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We are reaching a point where we really don't want many people procreating, so it may be a natural way of slowing down population growth. Of course simply talking about these things will typically introduce some passionate opinions. I certainly don't mean to diminish anyone's feelings on the subject. I hate prejudice of any kind, don't get me wrong. Yes, my point was it's all "in general" and of course there are exceptions. I totally agree an underweight sedentary lifestyle is not ideal compared to overweight and active.

Yes, it is partly based on the BMI scale, and I've read articles and heard from doctors about this and how the perception is skewed in many societies. The last thing I wish for is for us to assume anything based on these things. I would never assume someone in the normal BMI range is healthy, nor would I assume that because you want someone who is considered by some to be "skinny" that you are somehow a shallow human that doesn't deserve respect. A husband or boyfriend pressuring his women to lose weight can be seriously troubling, especially if he isn't doing it for your sake but for his own.

Nobody deserves to be put down like that. Last edited by brokenTom; 28th March at Originally Posted by RiverRunning. Many average and underweight folks live off junk food and that is typically worse then overweight while eating healthy. In an ideal world, weight wouldn't be the biggest issues it would be nutrition, but it's sometimes hard to look at someone and tell if they live off twinkies or veggies One of my close childhood friends was morbidly obese ran in the family but ate relatively healthy.

She died at 27 years. There are so many variables at play here, some just have huge chemical unbalances that go out of control, and also many modern medical practices seem to be driven by cooperation wanting to make a profit. There's not always an easy solution, or an easy clear-cut argument to make with regards to any of this, and I 'm certainly still learning and am willing to admit when I'm wrong. I'd be glad if I was wrong about some stuff even. If the people you are attracted to all seem to prefer dating slim people and you are not slim, lose the weight.

If the people you like all seem to prefer heavier people, gain some weight. I wish people would stop blaming others for their preferences. Originally Posted by FitChick. I don't think there is anything wrong being attracted to skinny girls at all. We all know super skinny people and morbidly obese people are unhealthy. But most of us are in the middle of that range.

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Ask a Guy: What Do Guys Really Think About Super Skinny Girls?

I recently ran into this and I was amazed by your thoughts and the time you put into posting this response. Im quite self-concious myself. Im generally healthy and fit but I work a whole lot I really just feel so insecure around other females. Your article really helped me come to terms with my body though. My boyfriend likes my shape and said that if I had bigger boobs, it would look weird for my frame. I thought he was just saying that to make me feel better, but your comment about ratios is starting to make me realize that maybe my boyfriend is right.

I completely agree with everything in this article. I feel better if I take care of myself. And to be frank, I do it for myself. I want to be healthy. I want to live a long life. I may not appeal to everyone and that has taken some accepting over the years but I appeal to myself. I think ultimately, we need to love who we are for our own sakes, not just for others. So I am naturally skinny and tiny height. And concerned with my inspirations: I liked Lindsay Lohan as she was in Mean Girls… perfect. Avril Lavigne never did all that much for me, but she probably has a good body.

My ideal girl would look like the hot secretary chick from 30 Rock. That is a devastatingly hot girl… man…. The fat obsession is not based on anything men think or say. We honestly do not care, as long as you do something worthwhile with your time, like using your brain to conclude that your diet and exercise efforts are futile and you should find a real hobby so that your personality has more depth than a few inches of diet and exercise regime.

In fact, its selfish for women to sit around and diet and exercise and emaciate themselves for some illusion that all this futile exercise and dieting will make them more attractive to the men in their lives. Learn to shoot guns, find out what philosophy you subscribe to, study something that has consequence in your life, and get some exercise. And please, eat whatever the HELL you want.

You want to know what worthwhile men think is sexy? How much money can you avoid spending on unnecessary skinny-fat-celebrity-talk bull shit? You think dieting will completely absorb her personality or something? Given a choice between TWO women: MY preference is for D or smaller. I like curvy women, not fat, but hourglass women that care about diets etc but they are more healthy than the super skinny, always watch calories women and also the curvy hourglass type women tend to have much better attitudes when it comes to dating.

