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The duo have always got along famously, as Fearne previously revealed: We were at the same stage in our lives' pictured in Holly appeared flabbergasted at their fresh-faced appearance as she said: She went onto reveal the premise of the show and a naughty secret: It was all the chaos of Hell's Kitchen and we were eating and drinking something lovely. It's no wonder it was a one hit wonder!

The girls seemed fazed by their scenario as Fearne was quizzing Holly as she said: You've interviewed me but I've never interviewed you. Atop their TV flashback, the girls also discussed a snap posted by Fearne to ring in Holly's birthday last month, as they posed together during a year-old trip to Miami. The youthful image sent fans into overdrive when first posted by the star, yet the girls happened to spot a hilarious addition as a man was spotted hiding beneath a lilo in the pool behind them.

Something I hadn't spotted The man with the lilo! Is he from Abba? The girls have both worked together and frequent superstar bashes as one. Her best friend however believed the mystery man looked like another star as she said: It was another lifetime ago. I'd just met Dan so it was nearly 14 years ago We didn't unpack our suitcases and the wardrobe wasn't used. We were at the same stage in our lives, we were both presenting children? In August , when Holly married her husband Dan Baldwin, Fearne was a bridesmaid shortly before the dating show hit screens.

Just the two of us: Their long-standing friendship is one of the most iconic in showbiz. Share this article Share. Topshop Unique Aster shift dress Shop it here Visit site. Share or comment on this article: Most watched News videos Off-duty British soldier helped save victims of Nairobi terror attack Caroline Lucas to tell Theresa May 'get no-deal off the table' Princess Anne gives little away about her father after his crash Ab Fab stars attend the funeral of Dame June Whitfield Nine men in Hackney launch unprovoked homophobic acid attack 'We are getting ready' Nigel Farage works with 'Leave Means Leave' Passenger on Royal Caribbean ship banned for life after jumping off Footage shows moment before 11 men were killed in Shoreham Airshow El Chapo's wife Emma Coronel Aispuro leaves court Bruised and battered Michael Cohen arrives at his NYC apartment Novak Djokovic gets frustrated over the lighting during match Shoreham plane seconds before it crashed onto motorway killing Woman who accused R Ex-Georgetown basketball star, 43 and lbs, is seen in Instagram travel blogger couple who plummeted ft to Now cabinet Brexiteers give Theresa May an ultimatum Leon tells diners with allergies NOT to eat in their Two wild elephants die after being electrocuted by DNA pioneer's name could be axed from Portsmouth Jilted girlfriend, 24, sells her A snap general election 'has been penciled in for Iowa couple who starved their adopted daughter, 16, to Plot to take control of Brexit revealed: IVF couple have triplets - two of whom were conceived Bing Site Web Enter search term: Cheryl's 'shocked' face leaves viewers in hysterics Victoria Beckham won't be piling on the pounds as she boasts of two-hour daily workout Gets up at 5.

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There are certain things that are a given: Time is the biggest thing you can give a friend — time spent listening to them and being relaxed with them.

Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton admit to BOOZING

Even friends can cause you problems. We have both lost count of the times we have been dumped, ditched, dropped or ignored by our nearest and dearest. But good friends are hard to come by, so we try to hold on to them, as hard as we can…. Be really low-key about the whole thing. Life is all about balance, which means trying to be true to yourself at the same time as chasing your dreams. Neither of us now lives in the place where we were born, and our careers mean that we have both left behind some good friends along the way.

But sometimes you change and move on and so do they….


You have to make the effort with people you have known for years. Every now and then, though, do a bit of life laundry — sort out the people you just partied with for a while from the important ones. What should you do when a mate falls for the wrong man? I would try to say something, but if they get married there is nothing you can do. I have only stepped in once, because the guy was abusive and mean. I have been the one with the bad boy and it was a nightmare, so I really thank those people who did get involved. I was in a weird bubble of a relationship, but one friend in particular was honest and very strong and told me to get the hell out.

Her life is just so settled and sorted with her husband, her baby and her plumped cushions,' said Fearne. Weirdly, the older we get, the more we expect from our friends. Life is just too damn short for us to be treated badly. There are enough people in the world who are unpleasant and mean and rude without adding a friend to the list. I am obsessed with manners — I wish people would say sorry when they bash into you in the supermarket.

And I hate people being late. What he is saying is that his life is more important than yours. But if someone says something about my husband I get very upset. The only person who can be rude about him is me! Sometimes you just want to enjoy your own company.

I have to be persuaded to go anywhere these days, as I have to be up so early for my radio show. My friends are a good influence in that they make me go out! But you go through different phases. I have friends who are real party people and friends who make me behave and stay at home. And I call whomever I feel I need to at the time. We were at the same stage in our lives, we were both presenting children's TV and we were excited about our careers.

