Jagdtiger 8.8 wot matchmaking

The gun is workable and the armor is bad but you can at least hide the LFP, but playing around the terrible mobility is painful. Tupinambis, on May 21 - But with normal Tier 8 matchmaking it will always be at the bottom of a Tier 10 match and will never be top tier. So it will still be nearly useless in every match.

Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Jagdtiger 88, downtier or rebalance? Started by Tupinambis , May 21 - Please log in to reply. Rebalance as a normal MM tier 8 23 votes [ Tupinambis 1 Posted May 21 - Downtier and rebalance this one might be a little harder to do. Kamahl 3 Posted May 21 - Or just make it the Jagdtiger H that was in testing, where it's basically a stock Jagdtiger so the gun is more than sufficient to combat higher tiers with mm of pen and alpha.

KaiserMartens 4 Posted May 21 - Tupinambis 5 Posted May 22 - I remember that Jagdtiger H premium. I'm not sure about the idea of just exchanging that thing.

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The Jagdtiger H looks extremely powerful, but it can't do that. I think both options you suggested are pretty viable. I think maybe another direction they could go in with leaving it as a tier 8 but increasing the mobility and armor, kind of like a tier 8 v4. Balanced of course and not op. MountainLion1 7 Posted May 22 - If you move a tank down a tier it loses some of its credit making ability, never move a premium tank down a tier. Gothraul 9 Posted May 22 - At long range situations, with the vulnerable glacis plate hidden and the robust superstructure exposed, this Tank Destroyer can become a nightmare for equal tiers to penetrate.

8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger | Germany | Tankopedia | World of Tanks

Its Tier IX Cousin the Jagdtiger has better mobility and firepower but this tank has a formidable rate of fire. Unfortunately you share the Jagdtiger's weaknesses too which is the vulnerable glacis plate and very weak side and rear armour.

World of Tanks 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger - 4 Kills 7,1K Damage

Keep at long range, avoid close combat, aim for the weakspots and you can be the deciding factor in the game. The Jagdtiger 88 was removed from the German Tech tree and in game store in patch 9. Having a very armoured superstructure, an accurate gun with high rate of fire RoF and decent manoeuvrability, the Jagdtiger 88 is a deadly tank that can easily burn down many of the tanks with extreme damage per minute DPM.

Most shots from tanks you face will harmlessly bounce off your upper front plate and superstructure, but your sides are very weak and your turning ability is limited.

World of Tanks Supertest: Preferential MM Tanks Changes

With all these in mind, tactics with this tank should change over the course of the match. When the match begins, you should use your accurate gun to snipe the enemy, helping your flank thin out the enemies. Considering that most tanks of this tier have low rates of fire, your high ROF may provide the additional firepower necessary for your allied tanks to overwhelm the opposition.

Be careful of areas with multiple shooting angles - your front may face an enemy, but your sides may face another flank! Alternatively one can engage in a frontal shoot-out, but take into account the terrain for locations where you can hide your lower hull and where the enemy has little to no chance of flanking you.

If your team is gaining the upper hand and the enemies' numbers are thinning out, you can start pushing your flank with support. Based on previous observations of enemy positions, angle your tank to ensure that all potential fire will hit your front or bounce off your sides. Attack enemy tanks to draw shots, which will expose them to your allies, allowing you and your team to swiftly dispose of them.

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If your flank is collapsing, pull back and use your high ROF to hold enemies off. Be sure to hide your lower front plate as it is very weak. Hopefully, more tanks will come to reinforce your flank, and your opponents will be weak enough to be easy pickings for your team.

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  4. Drivers of this tanks should get familiar with where to shoot on most opponents for damage. The accuracy and rate of fire will handle the rest. Not only can this save you from flankers, but it can also earn you "damage on detrack" bonuses on tanks that you cannot reliably penetrate from your side. At all times, be wary of other TDs. Most other Tier 8 and above TDs can either cut through your superstructure without much effort or de-track and nail you down helplessly, especially if you don't have cover.

    Your large size and slow speed make you an arty magnet, and with the potential for top tier SPGs in 8.

    In addition, the lower glacis is very weak and should be hidden - hull-down tactics or a large rock may suffice to protect it. Tier 9 tanks, along with a few premium-spammers, can also easily crack your upper front plate and even your superstructure. If you find yourself in a battle tier 9 match, switch to a purely supportive role. All in all, this tank has one of the best credit earning potentials of the tier 8 premiums.