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Be careful, because not playing for a month will make your skill group disappear. Generally, your ranking is the tier that the game slots a player into depending on his or her in-game behaviors. Players in the same rank tend to have similar in-game behaviors. Silvers are beginning players, though sometimes professional and highly skilled CS: Breaking out of the silver tier is very difficult, and it leads to the Nova rank.

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This is the middle of the road. Master Guardian is an advanced rank for highly skilled players.


GO players are at home. Another common question concerns exactly how a player achieves a rank-up.

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This is actually fairly simple: Many factors go into making the algorithm work, and some are not understood to this day. Playing to win the round is crucial here. The final, and perhaps most important question, deals with the notion of ranking up efficiently.

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  5. How to Rank Up in CS:GO: Ranks, Ranking System, Trust Factor.

Ranking can be slow going in CS: GO, so any advantages for players looking to further their ranks can be essential. Jumping into a game queue in CS: GO on your own can actually lead to demotions in rank, for a variety of reasons, including griefers and players simply not interested in winning or being competitive.

In order to avoid playing in the same matches as players who carry these rank-hurting tendencies, Valve has implemented some measures. Prime Matchmaking was launched last year in order to give players better matchmaking experiences.

CS:GO ranks explained: how to get ranked and what each rank means

The system matched players who linked CS: GO accounts with a unique phone number. Later on, a rank of 21 or higher was required to earn Prime status. However, according to Valve itself, this requirement essentially drew a boundary line in the sand right through the CS: Players who did not necessarily link their phone numbers or reach rank 21 were excluded from playing with Prime players. The company started with a question: What if the Prime system was reimagined using a wider range of factors rather than just rank 21 and a phone number?

Valve began experimenting with using some other factors, including Steam account attributes and observed player behaviors. Account attributes included time spent playing CS: GO, frequency of being reported cheating, time spent playing other games on Steam, and more. Valve reports that its initial experimentation has been positive overall.

Players in general reported fewer times, regardless of the Prime status they carried. The ultimate goal was to preserve the ideal parts of Prime and cut out the parts that the community found problematic. Players now enter matchmaking using their Trust Factors as a determination affecting matchmaking. Their Prime status is not taken into consideration, though players could initially elect to use the old system for a time. There is no available official list of factors that affect Trust Factor because Valve does not want these factors to become a factor in gameplay.

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  • The company does not want players to play its game in an attempt to up their Trust Factor. It is intended to be a background system. Furthermore, it is a system that Valve intends to update constantly based on feedback and its own observations. For those who want to understand and know more then you can check out Elo Ranking System on Wikipedia. Also check this in-depth and detailed explanation of the ranking system in Competitive Play.

    Moving forward, we do know that there are eighteen different ranks in the competitive mode for CS: GO and all of these can be viewed in the following picture that has been taken from the official blog for the game. With that said, there are two known ways that you can use to boost your Elo and hence jump up to the next rank. For those who are wondering, when your team loses a round, you and your teammates both lose Elo points. The amount of points lost in the round depends on the points that you had previously and a player with more points will lose more points compared to the other.

    The same goes for wins and points addition. What this means is that it is impossible to gain Elo points on losses and to lose Elo points on wins. The second factor that affects your Elo point balance is MVP. The player who is MVP is going to receive a lot more Elo points than the other four players.

    CS:GO Ranks – Competitive Skill Groups

    This is the simplest explanation to this. So, this is our guide to boosting your rank in CS: Do you have anything else that you would like to add? Gaming since the early Intel Days and have seen every gaming generation come and go since then. An editor by profession and a passionate gamer.

    Profile Ranking System First up is the profile rank. Competitive Ranking The competitive ranking system in the game is much more complex than the profile ranking system and is based on the Elo rating that is commonly used by many different online games today. So, with that said, the following things actually affect your Elo points: Anything else you can imagine So, this is our guide to boosting your rank in CS: Faizy Gaming since the early Intel Days and have seen every gaming generation come and go since then. Best Mass Multiplayer Online Games to play in