When we went on holiday together to Los Angeles. We drank cocktails by the pool all day and partied at night. The ultimate girlie vacation. We laughed so much! As long as you keep in touch, you can pick up where you left off — you have shared memories and stories, a conversational shorthand that makes everything easy. It makes me sad — particularly if you split up for no reason. I often think about the people I used to know, but the gap between us has just grown too big.

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  • Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton: 'Inside we're made of the same stuff'.

There is nothing sweeter or more lovely than being asked to be a godparent or bridesmaid. When Holly asked me to be her bridesmaid I cried my eyes out — it was an honour.

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It was really special because I had never been one and I had only ever been to one wedding in my life. Asking Fearne to be a bridesmaid was one of the happiest moments of my life. I had seven bridesmaids and they were my seven most important girls: I am godmother to one boy, whose mum is a good friend of mine and whom I love more than life. It is really special to have a bond with someone and watch them grow up. I really want to set a good example to him.

Having walked around the relationship block more times than either of us cares to mention, this much we know…. There are six nice boys sitting in a row — and one who should have a government health warning stamped on his forehead. So which one do you flirt with? The bad guy… Why do we do this to ourselves?

I always used to go for bad boys. Eventually you realise all you want is someone nice, someone who is a good laugh, someone to have a family with. There are certain guys we have learnt to avoid like a very vicious and ugly plague. This sort of situation only ever ends in tears, and usually yours. If he has dumped you and moved on, he is never going to see the light — no amount of new outfits or haircuts are going to change his mind. And if you do fall back into bed with him, it will be like reopening an old wound. Emotionally it will hurt like hell and it will take even longer to heal.

You will never be forgiven. Remember, this can be as hard for him as it is for you. There is no need to parade the poor guy around like a show pony for all to pass judgment. Seven girls perched round a kitchen table drinking tea is enough to terrify the Calvins off any bloke. Think pub, think one girlfriend at a time. Although I think meeting them one at a time, like an interview, is much harder. There is an argument for taking him to a big party, so that he can flit around and have small snippets of conversation with all your friends. If you dumped him, the situation should be relatively easy to handle.

Reward yourself with some new shoes or a night out with the girls, then hold your head high and keep moving forward. If, however, he dumped you, then it is a completely different story. But here are a couple of things you do not want to do: Hanging around his house, calling his mobile, badgering his friends… However much you think this behaviour is justified, however much you think you are getting away with it, trust us, you are not!

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The more you pretend not to care, the better. Stay away from alcohol and anywhere he might be. Call your best friend. There is an expression that to get over a man you need to get under another. If you feel like doing it, go ahead, but to me that solution is better left in an episode of Sex and the City. You know the one. I have cut my hair off, dyed it red and pink. If you want to do something, go and buy a pair of brilliant shoes.

Forget all those shiny happy images of Friends — sharing a flat is never as glamorous, or as clean. Not only do you have to look after yourself and budget for your food and fun, you also have to learn to live with other people, who are often less house-trained than you are. I remember moving into a flat-share in London.

I was actually the tidiest, which was saying something. I remember parties where we would fill the bath with alcohol! When I moved out I found jellied sweets down the back of the sofa. You know how it happens. You find a nice man you like quite a lot, then his toothbrush finds its way into your place, or yours ends up in his, and before you know it you are discussing moving in together.

I like living with boyfriends and have done it a few times. I even bought a house with one of them, but I was very careful to lay down the rules before we moved in together. There is something to be said for coming home and finding no one has eaten your yoghurt or used all your shampoo, and your magazine is exactly where you left it. More and more of us are living alone out of choice. The pressure is on for me to settle down, but there are lots of things I want to do first.

Holly & Fearne Go Dating

I have always wanted to have a family — ever since I was at school. I wanted the whole package: And I wanted it in that order — the big white dress and then the baby. The one thing that scares me a bit is that it is such a permanent thing. But Harry has added to my life in every way. But we both know that learning from experience is harder than it sounds. Coming to terms with who you are and learning to live with yourself are the most important lessons in life. Sometimes I think I cling a bit too much to my teenage hopes. But now I love doing that — I crave it. I make cupcakes on a Friday night!

When I mastered the recipe, I felt such a sense of pride and overexcitement! Having Harry has taught me to take a step back and accept that life sometimes gets in the way.

I can only live in the moment. The more decisions you have to make, the better you get at making them. But I always think that by making a decision I may shut off an opportunity. I like to keep all my options open, and I like the adventure of the unknown.


Having said that, I rarely regret the decisions I make. Our philosophy is, if you look after and respect yourself, then hopefully others will do the same. Embrace all your faults. Try to change the things you can change. And if all else fails, buy yourself some matching underwear! Holly's top five bedtime reads. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.