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This may seem predictable, but lets be honest, if its done right who cares?! The miscommunication and assumptions drove me through the roof! Of course, I knew that everything would work out or at least, as I white knuckled my Kindle, that's what I hoped but I still really wanted to see how it played out. And this, dear readers, is where talent is separated from just ok. When an author actually makes you CARE about the characters, they are talented. Now here is what sets this book apart. A lot of writers are entering this genre and gearing it to a specific audience hello fellow 's!!

I'm sorry, but no one I know ever uses this word unless they are being sarcastic. Speaking of sarcasm, there is plenty, but not so much that the characters become bitchy. The banter was all believable too. Even the banter between parent and kid! Literally had a similar convo with my rents when I came home from college on the wknds! So here is what I am suggesting: I can actually picture myself being friends with all these characters which is nice since I normally do not like people. Check it out guys! If nothing else, it is a wonderful change of pace. I know I will be buying the next book this author puts out!

A few awkward moments make them start to think of the bad things they ca 2. Aug 28, Graylark rated it it was amazing Shelves: Light, sweet and sexy comfort read. The main characters brim with personality, their conversations are lively and fun, and their friends are quite likable as well. The element of the sex talk radio show is relatively unique and quite interesting. I also liked the mention of the prejudice against a woman who gives sexual advice, versus the reverence for a man who does so, although this issue isn't explored very deeply.

The sexual tension leading up to their switch from frien 4. The sexual tension leading up to their switch from friends to lovers is satisfyingly thick and filled with heated moments. Their transition and attempts to come to terms with it is a realistically bumpy road, and Ian is quite an appealing leading man. Very little space is wasted on external issues not relating directly to the two of them--this worked for me as the romance element was what I was after.

Some small issues I had were: Such distrust seemed quite out of character for a couple that had heretofore been best friends for 15 years. She acted like a rabid pitbull, constantly attacking people with little to no justification--particularly Ian. These are never resolved in the story. Perhaps on purpose, but it would have been nice to see some small growth or development for them once introduced, if not resolution. There were also some small plot elements like the question of whether the mic had indeed been sensitive enough to broadcast their entire conversation in the studio at the end that it would have been nice to get a definitive answer to.

I found it quite an enjoyable and easy read.

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Dec 14, ChelSEA rated it really liked it. Okay, so I have to admit, I initially judged this book based on it's cover and title I hadn't even allowed myself to read the summary due to the fact that every time I saw the cover I thought that this novel was targeted for middle school aged girls. It wasn't until after I finally convinced myself to read the summary that I realized that this book was the exact opposite of what I had assumed. You know what they say about assuming I actually loved this book!!! It's about two childhood frie Okay, so I have to admit, I initially judged this book based on it's cover and title It's about two childhood friends Ian and Ivy attending college and doing a "sex education" radio show together.

Ian is a player, who sleeps his way through the girls on campus and Ivy is a free spirited, independent women, who doesn't take anyone's crap especially Ian's. As expected, these two start to develop feeling for each other and don't know how to handle these feelings or whether to act on them. This book was different than most other "friends turned lovers" novels because neither of the main characters had any hidden feelings for the other before we meet them in college.

Their feelings were brand new and we were discovering them right along as they were discovering them themselves. This genre has the perfect amount of the young adult feel mixed with mature content. It's perfect for when you want to read a romance novel without too much unnecessary detail in the sex scenes. Sometimes those just get to be too much in my opinion. A solid 4 stars!!!

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Give it a chance and you'll see what a great story and romance this novel has to offer. That's why this one right here is one of my all-time-favorites: You just keep getting excited for their next conversation, their next game, stupid behaviours, their magic and fireworks. It has flaws, God knows it does. The drama is basically going to lead you to tear your hair off your head and wonder "Why the fucking hell don't they just TALK". But they have their stupid reasons to behave like ormonals teenagers and in the end you just let it go.

It's so damn well written you just dont care. You read through it and when you finish it you don't realize you've read more than pages. That's when I know a book is perfect, no matter the pages, it doesn't feel enough. That's how beautiful this is. Ivy has risked to have my fury thrown at her a couple of times, she's peculiar, but gets around.. Ian is the kind of man everyone deserves to have.

I want a Ian, I'm a goner for a boy in love jealous because he doesn't want to share his girl with possible candidates. He's extremely insufferable but oh so beautiful and funny-idiot, I love him. Nov 30, Adrienne rated it it was amazing. You know how with some books, once you start, you can't put it down until you're finished? This was an up-til-4AM read for me. Ivy is one of the more real heroines that I've read about in a while. Her situation is real, her dilemmas are believable, and her reactions while thoroughly frustrating are true to a 21 year old college student.

