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I love this website and have used it multiple times. Write yourself or someone a future letter. I can be inspiring. Write a letter to the future. Deliver in 1 Year. I've sent myself 5 letters so far and every year it's a surprise. In formal writing, we recommend a space before am or pm , but in an agenda where you may be needing to conserve space, no space is acceptable. I recommend using the word for instead of on. I am stuck on a number expression for an address; How should the following sentence be written: House numbers are usually expressed in numerals when writing an address.

Jim lives at 9 21st Street and works on 6th Avenue. OR Jim lives at number 9 21st Street and works on 6th Avenue. I have a quick question. I was wondering how to best express the following in an official business correspondence:. If you wish to be more specific about the time you could write: I met Chris at 1: I met Chris on Tuesday, December 11, , at 1: Two quick questions, When you write a date in a sentence, do you place a comma after the year?

Is it On January 13, , I went to the store? These are phrases, not sentences, of course. Otherwise, your phrases are fine except for a missing comma in the third one: Another option could be to write: Hi Jane, Thanks for your reply. How to write those sentenses including the year? Since we are not legal experts, we recommend that you follow the advice of the Chicago Manual of Style and consult one of their recommended legal stylebooks.

If the day comes first followed by the month then the year, is there a comma after the month? Do I spell out thirty when talking minutes? Or use the numerals? Question on the correct usage of the following within a sentence: What is the correct way of writing day and year. Somebody told me to use day instead of days, I just want to confirm. We prefer the guidance contained in The Associated Press Stylebook to spell out single-digit whole numbers and to use numerals for numbers greater than nine.

In the examples you gave, if the number is more than one, use the plural form years or days. If the number is one, use the singular form year or day. Note that if you are using the words year old as a compound adjective to describe a noun, use the singular form and hyphenate year-old. I am 27 years old.

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Her son is one year old. She is a year-old. We bought a year-old house.

It will take four days to complete this task. It will take one day to complete this task. What is the difference? Also, why does nontechnical not have a hyphen, i.

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Authorities disagree on when to spell out numbers and when to use numerals. The important thing is to be consistent. Regarding the word nontechnical , we observe the current trend to do away with unnecessary hyphens. Therefore, attach most prefixes and suffixes onto root words without a hyphen as long as doing so would not create confusion.

How should this sentence be punctuated: For further information on [your application? Hi, quick and easy question. Which one is correct? Either of your methods is acceptable; however, we recommend including the first am for clarity. Hello, Is it proper to add a comma after the date if written in the following way? Which way is correct? The interviewer said, that was my problem when I applied as a call center agent. If you are speaking about a movie that you saw or a book that you read in the past, you should use the past tense.

I saw a great movie last weekend. I read pronounced red a really interesting book last month. I have always thought you type out June 13 but there are discrepancies in our office. It depends on the purpose of the dictation. We do cover this both in the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation p. We have revised our response. As shown in our Rules 4a and 4b of Writing Numbers , you may write 9 pm or 9: You certainly should use am and pm when specifying exact times in schedules, meeting times, invitations, and store hours. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge about the english language with all of us on your website.

If the organizers of the conferences or meetings wish to emphasize starting and stopping at exact times, then we recommend numerals representing the full hours and minutes along with a. With continuing numbers—such as dates, times, and page numbers—it signifies up to and including or through.

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For the sake of parallel construction, the word to, never the en dash, should be used if the word from precedes the first element in such a pair. The conference will be held from If exact times are not emphasized, then from 10 a. The meeting will be held from 5: OR The meeting will be held from 5: We would not place zeros before the hours from AM.

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Otherwise your list seems fine. We would recommend using 1: I would like to write the date when something happened. In the United States, we would use slashes in informal writing: We recommend spelling out single-digit whole numbers. You need to use the plural noun days with the number seven. Also, the word open should appear first in your phrase. The store is open seven days per week.

OR The store is open seven days a week. Hello Jane, I am writing a dissertation and find in many academic papers the day before the month, ie: On November 24, Charles… etc. Thanks for your help and advice. The answer depends on where you live. The American style of dates is month-day-year with commas used to set off the year: Is this correct or do I need to put a comma after the first date?

