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Keep in mind though that these are average numbers. Like people who are not related, your actual risk depends on the genes you and your spouse have.

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If you are concerned about your risk for having a child with a disability, you should see a genetic counselor in your area. Click here for how to find one in your area. What I thought I would do for the rest of the answer is talk about why the risk goes up the more closely related the two parents are. And the fact that close relatives are more likely to share them.

Our DNA has the instructions to make us who we are. A lot of these instructions come in the form of genes. Each gene has the instructions for one small part of us. Our genes can tell us what color eyes to have, what color hair to have or even how tall to be. They are a big part of what makes each of us unique! We have two copies of most every gene in our body and we inherit these genes from our parents.

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In fact, we actually get one copy of most of our genes from our mom and one copy from our dad. This is why we tend to look like both of our parents. As I mentioned before, genes are important for making each of us who we are. Typically, we need most of our genes to be working in our body for us to be healthy. When this happens, there can be problems. Even with improvements, as of the median age of survival for people with CF is Because we have two copies of each gene, many disabilities are only caused when both copies of a gene changed.

CF is an example of one of these.

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  • This means that both your mom and dad each need to pass down a changed gene. If a child inherits a change from both parents, that child will have the disability. It is pretty rare to be a carrier for a disability and it is even more rare to have a child with somebody who is also a carrier.

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