I actually think this article is very diplomatic and honest. Yes, most men like women that are curvy but rather petite. I eat the same stuff as other people that are healthy — lots of vegetables, no fat meat,dark bread, oat flakes for breakfast and only water or tea for drinks. No fast food or alcohol except for the odd evening out. But what I do to keep my body relatively healthy is I do a lot of cycling and walking — not jogging, just walking in the woods and sometimes some power-walks. In the summer I like beach volleyball and badminton.

That makes me feel good. Thank you for writing these inspiring articles, Eric, some have really been changing my way of thinking about things! People whoare skinny want to be curvier, people who are curvy want to be skinner, people with big boobs want smaller ones, people who are tall wanna be shorter. The thing that kind of worried me though is that fat can be lost, but body shape cannot, u will always have the body shape u were born with whether u are small or big.

Hahaha oh man, this post really got quite the response from the crazies. I stumbled upon this page maybe about a week ago completely on accident and I have been hooked on it. People will actually post particularly bad relationship articles on my facebook because they know how I like to joke about it.

Not only do I totally respect you and you think you rock despite my skepticism of relationship advice people, but I actually have been going through a messy break up and your posts actually have inspired me and are helping me get to a healthier place with that situation. Alright, so I kind of went off on a tangent… but the point is, these trolls can suck it because a lot of people like me really appreciate your refreshingly non-sugarcoated, yet not bitter, insights.

I struggled with pretty severe anorexia for about 5 years when I was a teenager. And while I have been fully recovered for a long time, I still get super defensive about eating disorders. Thanks for the appreciative words and sorry to hear of your breakup and former anorexic struggles. I really liked reading this article. A lot of the time, I end up being depressed over my weight. I live in a small country town where I moved to a couple of years a go. Where I used to live, I would have considered myself averagely sized compared to most other girls my age.

But I want to say is that this article is what we need more of. This article said to me that I could work out to better myself so that I would be happier about myself. Where are you living now? I recently moved to South Florida Miami area and the standard of fitness is much higher here.

In Boston, I was considered extremely fit. So I feel you. Best to pursue your fitness goals with enthusiasm and love yourself in the meantime. If they are then they should learn to be open minded. The article was good and very helpful! Some people like to kill the messenger — nature is nature… better that we embrace the preferences of those we desire and not try to fight them endlessly.

I have to agree with this article percent and your comment. So, really it goes both ways if you ask me. These same no fat chicks guys would be all over it in two seconds calling me all kinds of names and demanding it be shut down. Eric Charles with your fake photo swiped from the GQ website before you snipe back at me, no I am not obese. I run 15 miles a week, do 5ks and have been a vegetarian on and off for years. I do it for me, because it makes me feel good. You just want to be angry. As for my picture… thanks for the compliment….

Yup I think super skinny women are actually a turnoff and more blah at the same time men want women with more healthy weight. Super skinny women with basically a, b to a — boobs are not that sexy. Plus the super skinny women I think for a lot of men see these super skinny women as anorexic, extremely overly picky and whiny. Thanks for the comment. Yeah… all in all, my personal preference is women who are fit and healthy.

Okay…I personally like the way Eric responded to this. Thanks, Eric, for taking the time to respond to our questions: A lot of girls are very beautiful! I was obsessed with being or staying thin my freshmen year. I did like it and I would not object to do it again, not for the looks, but for the freedom of being outside and running for the sake of running I stopped XC junior year because I became more involved with classical music outside of school and I was practicing all the time.

Okay, where was this going again? Apart from stopping XC and gaining weight, I found that I still looked good. Again getting lost from the subject. I accept the way I look and I still take care of myself. Of course there are things about myself I would want to change to make me more confident, but the last thing a woman needs is someone discouraging her, putting her down in any way. I eat healthy and do the best I can and this is my natural weight! My inward happiness and love of my curves and non-curves and all of the above made me realize there was more to life than losing the hair on my head over looking extremely thin — worrying… I feel like guys can sense a lack of confidence.

It can only be a generalisation. Look about ,you see men with woman of all shapes and sizes. Im slim but not skinny. I know thats part of the reason the men I attract like me. They tell me they dont go for bigger women. Oddly some of these men are a tad over weight? Some men love fuller figured women.