I just loved the book and will definitely keep an eye out for future books by this new author! Feb 18, Marianne Mckinney rated it it was amazing. OK, so the last time that I saw a quote in a book that struck me, I did not write it down and then could not find which book it was from. So with that, I am going to quote the author, Jaycee DeLorenzo here.

It was a conversation between Ivy main character and Chelsea her roomate. You're so focused on winning every battle that you don OK, so the last time that I saw a quote in a book that struck me, I did not write it down and then could not find which book it was from. You're so focused on winning every battle that you don't even realize you're losing the war. I'm sure it feels good in the short-term but, Ivy, it's childish. You've got to start considering the consequences of your actions before going off half-cocked all the time, Otherwise, one day you're gonna look around and realize you've run everyone off who cares about you.

We so often act without thinking about the affects of our actions. The honesty from one friend to another in that statement really meant something to me. This book was really good. Ivy was strong willed and her friendship with Ian was really cute. I loved the banter back and forth. This was a fun, somewhat frustrating book about love and friendship and the importance of communication. I definitely recommend it.

Aug 13, K. Carrillo rated it it was amazing. I read this book almost a year ago. Now every time I come across the cover I think "wow that one was really good. I can't say it was perfect, the most romantic, the best book boyfriend, but it just had that something. I can't explain it. You will just have to read it to understand. Apr 03, Ashley rated it it was amazing. I bought it based on Amazon's recommendation and couldn't put it down! Ivy and Ian were the most perfect characters and even the supporting characters were fabulous!

I know I'm gushing but this book is probably at the top of my Favorite Books list! Nov 08, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is so incredibly good! The characters, the plot, the romance A perfect addition to the New Adult category. Will be stalking this author now: Dec 29, Taryn rated it really liked it. This book could not get any cuter, and thankfully not in that "makes me want to puke my guts" way. Both of the main characters have obvious flaws but that's what makes them so endearing. I personally hate it when someone is implied to be perfect.

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Two best friends who fall in love but aren't sure whether it's worth the risk. Filled with uncertainty, witty banter and more mistakes than two people should be able to make, you can't help but fall in love with Ivy and Ian. I turned back to look at him, wanting to see his reaction, but stepped back in surprise when I realized he was directly behind me. With a wicked glint in his eyes, Ian took the drink from my hand and put it on the table. Then he swayed us from one side to the other, winding us slowly and sinuously toward the ground and back up again in time to the music.

His licorice-tinged breath tickled my cheek like a feather and his whiskers scratched my jaw. May 26, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. Ian is a funny character and is protective when it comes to Ivy, "well, I can't remember the exact words, but I may have mentioned it wasn't illegal to dig a hole in the desert, and I had one dug out for anyone who mistreated you. Where do I sign up? I don't want anything from you. You can stay here all night, for all I care, and kiss whoever you want or screw whoever you want, and you won't have to worry about little ole' drunk me. I didn't even want you to come in the first place.

You can't just ignore me for a week, and then expect me to roll over and thank God that you've deigned to talk to me. I'm done doing things on your time. Now, get out of my way. Dec 26, JenRider rated it liked it. When two best friends love each other and all of a sudden thay find themshelves attracted to one another, are they strong enough to express their feelings or are they going to lose what they value most?? A really nice book about people who learn about love for the first time..

Nice and funny story..

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  • The Truths about Dating and Mating by Jaycee DeLorenzo.

Immature decisions, jumping to the wrong conclusions and making some emotionally stupid mistakes. These are just some of the ways to describe the actions of the main characters of this book. Fvck me of I did not thoroughly enjoy this little gem of a book. Mar 12, Laci rated it really liked it. She did a great job of pulling me in with the characters. I love when a book makes me feel something. I laughed, I cried, I even felt sick to my stomach. I couldn't put it down. Nov 27, Jess the cozy reader rated it really liked it. This was a cute read. I love the radio show that Ian and Ivy had together.

But I have to say Ian was driving me nuts with his player ways, while having deep feelings for Ivy. I kept thinking, come on Ian just tell her already! Fingers crossed that Jayden will get his own book. Other than the fact that the title makes me cringe, this book was totally awesome.

It comes across as generic and cliche which the BFF to lovers trope often is and I just couldn't get into it. Ivy and Ian are your typical BFFs who have that sexual tension lying underneath their relationship but are too oblivious to clue in.

