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So, I'm sitting on the toilet with some hot diarrhea, browsing tinder for about an hour. I found someone, they came up to my hotel, we had sex, then I promptly asked him to leave after we finished. While all of this was happening, my friend met up with an Australian man, had a few drinks, and ended up giving him a blow job behind a vending machine in our hotel.

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Maybe not the most wild and crazy story, but we both felt pretty accomplished on our last few hours in vegas. I was a truck driver for a little while. My co-driver and i were in Las Vegas sleeping behind Circus Circus in our truck. I get out of the bunk and look out the window and see a dude running away from a bar and across the parking lot. I called the police and told them what i heard, they came and took my statement about what i saw. I told them i thought i heard a shot hit the truck, it was dark out and we looked with flash lights but couldn't find anything.

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A while later they came back with a suspect in the car they wanted me to identify. They said they found an African American male running away and wanted me to have a look. I reminded them that in my statement i saw a white guy running from the bar and where i think he dropped the gun. They still hadn't looked for the gun but decided to let the black guy go. The next day we found where the bullet had hit the truck and ricocheted off, it was right where my co-drivers head was. If it had been at a better angle he would have been killed.

How does he decide to celebrate? Buy each of them hookers? I can't remember specific details but he told me when his friend who bought the hookers was done with his, he proceeded to open the door of the other guys room, as he had the hooker bent over railing her from behind, smack his friend on the ass and say "go get em tiger". A few years ago I went to vegas. I brought some money with me. I came back, but my money stayed there, never to return again. Went back to my hotel room early to watch American Idol season 1 before getting up at 5 a.

This was my engagement trip for my first marriage. It was clear my future ex-husband thought I was a total buzzkill and the relationship was never the same after that. It was 6 days and night of drinking I will say day 1 day 2 but no guarantee that was actually day 1 or day 2. Day 1 end up at the pool at night and there is no one else up there so we decide to skinny dip in the hot tub.

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It's 99 degrees at like midnight so the jacuzzi got warm fast plus we were making out like crazy and getting hot so we moved to the regular pool. That shit was ICE fucking cold, she went from dripping wet to clam tight on contact. Pretty sure my balls were sitting next to my tonsils and I couldn't find my dick at all, just instant fucking shrinkage. Went back to the jacuzzi to warm back up, and then back to the room.

Out to dinner had ordered a second bottle of wine with dinner. I knew vegas was open container friendly but when we were looking like maybe we shouldn't have ordered the bottle waitress came by and said they can give us a cup to go. I was thinking they were gonna pour it in like a big paper cup, nope they had plastic wine glasses that could hold about a half bottle each. We went to watch the fountains at the bellagio drinking giant glasses of wine. Afternoon ended up getting called into a conference call at work, told my boss I've been drinking since I woke up, he tells me to grab a cup of coffee and just concentrate real hard if I have to speak he really needs me on the call.

I headed to the business center since it was closer to than the room.

Las vegas hookup stories

Ex brought me coffee and hung around, anytime I had to speak she flashed me something, ended the call in her mouth. Saw the Blue man group that night. Walking around we discovered those giant tequila slushies places. We paid for the extra shot, but I think the person making got distracted because they would oor step away from our drink a second, come back pour again, this happened a few times that slushie was about 50 tequila.

When we woke up the next afternoon there were 2 more of those slushy cups in the bathroom, couple of used condoms on the towel rack and that's how we found out while blackout drunk she loved anal.

So I went to Vegas with my really good friend for a week to celebrate her recent graduation from college. Her family had paid for everything except my flight, their only request that I make sure she has a good time since I was her "fun" friend. Not huge gamblers but loving to party, we hit the strip and ended up at Omnia. We have fun, and end up meeting two guys that were going to be visiting for a few days as well. They look a bit older, but cool, so we ended up going back with them.

We ended up hanging out with them some more, and the next night I went back with the one guy to use their hotel room.

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Lo and behold this guy was loaded. I had an idea that he made money and was a bit older, but it turns out he was about 13 years older and really rich. His room was the penthouse. We proceeded to fuck against the glass of the penthouse overlooking the strip when we hear a knock at the door. It's the guy I was with's friend whom was also staying in the room, with my friend.

We then had a really wild foursome, and in the resulting days they took us out and essentially treated us as sugar babies. Let's just say it involves a stripper, her ex boyfriend, crawling through a bathroom window being chased by him and his three friends and running into them again at the Hoover Dam. I'm thinking of writing a movie script about it. Several years ago, my sister had gigs at two different resorts on NYE. I happened to be in town for a visit, and was just hanging out at her house until she got off work. She called to say she forgot some costume stuff for the late gig, and asked if I could bring it to her at the Tropicana.

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I drove over, but because it was New Years, there were barriers on all of the parking lot entrances. I needed to get this stuff to my sister, though! So I got out of the car, wrestled one of the parking barriers aside, and let myself into the lot. I parked as fast as I could and went back to replace the barrier, but an endless line of cars had already begun streaming in.

An obvious non-employee blocking their entrance would not have been well-received, so I casually joined the crowd of other people who had just found great spaces in this conveniently-open lot, delivered the costume things, and never spoke of it again until today. I was delivering a package to some old rich recluse guy. Not sure what it was, it was very hush-hush, with NDAs, contracts and threats from large scary men. It was a good gig, on paper. In practice, it was more complicated, and it did not go as planned. I met the rich old fuck's intermediary, and he told me I had to go "retrieve" the package from the guy who shot me and left me by the side of the road a few miles from vegas.

So after being cleared by the doctor in bumfuck nevada, I had to go find this guy. All I know is that he was wearing a checkered suit, smoked, and had some scary asian bodyguards.

I found that fucker in his big ass casino, convinced him to meet me in his private suite and strangled him. Made it look like auto-erotic asphyxiation. Saw a group of overweight security guards have a speedwalk chase after a woman who ripped off a casino. It was one of the most bizarre things i've ever seen. My fiance getting blatantly hit on by a incredibly drunk Australian Lesbian, who started getting increasingly frustrated because absolutely everything she tried flew over my fiances head.

Getting a gun pointed at us in the Flamingo by a drunken racist Jamie Hyneman-looking mountain survivalist. Gave her a few, and out of the blue she asks me "Did you see my cookie? I said I don't know. Cue the music being turned off and she was yelling - is this kid old enough to be here. See all available apartments has rental units ranging from free dating sites online vegas, and workshops children's and workshops children's and features, inc.

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