Some men like what I would consider to be skinny. Mostly I assume men like a woman at a healthy weight. Goodness,some like tall,some like petite,some like exotic.. I know some like Blonde I would be a huge hit in India! Some of my friends love guys buffed with six pack abs. The gym junkie types. Are women any different? I prefer men at a healthy weight. I would never starve myself and intentionally strive to be skinny in order to find a man.

I was skinny when I was younger when I met my ex. He thought all women should be skinny. Luckily I didnt buy into it and now I weigh a little more and men think Im sexy so Im happy with that. Dont stress over your weight. If it makes you more confident to gain some or lose some,by all means. There is a man who will love you as you are. I had a friend that only went for the skinniest of the skinniest and then encouraged them to lose weight.

He was totally obsessed with looks and wanted a girl like a catwalk model. I agree fully with general feel of this article. I have an hourglass figure, but on the flip side, i have struggledwith weight my whole life. Thru middle school and on im 26 now , i have been at least pounds over my ideal weight range. I agree with the key issue that living healthy, eating healthy, and being a positive individual are what makes an attractive person. I am constantly on a rollercoaster of loosing weight, gaining weight, loosing weight, gaining weight, and it is because i loose track of the ultimate reason i should be making life changes.

Its not to fit into a certain dress size that should be the goal- its to be healthy! So therefore, that guy must be looking for the same thing. So i need to make changes, not to fit the mold, but because i want to be a well rounded individual, since thats what id be looking for in the other person. If your thicker, but eat properly and are active-also great. The point is to be healthy, and covers a broad range of body types and sizes.

So thanks Eric for bringing it back to the basics! Because heath and confidence go hand in hand. So thats what ill strive to keep infront of me in my efforts for healthy living-…again: I know alot og men who would LOVE to have a curvier sexy thicker woman because at least we have lushious amout of butt and boobs for a man to grab and outragious sexy curves and not a whole bunch of hard knobby bones.. Mustafa,get a grip on reality you sound like a real ignorant shallow-minded dummy! No Malley, people who suffer from anorexia and malnourished look like they suffer from anorexia and malnutrition.

Perhaps you should take a closer look at this article. Judging from your out-lashing comments you clearly have some underlying issues of your own that your dealing with. Anyone who so veraciously attacks a person in such an unnecessarily vicious manor for no reason other than to offend must have deep insecurities of their own; perhaps you should look into that. You may not be so upset by thin women, even extremely thin woman and the men who appreciate them if you felt better about yourself. This is somewhat offensive to us naturally skinny girls of the size 0 variety.

Everyone likes something different. If a girl is naturally skinny, but she lives a healthy and fit lifestyle… congratulations. The real goal a woman should have first and foremost is to accept herself, and work towards being as healthy and happy as she can be. The same goes for men. Accept yourself, be confident, be truly healthy and the people who are drawn to you will be genuine and those relationships will last you a lifetime. And I did take on extreme diets to bulk up no steroids though.

Still we share the same thoughts on this — I should just have you be the official spokesperson for this thread, Marg. It would keep my blood pressure down. It amazes me that instead of reading the discussion or the article for that matter , you just want to shout at the air and rant about things that nobody here has said. You are just screaming at the air… because for some reason you want to be angry and yell in front of an audience. I just wanted to applaud you for this piece. Many people think it has to be one extreme or the other, but I think you did a fantastic job praising all the different body types of women!

As I said, once upon a time, I was incredibly insecure about my weight. I too, just like the girls who wish to lose weight, obsessed over diet and exercise— I drank weight gainer, went on calories-a-day diets, ate over grams of protein a day, lifted weights every evening, ran 4 miles in the morning and wore layers and layers of clothes to appear thicker.

At the end of the day, I was miserable. The thing was, no one ever knew it and continued to pick on me for being so thin. We, men and women, need to be happy with ourselves, strive to be healthy and happy, and learn to accept the things that we cannot change. I eat what I want, when I want and I continue to be as active as I always have been.