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I do enjoy their banter but Ian's alpha attitude and double standards were a little too much for me. She herself practices casual sex BUT she is the first to "slut-shame" the females who come up to flirt with Ian. How does that make any sense? Why can't these other girls go after who they want and what truly gives you the right to shame them for doing something you yourself practice? It really made angry. I hate how this "every-girl-for-herself" attitude it constantly thrown into books.

Because of the unknown series status, I will not be posting a review of this title on my blog at this time Check out more spoiler-free book and series reviews on my blog SERIESousBookReviews. Not at this time Actual Rating: Jan 13, Delilah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Whoever said one should never judge a book by its cover is damn right!

I must admit that when I first saw the cover to this book, I said "Hell naw! So I assumed the story was going to be super cheesy and bad. Oh boy, was I wrong! It took me less than 24 hours to finish this novel. Approximately six hours to be precise.

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What I thought was going to be one of the worst books on my iPad actually turned o Whoever said one should never judge a book by its cover is damn right! What I thought was going to be one of the worst books on my iPad actually turned out to be one of the best! This book is fun, flirty, cute, heartwarming, butterfly giving, emotional, hot, sexy, and surprisingly-- funny and witty.

With this book I was able to get my daily dose of love plus steamy scenes without it being overdone. The Truths About Dating and Mating is a "friends turned lovers" story. Sadly, it's mostly predictable. I was pretty much able to guess what was going to happen in the following chapters. The thing that kept me going, though, was the author's Jaycee DeLorenzo style of writing and how she chose to execute the plot. The story is told in first person POV. Add that with a radio talk show and a shitload of playful banter from the characters, and I was instantly hooked from the beginning.

This book is ridiculously funny! I love funny stuff, but it's even better with smart remarks and sarcasm, all which this book has. The usage of everyday language and scenarios in this book was a delight. This allowed me to easily identify with the characters.

I like how I didn't feel like I was reading a book while I was reading this book. Does that make any sense? Instead, I felt I as if I listening to a close girlfriend tell me about her day, her problems, her deep feelings for her best friend, and how she has no clue what to do. As a reader, I loved how I was able discover each emotion that the characters felt as they were experiencing them at the same time.

I love love love the characters!! She is funny, smart, strong, free-spirited, and independent. She is all about pushing boundaries, especially when it comes to vocalizing her sexuality. Ivy is kickass and down-to-earth. To me, she exemplifies another form of what a heroine should be. She is not your typical innocent, virgin heroine who waits for her own Aladdin to show her a whole new world.

Rather, she is all about living in the moment. Even though she might be scared and unsure, she is all about embracing life and its possibilities. Then there's Ian her hot best friend with the bad boy reputation. His words and actions got me swooning. I love how Ian was never shy about his feelings for Ivy, but at the same time he was scared to take their friendly relationship to a whole new level.

Ian is vulnerable, and that made him realistic to me. I give this book 5 stars. DeLorenzo, I cannot wait to read more from you! Some of my Favorite Quotes: Sometimes you have to gamble to achieve greatness, and it's stupid to let fear of the unknown stop you from achieving your maximum potential.

Jan 25, StScho rated it liked it Shelves: Rating this one 3. Really wishing GR would allow you to do half-measures but I digress. Ivy and Ian have been best friends since they were tadpoles. The bond between them has been forged through fire on his part and Ivy has always been there for him. Although, she regards him much like an appendage, necessary and taken for granted, Ivy started to see him a more hotter way hotter light. Too bad he is the town bicycle and most of the girls in their college have gone for a rid Rating this one 3.

Too bad he is the town bicycle and most of the girls in their college have gone for a ride. They were both in denial to the point that it was pushed back into their subconscious. Normally, I hate when the h acts in a passive-aggressive manner but the reader is lead to believe that she honestly thinks she does not know she is already more than halfway in love with her best friend. Her actions then become understandable. And Ian when Ivy shows any interest with someone else? Well… There are face-palm moments a-plenty in this novel but it was well written and I enjoyed reading it.

The other characters in the novel were well rounded enough that they can have their own stories hmmmm… smelling a series here? Ian watched me through dark, hooded eyes and I was too busy trying to figure out what to say to make out what he was thinking. I waited for the smugness to appear. Not too enthused about the cover. I actually prefer the older version to this one. The guy just looks I have learned to ingnore bad covers and bad titles and pay attention to the synopsis and reviews by my peers. You tend to pass over really good stories otherwise.

Unfortunately, a lot of other readers will turn down a book just because the cover looks a little off. So maybe, change it back Amazon? Jan 14, Angela Mclaurin rated it really liked it Shelves: First of all, don't judge a book by it's cover in this case. The cover seems to suggest that this is more of a novel geared towards teens, but it is exactly the opposite!

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