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Ok, so obviously it would be naive to glorify any era that included repressive gender roles and patriarchy, especially when it comes to things like women's rights think not being allowed to vote, inherit your own property, or go to college or university. And that's before you even consider the appalling reality for same-sex romance.

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For me, Austen novels epitomise the idea of true courtship — that careful pursuit of someone who would become your beloved — and I was curious to see if her stories of how men and women coupled-up would work in real life today. I moved on to the Victorians and their funny ways with " tussie mussies " scented flowers people gave to their admirers, which also covered up the stench of 19th Century England. Over the next six months, in between library sessions, I continued my search for love, secretly applying old-school tips on approximately 60 dates.

These are the five nuggets of advice I carried out Take the Georgians, for example. They were head-over-heels for lonely hearts-style ads published in The Times, which included short, straight-to-the-point descriptions of what they were looking for in a partner. In one dusty letter I read: It made me realise that my see-where-it-goes thinking might not be doing me any favours.

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Instead, I decided to be more clear about what I wanted from dating and not just rely on app filters to do that job. Asking about their career goals was a natural conversation stepping stone to asking about their personal ones — and it worked. It was only date one, after all. But, for me, Marjorie's most helpful piece of advice read: Because of my job, people in the past have pigeon-holed me as 'sex-crazed' which has made me careful not to suggest date ideas which might contain sexual references — even if it was just a film with lots of sexy scenes.

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It might sound simple but I thought if anyone enjoyed themselves as much I did, it must be a sign of compatibility - a better test than relying on a dating app, perhaps. But the one who made me laugh so much we ended up getting lost on a long canal walk remained in my WhatsApp list. It seemed traditional monogamous rules went out the window when no one knew who would return from the fighting. This is the loss of connection the digital world has brought to life. In the physical world, dating is a time for holding hands, talking to each other and spontaneous hugs.

Many couples begin their relationship in this manner.

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It is unfortunate that some of them eventually begin to communicate more through digital media than face-to-face in the real world. They lose the physical touch of the relationship as it progresses. This is one reason forming a solid relationship has become difficult.

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Learning to reconnect physically rather than digitally is relatively easy. Spending time with people, such as escorts, in the real world can help people see, feel and understand the difference. The professionals at an escort agency are available to help find a companion for those that have lost touch with the real world.

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