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Most common were marriages between a white and a Hispanic 41 percent , followed by marriage between a white and an Asian American 15 percent. These marriages follow similar patterns by sex as interracial marriages of previous decades. For whites, men and women are about as likely to marry a Hispanic, but differ in their rates of marriage to blacks and Asians see Figure 2.

Unions between Asians and whites are also very sex-selective, with most marriages occurring between white men and Asian women. Although Asian men are much less likely to marry out than Asian women, they are much more likely than whites to intermarry. Twenty percent of Asian men married a non-Asian in , compared with 40 percent of Asian women.

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Likewise, black women are much less likely to intermarry than black men. More than one-fifth of black men intermarried in , while just 9 percent of black women did. There has been much speculation about why these gender preferences exist—reasons that delve into racial stereotypes and politics. Hispanic men and women are about as likely to marry outside their ethnic group, and they tend to marry non-Hispanic whites more than other groups.

The likelihood of choosing a marriage partner of another race or ethnic group is also influenced by the available pool of people of the appropriate age and with a similar educational background, because most people marry someone close in age and educational level. This partly explains why U.

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  • Both white and black Americans have plenty of potential partners within their own groups. Asians, on the other hand, make up only about 4 percent of the U. And they are the group most likely to marry out.

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