When I was about 17 or 18 I decided to stop obsessing over my weight, embrace the body my mother gave me and show off what I have in a tasteful manner. I began to wear dresses although exposing my legs was a bit harder and took a bit more time to do I began to wear tank tops, and at the beach I wore bikinis. Even though people still look at me funny sometimes and make nasty remarks that will always sting a little bit, I know that not everyone feels that way. I learned to accept my figure and upon doing so I realized positive and sexy aspects of my body that I had never realized before, for example- my abs look good all the time!

Whose Live Anyway?

And you know what, my incredibly handsome, intelligent, independent, darling boyfriend loves every inch of me. Accept yourself, and know that we all have things that we deem flawed features. And for those who tend to comment on those flaws please keep in mind that most people have feelings, and when you say something negative regardless of how much you say it with jest, it hurts… even if we smile through it. That said, I like skinnier girls. I like to put my arms all the way around for a big, full hug.

Large chests get in the way of that.. There is something about a leaner figure that cuts a sportier, more youthful look, too. Maybe thats at the core of the taste for skinnier ladies. In my opinion I could careless. I work hard for my body for me not any man and my confidence is what I notice attracts men…. Seems like woman now a days have no confidence. And every point you made is perfect. No one wants saggy cottage cheese ass.

And if a woman has it then there is no excuse to not be able to work on it. Perfect lunges and sqats are my best friend. And when I referred to the people freaking out I mean the ones that were bashing you for no reason. I appreciate a girl that values good fitness and taking care of herself. So to me, I value that trait in other people. Living a healthy, fit lifestyle is rewarding… it feels great on multiple levels. When I write these posts, I think about the women I love the most in the world: My heart is always in the right place.

Actually most women need to lose weight and workout more. Only few times I dated average average real means fat in this day and age , I was either broke or was down in life. As a healthy fit successful male, I will never date any but skinny girls. I know alot og men who would LOVE to have a curvier sexy thicker woman because at least we have nice lushious amout of not fake stupid implants, I mean real butt and boobs for a man to grab and outragious sexy curves and not a whole bunch of hard knobby bones..

Now healthy is another story… anyone who cares for a person naturally wishes they be in good health regardless of whether that means, gaining weight, losing weight, or simply making better choices in diet and physical activities. My opinion is and always has been, that health starts with a persons mind and self confidence so if you love someone, and think they should make better choices for themselves it is best to get that point across without stomping on their self-esteem.

Such tactics will get a man nowhere. If a girls too big to throw around the bedroom in an sexy animalistic way, then she needs to lose weight. Over 10 stone and your going home alone lol Is it to much to ask that if your guy looks after himself then you should do the same?

I see too many healthy looking guys these days walking around with flumps that have let themselves go, shame on you, and its becoming more a more frequent within the last ten years. Unacceptable in my view, and my view matters because I matter, and if you fat girls out there thought the same way you would feel better about yourselves too. This comment makes me laugh because I weight about When a woman is naturally built that way, it is not disgusting or nauseating. I appreciate your comments I sincerely do and I think you brought up some really good points and discussion.

I would just like to say that this article is very true! I read that study that was taken about how women and men perceive weight on women, it was shocking to know that so many women thought that they should weigh much more less, than men thought. I do have to say it does come down to choice of the individual women, if SHE is happy about her weight than that is the most important thing, SHE has to feel good about herself, no matter what her weight is or her body type.

Every woman is beautiful, when she lets herself be beautiful. How dare you say the ideal is not skinny. I am a full grown woman that is naturally skinny. Have never gained fat. How stupid is that? I have never had a problem with men not wanting me, so my body frame seemed pretty ideal to them. WE are perfect the way we are and we will attract men that like us as we are. Some men like Runway skinny and some men like Kim Kardashian…to me, both types are fine and different.

You and I are in agreement… jeez, how many hundred times do I need to say it. Calm the hell down. He is entitled to his opinion. How about you re-read like they taught you back in high school before you have a titty attack. Cause I mean… everything she was attacking me for was pretty much what the post says. And if they have a point to make, they make it rationally without frothing at the mouth.