Please see the attached summary as of March 30, and March 31, Could you please let me know which of the following is correct or sounds better in british english and why? American English writing or speech may be: I will be in London on the 15th and 16th of August. OR I will be in London the 15th and 16th of August.

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We are not certain what would be correct in British English. What is the correct way of writing the following? We set sail at hours and headed east. OR We set sail at and headed east. Please note that any delay in receiving your approval may delay your order. If approval is not received by If approval is not received by 8: In the interest of communication for international audiences, what do you think of using the ISO International Date Standard, extended format, for representing dates and time? Although this format does have some advantages, we prefer spelling the date out in formal writing.

Also, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the hour clock system. Hi Jane, Since you have been answering all the questions, here I need to ask something which confuses me a lot. You said it is seven days a week, not seven day a week, then is it correct to write days of vacation, four glasses of water, 12 rows from the back? Seven days a week, days of vacation, four glasses of water, and 12 rows from the back are all correct.

Like seven, , four , and 12, ten million is simply a number. Whatever units this number is describing would be plural: I have noticed more and more of the population typing the date as August 14th. I was taught in college that when the day precedes the month, it should be written as 14th of August. In my department we have a secretary who, in the writing of a meeting agenda, will put dates like this:. She means to say that the boss will be on vacation from Sep. Since this is a small department, we are not bound by any particular style in the writing of agendas or minutes.

I maintain that she ought to write it in a way that is not confusing, but she insists that she is doing it the proper way. My question is, is she right? You are correct that the Chicago Manual of Style recommends writing out dates in formal writing. Even if a date range is written with numerals and an en dash, the dates are confusing when written in the manner that you described. I am not aware of any style manual that recommends writing a date range in that format.

I have a question too. Is it correct to write Thursday, 29th of August, ? It is more standard in American English to write the date as Thursday, August 29, However, your method also is acceptable. For clarification, you may also want to reword to mids. I know that the notation of time is a bit different but due to my line of work, they like it better in a 24 hour format.

In American English, using regular time notation, we would write Mr. Stone stated that he was on the second floor around 1: Stone stated that he was on the second floor close to 1: We assume the same would be true using a hour format. Suppose in a week tuesday is holiday. Is this form of writing is correct? Writing in a shortened form such as this might be acceptable for a sign on a door, however, the wording is informal and may confuse your customers.

You could write the following:. We are closed Tuesday for the holiday, but we are open Wednesday through Sunday. However, this still leaves a question as to whether you are open on Monday. It seems to make more sense to list the dates in chronological order. Could you please guide me if these sentences are right or not…. The meeting was held on 19th of August from The meeting was held on 19th August from The meeting was held on August 19, , from to OR The meeting was held on the 19th of August , from to American English The meeting was held on 19 August from to Can I just say thank you for this.

I see it on billboards, professional documents, public signage, etc. I am having a bit of a trouble with writing the date on an invitation. Is it okay to write on Saturday, the 10th December,? Or should it be on Saturday, the 10th of December,? As we have written before, invitations have their own sets of rules and styles and are not always the same as formal writing.

Whether to use punctuation or not is up to you. To be consistent, use one or the other throughout. The class will take place April 13 through September 28 on Saturdays from 8: The store is open October 5 through November 23 on Saturdays from 8: Hello Jane, Are the following correct: How would you say it? If I have- Goal: Should all these number be written out? We recommend using a consistent style throughout your writing. The practice of writing the time of day without a space between the hour and am or pm is somewhat unusual, but some writers do use it. We prefer a space and periods 10 a.

November 8th — 11th, Should the ordinal be left out? Is November 8th — 11th correct? We do not recommend adding ordinals when the day follows the month, whether the date includes the year or not. You may use an en dash or a hyphen, but whichever you choose, do not put spaces on either side. November , November 8— When spanning dates do you use a comma after the year of the first date?

In example, would it be:. It feels like the putting the comma after the year of the first date breaks of the time period instead of spanning the time. Always put a comma after the year. Is writing this date correct? There should be a comma after the word April. The fair will take place from 8: Unless the fair is open all night, it might be better to give the exact hours. The grammatically correct term in English is as of.

