally, it would be considered wrong to date a friend or family members ex boyfriend, especially a family member.


Although they are not dating, it would make it very uncomfortable at family gatherings and things like those. Im sure you would feel the same way to see your ex and your cousin having this wonderful relationship. Its just not cool.

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That does not make you a bad person hun. And I am completely in love with him. She said you could date him! Try talking to her maybe?