And therefore, people listen to them. As for me, I like the hourglass shape. My soon-to-be wife wedding in 4 months has a body that I thought only existed in my imagination. While her body does drive me wild, and continues to occupy my fantasies, even as we approach our wedding, I almost feel her metabolism is her greatest physical attribute. The both of us can eat oodles of whatever we want, and manage to stay fit without the gym or diets.

Even with all her gorgeousness, and amazing body aside, her being my best friend is easily the best part of our relationship. We have the same interests, from innane slapstick humor to geopolitics, college football, international travel, and quantum physics. We share our faith in Jesus Christ. Usually, those sizes only really fit women with As, Bs and small C cups. What planet are you on? To a lot of men we classify those stick figure women as anorexic and just not that appealing. Curvy women is hot!!

A lot of women now days even though they are fat they say they are Curvy which is wrong just cause a lot of these women think fat is offensive. Well then lose the weight. Fat is fat just like height is height but fat can be lost. Curvy women is super hot but it has to be the right kind of curvy. Curvy as in not too big of a butt and just slight hips in other words just ever so slightly pudgy. Usually hourglass figure is used to describe curvy but again has to be the right kind.

I am a long distance runner and usually run anywhere from 10 to 18 miles during a session. I eat what I want when I want. Women who are obese and those who are obsessed with being skinny both have eating disorders and neither are happy. They have to pretend and defend themselves instead of actually finding out what does make them happy. I gave up caring about those sorts because I used to idiotically apologise for looking after my body! I guess we live and learn. Having a fit body is a side effect of doing what I enjoy. If I had to say there is one difficulty, it would be that when I take time off, I have to remember NOT to eat the same amount that I would during heavy training.

Nothing wrong with what you were and are doing, keep it up! Dan, Frederica just took a lot of time to tell her story and you in one sentence invalidated her. I have always been naturally on the thin side. I am in my fifties now and am a size 4. I am not skinny! But like she said, people think I must be dieting or eating too little, but I too have always eaten a lot and anything I want.

11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well

And I feel insulted when someone calls me skinny. To me it is the same as if I called someone Fat. Many times in the workplace I have experienced bosses make my work life miserable, because I was much smaller and fit then them. I am insulted by the commercials that promote curvy as better!

I am still curvy! After all my pelvic bones as a female are totally a different shape and the positioning is different. I feel elegant and graceful. I can move my body anyway I want. Clothes look good on me.

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My experience is just the opposite. In order for people to feel comfortable around me and accept me and include me in the work place I have found I needed to wear frumpy clothes, no makeup, generally let myself go. Stop, Stop, Stop this insanity! Humm, I thought it was to accommodate the fuller figured? I have a high end suit that is about 20 years old that has a superb cut. Clothes today are cheaply made and cut, thrown together in sweat shops.

After all, that was what people did before the industrial revolution — they made their own clothes. Eric … I thought this was an excellent article. I am a full-figure gal and to be quite frank, I love my curves. The guy I will eventually end up will love my curves because they are me. She was the way she was, and she was quite happy that way.

After all, each of us is completely unique and that is what makes life so interesting. Who wants everyone to look the same? As a health buff scanning through different articles I randomly stumbled across this one and as a guy I feel compelled to chip in and to give further insight into this topic. Honesty is all that I am offering to share…. Here are some facts that most likely have been stated already but are worth taking in once again to put female minds at rest: This goes for both male and female bodies.

Truthfully, everyone is different. Remember, no matter what, you cannot please everyone. So my advice is to not bother getting hung up on the numbers… You could line up several women side by side with the exact same waist or hip measurements and I can tell you now, they each will be PERCEIVED differently. BUT, like I mentioned previously, there will be guys who say yes.

Some people look good on the bigger side and some on the smaller. Now she would be classed as a skinny girl yet is said to be a sex icon. Sure she has a beautiful face BUT her skinny frame is not very attractive in my eyes. Alas, she is a skinny girl who from a superficial body standpoint, I do not regard as HOT. I happen to agree with that statement, and yet I do find her super hot.

