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The linking out option would essentially educate and provide access to notification services that app users might not know exist. That would certainly make it easier for people to contact former partners, and would be the simplest and easiest to implement option. Bauer also noted that an option that links out to an existing notification service relied on affected app users having the email or phone number of their past sexual partners. Bauer, most people who find partners on apps like Grindr do have the phone numbers of their partners. But a link out option would miss the swath of people whose communication was contained within the app.

But there are going to be some people missed if no contact information is shared.

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As for in-app options, one iteration would make STD notification messaging an option between users. In this case, the app would allow its users to maintain contact with people through the app, in the event that they needed to be reached for the sake of STD notifications. Bauer says this could help stop the spread of STDs because it would enable people to notify a person they might have otherwise lost contact with.

Another option would be that the apps would own the notifications process themselves, which would help a person notify a former partner, while remaining anonymous. A capability like that could increase the rates of STD infection notification messages, thereby potentially stopping a chain of infection, and decreasing STD rates overall.

That's because people who might not otherwise notify partners of STDs, because of embarrassment, might utilize an anonymous notification process owned by the app to tell partners that they should get tested — without specifics. This mirrors the capabilities of services like STDCheck. He wants to enable Daddyhunt users to notify one another about risks of infection, regardless of whether they exchanged phone numbers or not.

However, Sandler acknowledged that creating that capability will be challenging — especially as an industry standard. But he is committed to working with BHOC to increase health and safety for the gay community. In addition to technical challenges, implementing STD notifications, especially anonymous ones, risks misuse and trolls. It's easy to see how dates or even just conversations gone wrong could lead to retaliatory false STD notifications.

Bauer said that the conversations between dating apps and the department of health have been an evolving process.

Bauer said, about in-app notifications. Bauer's department has already collaborated with apps including Grindr for public health in important ways. The CA Department of Health partnered with Grindr, Hornet, and Scruff to alert users to get vaccinated during a meningitis outbreak in Los Angeles that was spreading within the gay community.

And Bauer is enthusiastic about even further potential collaborations between departments of public health and dating apps.

Grindr, other dating apps are working to add STD notification features

She thinks it's crucial to understand how dating apps play a role in people's sex lives. The connectivity and communication they offer could potentially provide a lot of a positive opportunities for public health. We need to just understand it and better use it. I don't want to be ridiculous I don't want to come to talk to him just that maybe he will show me later it's really a fitness app. I think it's a dating up.

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