The practice of writing the time of day without a space between the hour and am or pm is less formal, but some writers do use it.

Writing Dates and Times

We recommend a space and periods as follows: The document is correct as of 3 p. Invitations have their own sets of rules and styles and are not always the same as formal writing. How do you write date with the actual number: When only the month and year are given, a comma need not be used: Which one is correct: My birthday is on August 9, or b. My birthday is on August 9, ? As the Remembering Jane page linked at the top of our home page explains, Jane passed away in Your grammar is not terrible at all. English is not easy to learn. Back when I started learning English as a foreign language in German high school in the s , we were taught to use the following date format at the top of test, homework etc We do not recommend using ordinal endings st, nd, rd, or th for dates expressed in the standard month-day-year format.

Also, abbreviations should be avoided in formal writing. At 9 minutes and 10 seconds past 8 am on the 11th of December , possibly be written as 08;09;10;11;12;13 in USA this would have to be 9 minutes and 10 seconds past 8 am on the 12th of November to be the same. We think you are referring to what is known as a sequential day. The last sequential day with the numbers one through ten fell on August 9, , at Can you please explain?

The same punctuation rules would apply to a letter in a book just as they would to a standard written letter. There are times when knowing the correct grammar and usage of English is correct, useful and appropriate. The Writing Dates and Times blog currently has comments—more comments than any of our other blogs.

For an itinerary what would be the correct way to write the dates. January 8 to 15, You can write January 8 to 15, , or January , There should be no spaces around the hyphen. Chicago Manual of Styles says that an en dash is used to indicate a range of numbers or dates, not a hyphen. Policies and philosophies vary from medium to medium. The Associated Press Stylebook recommends using a hyphen, and the Chicago Manual of Style recommends using an en dash. We favor the hyphen. Could someone advise me on the correct way to write out date ranges?

There should not be a comma after April 26 in your example. However, commas should be used when including the full date: April 26, , and May 3, As shown in the second and fourth examples of this post, ordinals such as th, st are generally used only when the day precedes the month. You may write August , but we recommend writing August 10 through 20 to remove any doubt that August 20 is included.

How should the date Oma wedding program be written? The Program and wedding are formal. The Wedding is Saturday, February 8, please help this is holding us up from going to print!! As we responded to Lori on May 26, Thanks , I was asking about the wedding program not the invitation. I will follow same format I used on the professionally printed invitation. Can you please clear one thing for me? Is the name of the month alone March, for a example considered to be a date? But our teacher thinks otherwise.. Sorry, I messed up a little..

Can be a name of the month like March OR a name of the week like Saturday alone considered to be dates? We agree with you that typically a month or day of the week is not specific enough to be considered a date. A date is usually written as a particular month and day or month, day, and year at which some event happened or will happen. Hi, We are using English for communication in our company.

In our country we have 24H time. What is grammatically right when using 24H time? Is it right to write —.. What is the proper spacing and format when listing the duration, in hours for classes within a table? A table should be as simple as the material allows and understandable on its own; even a reader unfamiliar with the material presented should be able to make general sense of a table.

Thus, regarding the class duration itself, the format is up to your organization: There are several different ways to write the date in British English. They vary from formal to informal. Which format to use is a question of formality, politeness, and personal choice. For more information we recommend that you consult a style manual that specializes in British English. ISO standards are voluntary. It is a non-governmental organization and it has no power to enforce the implementation of the standards it develops.

Would it be correct to say: When a day is mentioned without the month or year, the number is usually spelled out in ordinal form. On November 5, McManus declared victory. By the twenty-fifth, most of his supporters had deserted him. I talked with some colleagues that are from the UK. And I know their writing style generally is very good.

All of them claim they have never heard about such a rule. So I guess this your style recommendation is for American English only, not valid for British English. Would you please clarify the following. A coworker of my completed a proofreading and editing class and was instructed the use of the entire date should be used. In formal writing it is usually a good idea to include the year. It often depends on the kind of document you are writing. I know about from…to and between…and. But what about during? I had exactly the same question.

