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That said, there is virtue in hearing about other people's dates, if only because, sometimes, your own love life feels stale, and you need some ideas to copy.

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In that spirit, here are the best dates Cosmo editors went on in Steal the ideas, adapt them for your own purposes, or-at the very least-use this as motivation to make your own best dates list. Reflecting on the good things about a year, rather than zooming forward to another one that will probably be the same, feels very nice.

The masseuses meant business! I would recommend reversing the order and getting the dim sum after the massages, rather than the other way around.

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The whole thing was a definite departure from our usual dinner-and-a-movie fallback. I only expected to hang out for an hour and then head home, since I had a long day. That hour turned into He was really easy to talk to, so we ended up at a second bar until 1 a.

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And then we went to his house, and I left the next morning. We just had our fifth date. It was very different and not something we'd normally do. We were given clay heads, as well as a quick lesson on face proportions to help us out, then we were blindfolded. We sculpted to what I can only describe as epically sweeping film scores. My boyfriend and I coincidentally ended up both making something scary and weird, which made us feel closer. Also, it was BYOB, which only improves everything.

The 12 Most Romantic Dates Cosmo Editors Went on in

But then she had to cancel. I pouted, threw my bra off, and was bummed Then my boyfriend turned up the Motown music, made another round of margs, and together, we puttered around the kitchen like Ina and Jeffrey. Through fits of tequila-induced giggles and lots of sloppy, garlic-scented kisses, we had our favorite night of the year. It was fun joking around and feeling kid-like again -throwing balls at each other, and picking out the cheapest yet coolest toys. The Musical , got tall boys of wine, got really drunk, and enjoyed the show!

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  4. It was the absolute best because the super silly, casual environment of the show made it easy to just be yourself. It was also a great test to see if his sense of humor naturally vibed with mine. It's essentially like a tipsy job interview where you have to spill out every good quality you have about yourself, while also adding some charm and wit in there. But I went on a really great first date at the beginning of December. It was natural and easy, he asked me about my family, my job, my past relationships, et cetera.

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    It was as if we had known each other for a while. It was simply drinks at a local bar in my neighborhood, but he somehow made it intimate. The thing that really made it great was we both didn't want the night to end.

    1. The 12 Most Romantic Dates Cosmo Editors Went on in 2018;
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    6. 7 Psychotic Pieces of Relationship Advice from Cosmo.
    7. He told me he was going to the bathroom, and instead brought two drinks back over to the table because he 'didn't want the night to end. Welcome to our Denim special. If you're an eternal blue-jean baby, then you'll love flipping through the June issue. Our covergirl, Jacqueline Fernandez, sheds light on the flipside of being a celebrity and what she really thinks of social media. Plus, we've put together the tips and tricks to nailing the casual dating and sex scene, the one hack that'll save you from falling for Mr Jerk, the latest in K-Beauty, and one secret fund that can save you a world of agony.

      Highlights of Cosmopolitan India magazine dated August This edition of Cosmo is packed with New Season fashion and beauty treats, plus some great love and lust features on everything from how to spice up vanilla sex positions, to why mini-talks are the new way to define relationships.

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      Plus, we get up-close and personal with Covergirl Aditi Rao Hydari and the little things that make her tick! Add to cart Send as Gift. Cosmopolitan - June Previous Issues Show By Date cancel.