Lastly, Adele… she is on the bigger side right? Take care ladies, Martin P. But otherwise, my body is stubborn to lose fat, and I mean…crazy stubborn. And it has to be high nutritional, and low cal fitting within the amount of cals to burn it off. And for skinny people, they have to eat a lot of food to gain weight like a body builder. Lots of carbs and some protein but not hordes, just a little more. A healthy person is better than someone who goes under the knife, or does drastic things to look good,.

I know men who like all types of women. If you are thin, develop an ingenue style sense. Wear daintier clothes with more tiny patterns, frilles to fill up areas that need more curve, and layering. Fatter people need to look more tailored and wear more solid colors from top to bottom and wear higher healed shoes. Just embrace your look and play it up! Try a Kate Moss look! I read in the newspaper very recently, like about the end of Nov , last month , that the gene that is responsible for fat is also responsible for skinniness. And to fix is, is impossible. If you have a propensity to be overweight, then you have to manage that the best you can with all the knowledge you can, and just keep trying.

A Great metabolism is where your body conserves fat, so that when there is a famine, you have reserves! But no one wants reserves or the lack of reserves! So what a skinny person must do is slow down their metabolism, and eat foods that are slow digesting, but not unhealthy. This means, skip the Aerobic zone, and go straight to athletic zones. And of course do a lot of weight training! Muscle endurance can also make you benefit since it will cause your muscles to be directly working anaerobically, and this will give you tone and cardio at the same time, which is good for the heart!

Next…eat foods that digest slowly, along with fiber. Slow digesting but not unhealthy foods though. I mean, eat lean but heavier meats like beef. Eat carbs especially breads and pastas, and also eat the other stuff, but just eat a little more protein and carbs! Sugar and fats will make you fatter but, you could get a heart attack! So what this should do is build your muscle, so that you are using your metabolism for weight gain rather than weight loss.

And when you eat, the food will go directly to feeding the muscles and repairing, causing of course, more meat on your bones. So you will end up eating more food that will cause your muscles to grow, and it will be a lot of food. Plus…you have to trick your body into starvation mode. When you eat one or two meals a day, your body will cling to the food, and turn it to fat. So large meals spaced far apart! So I think there is a way around it! However…for people who are fat, your focus is weight loss.

Ask a Guy: What Do Guys Really Think About Super Skinny Girls?

So the bulk of your routine will be aerobic, and some muscle work in order to prevent more weight gain. This is because muscle burns more calories. So you build muscle tone in order for your body to depend on having to feed something other than your fat cells! And this is how you increase metabolism!

Skinny girl dating site

You eat superfoods, such as the very most nutritional vegtables like kale, spinach, apples, berries…basically a detox diet. You could do yoga too, and you could wash in Epsom salts, you could do a skin brushing, and go for massages…but mainly exercise and detox foods are your main goal. This means fish and chicken and boiled eggs, stay away from too much dairy, and eat gluten free…fibers, and detoxifying organic foods. What this is is foods that digest really fast, and are burned up quickly, but inject you with nutrition, so that you can cut down your intake of calories, but not starve yourself nutritionally.

Also eat the entire calorie intake recommended for yourself, to lose weight, but divide the portions so that you are eating more often, but littler portions. What this does is make your body always think it will be fed, hence it will not hang on to food, but it will digest it all normally, and dispose of the waste, of which the fiber will cleanse your system out, and make your digestion system very efficient. Your body will automatically use it to build muscle, and dispose of the waste. If you do not excersize, you will have a tougher time losing weight.

The body is designed to fight diseases and if you baby it with too much health, it will not fight diseases so well. Your heart and lungs have to be able to bear it, because if you have health issues you might have to be careful about your approach to fitness, and be guided! I strongly recommend you look into getting more information before you give up on losing fat. He also has a website http: Hi, just sort of found your post randomly. And, the icing on the cake? I do have issues that could — if one day presented to a real live doctor — end up diagnosed as a variety of real health issues ranging from anemia to infertility.

In short, I feel absolutely disgusting. Cherish that extra meat, girls. You have no idea how lucky you are. Go see your doctor and not just talk about it. If you have health issues then you need to go and find out what is happening.