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I have never dated on toontown. However, one of my friends I met in the game is dating this other dude she met through TTR. They seem to be happy and she tells me that they skype each other often So I mean, good for her. But I stay away from dating through TTR I'd rather get to know someone in person rather than through the internet. Even if I skyped the other person a lot, it still wouldn't be the same as face-to-face interaction.

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JazzMan , Jul 25, Jul 16, Messages: YouOnlyLive9Times , Jul 25, News Mailers Sign Up Help. Why is some behavior prohibited that most other online games allow? I need to report a misbehaving Toon! How do I do this? There is a Toon that is trying to intentionally cause me to lose all of my laff! What should I do? Can I have a 3rd party computer program run the game for me? Toon Golf, Fishing, and Doodle training takes too long to do!

Can I use a 3rd party program to keep my Toon awake in a full District?

A Rant on Toontown Online Dating

Can I use a 3rd party program to run multiple Toons at once? What can I say in game about where I live?

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Can I tell Toons in-game where to find my livestream? Why was my infraction harsher than someone I know who did the exact same thing?

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I was sharing my account with a friend I know in my area, but they misbehaved and now my account is suspended. Can you lift my ban? Can I get unbanned? My account got stolen! Someone in my household was muted and now I am muted too on my separate account. Why did this happen?

I feel that I was falsely suspended. Can I appeal to restore my account? Are appeals to bans, suspensions or mutes heard by the same person that infracted me? What are the rules of Toontown Rewritten?

Toontown Rewritten is an entirely free game, funded out of pocket by its staff members. I'd say only get speedchat plus if you're child is at least 10 because there could be so mean players. Kid, 12 years old April 9, Helped me decide 3. Kid, 8 years old November 8, Helped me decide 2.

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Kid, 11 years old January 27, Good for friendship and teamwork, but sprinkled with faults and a bad filtering system for advanced chat This game is fantastic for small children- if you don't choose SpeedChat Plus. It can teach teamwork and create friendshps. I've been an avid player of this game for over 4 years, and I can say it's great for the young and old. However, the playing experience can be impacted by what kind of chat you use.

Kid reviews for Toontown Online

SpeedChat is the drop-down menu that only contains safe phrases, but there are a couple that can be used to express a child's anger at another. Some are "You stink! Some children will "spam," or constantly pester another person with, these kinds of messages. However, we have a handy "Ignore" button and a "Report" system. It can help a Toon player with communications in cartoony battles, but it can also be used to throw horrible insults at other Toons. One example of this is "noobS. All three are very densely packed with hackers. Disney fixed this a long time ago, but hackers are still feared.

Hackers can apparently access motion files in the game data and play them repetitively using bots. They will sometimes abuse this feature and make bots in inappropriate positions.

Ever ''dated'' on TTR? tell me how yall met and all? | Toontown Rewritten Forums

Hackers are determined to stand out from the crowd, using colors that would be impossible for normal Toons, such as white not cream. They will also used modified clothes and do things like expand the chat bubble size to create huge messages that are very annoying. The very worst aspect about hackers? They can evade bans using a hacking system called a "ban shield.

Hackers can easily be spotted here. Nutty River is a server that is always, ALWAYS full of Toons literally, it's impossible to get in unless you have a "taxi," or Toon that will use programs to keep from disconnecting and parks in a certain area to allow Toons in. It is constantly filled with Cog Invasions, a feature that many Toons enjoy due to the fact that you can get twice as many skill points and many Cogs for a certain ToonTask, or quest.

As I mentioned before, Nutty River is filled with hackers, so I suggest that your child not come here unless they want to be inspired to tamper with a MMOG and scar many other children. Nutty Summit is a copy of Nutty River, but scaled down so that there are less people and therefore you can maybe get in times per hour. One large annoyance for many players that play for the actual game and quests is that the game rarely is given large updates.

Sure, there are routine yearly contests, but all you win are shirts that can be glitch-stolen. Also, hackers may often overrun these kinds of contests and keep the glory to themselves. I, personally, have had to cope with one of these scenarios, and rather recently, too. I worked all night to earn a shirt for a New Year's Competition, and since there is one set of winners every hour, I tried to go for 5: After a day and a whole night of work, I was beaten..