The data was gathered from to or from through The data was gathered between and Your phrase is written correctly. However, in formal writing an ellipsis consists of three dots: I am a bit confused. You wrote in your previous responses that: The conference will be held on Saturday, February 4, , at 1: The conference will be held at 1: Hi Jane, English is my second language.

May 26, , was a sad day for film buffs. British English rules are different. Neither is right nor wrong, just different, like American accents and British accents. Our meeting is scheduled for 7: When printing the date of an upcoming event, is it correct to write ie April 12th. I have been told not to add the th or rd for say 3rd. Also, when printing A. Thank you for your reply. Regarding dates, please see our recent reply to Eberhard in this blog of February 20, The meeting is next Monday of this month.

Although it is grammatically correct, the sentence is awkward. The meeting is Monday, April 7. Your sentence is grammatically correct, however it does not seem to be asking for vacation. It is stating the fact that you will be on vacation. How do you combine time, days of the week, and date together in a sentence? Why do we write a location after time not before? We meet on Saturday, April 5, at 9 am at Chaparrel Park.

There is no rule stating that you must write the location after the time. Use a comma after the year. There are different ways to write your sentences. Your final pair of sentences are fine. We will meet on Saturday, April 5, , at 9 am at Chaparrel Park. We meet every Friday at noon on campus in room OR We meet on campus in room , every Friday at noon. Hello, I need to know how to write time periods. Thank you very much. There are no further shortcuts for your examples since the dates are so specific.

You have written them correctly in all-numeral style.

However, this method looks needlessly confusing and awkward, and writing out the dates would be a courtesy to the reader. Hello, I have a question on how to write a request for appointment which include 3 alternative date and time in a formal letter. In American English, writing ordinal endings such as th, st, nd , and rd in this context is unnecessary. The periods with AM and PM are optional. Also, use a comma after the year.

In American English, writing ordinal endings such as th is considered by some to be unnecessary. What would be the proper structure of this item? There is debate that the period should stay and some say it should go. The Chicago Manual of Style recommends that the periods stay in formal prose. It is correct for British English.

In American English, writing January 5, , is preferred. Is a comma required between the date and time of an event that does not include the year? Friday, May 23rd at 8 p. OR Friday, May 23rd, at 8 p. We recommend adding the comma to separate the date from the time. It is difficult for us to imagine a single meeting that lasted for twelve days. Meetings were held from August 1 to August Meetings were held August The conference was held from August 1 to August The conference was held August The terms AM and PM are usually used with numerals. For our wedding invitations we are wanting to write; the 2 of August, Do we need the comma before the year?

Whether to use punctuation or follow grammar rules is up to you. I have lots of times in the book many are precise, such as leaving flights, when to meet at the bus, what time to be there, when the alarm went off, etc. However, one I ran across stated that if different characters are saying time, I should vary the method to fit the particular character. Such as one could say 4: Should I vary this or should I stick with one method?

The Chicago Manual of Style recommends using numerals when exact times are emphasized, such as 4: We advise that you pick a method and be consistent. It depends on the circumstances of your writing. On Saturday, March 21, , at 6 p. It is correct not to put the year after the first date. Can you tell me if the school of thought on this has changed over the years?

There is no single right answer to this question. Therefore, we recommend July 1-September 30, ; July 1 to September 30, ; or July 1 through September 30, The compound adjective is written with a hyphen. We generally recommend spelling out single-digit numbers: When advertising an event that lasts during two months would it be correct to say: October 3rd — November 1, ? When describing logical statements, such as an if-then statement, it may become necessary to describe dates as variable. Consider this example, provided below.

The current version will be saved in version history. Otherwise, if an update request is submitted to update the system with an older effective date than the date of the current version, then make no change to the current version save the update request submitted in version history. When describing dates later or earlier, older or younger, etc we build confusion. What are the best descriptive words to use in these instances?

In your final sentence we recommend using the words earlier and later instead of newer and older when describing dates. Hi, Which of the following is correct? The evidence established that on May 1, , the defendant killed the victim. The evidence established that, on May 1, , the defendant killed the victim. The evidence established that on May 1, the defendant killed the victim. Is this sentence correct: Because more ideas about the broad writing good online dating tips for women for business success.

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