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But of course there will always be an excused for the other members except for Chanyeol right? On the other hand that Chinese chinese incident was really rude!

An EXO sasaeng I talked with - K-POP, K-FANS

Lay didn't hear what the MC said. And I didn't know Chen laughed. I'll include him too. Oh please, try to use another lame excuse. That statement had been used a million times already.

Who has a boyfriend in Apink?

Why would he laughed if he didn't hear it? Just accept the fact that he laughed about it too. The students shouted 'hey! The other misbehavior of the students have hard evidence, but this one is still an unconfirmed rumor based on a person who said she heard somebody saying this from the fan camera of the guerrilla meeting.

This Girl Group Hasn’t Had Any Dating Scandals Since Debuting 9 Years Ago

Since she said this in some internet community I don't know where , it widespread and people started to attack on the students. But later when some others tried the full fan cam of the SOPA guerrilla date, people say it's really unclear what they're saying Most people said they don't think it was "chinese". Anyway, even without that, they were rude enough in Korean standards, and if they indeed called out "chinese, chinese", those kids were inexcusable.

Prolly that's why Xiumin and Lay hugged each other instead of the students.

LOL at this fan cam. One rep told Newsen , "It seems like the conversation was from when the EXO members were playing games on their private time with their acquaintances. It's a private conversation between members of EXO and people they know. There is nothing in the files that would cause an issue.

On the other hand, A Pink's reps firmly denied that the girls were a part of this.

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All of the A Pink members enjoy playing simple mobile games during their break time in between schedules But they do not play online games. In addition, the text conversation between the person who leaked the audio file and EXO member Suho have been released.

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  • Suho asks if she is threatening them, and the female keeps explaining that she is just asking. He then tells the discloser to ask the court if she is curious, not him. EXO was recently embroiled in another online controversy when a fake petition asking for the members of EXO to be exempt from their mandatory military service began circulating online.

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