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Men marry women, and women with Ph. In many East Asian countries, women, especially the best-educated top-earners now thronging the cities, are increasingly rejecting the institution of marriage altogether. The Economist reported last year that roughly a third of Japanese women in their early 30s and more than 20 percent of Taiwanese women in their late 30s remained unmarried; not more than half those women will ever tie the knot.

In Singapore, 27 percent of college-educated to year-old women were single. The geopolitical stakes are high for a region home to more than one-fifth of humanity and the factory floor of the global economy. Most East Asian countries, including China, have invested little in creating a social safety net; per tradition, children are expected to care for aging parents. In fact, childbearing across East Asia has plunged since the s, from 5.

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So as the region modernizes and struggles to create First World health-care and retirement systems, fewer and fewer young workers will be there to pick up the tab to support the elderly. TVs, iPhones, and tennis shoes — all now made in China — could become much more expensive.

The Startling Plight of China’s Leftover Ladies

The Chinese government has undoubtedly seen this writing on the wall, as Leta Hong Fincher, a contributor to Ms. Get worried, and get married. Or, as Fincher wrote for Ms.

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  • China's men far outnumber women. So why is it so hard to find a good husband??

If some 24 million largely rural bachelors remain in remote villages to care for aging parents, who in turn will care for them? Moreover, a greater proportion of single men, in any society, is often linked with increasing rates of crime and violence. As one common Chinese slogan has it, a harmonious family is the cornerstone of a harmonious society. Clearly, Beijing is worried that the inverse is also true.

Take the tremendous pressure on young men and their families to buy apartments and cars to make them more attractive in the marriage market. According to research by the Baihe matchmaking website, The singletons I interviewed in Beijing were anything but dowdy. At 5 feet, 9 inches, the slim woman who slipped into a seat at the table at trendy Opposite House cafe was, in fact, an utter knockout.

Annie Xu has a strikingly angular face, large wide-set eyes, shoulder-length hair, and flawless skin. She is 30 years old and alternates between feeling panic and contentment.

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At one point, she told me, "Thirty is a very dangerous age," and at another, "I am 30 years old; I am not afraid of being alone. She is, in short, a catch. I am most afraid of marrying with the wrong man. Before our meeting, I had asked her to read the recent Atlantic cover story about unmarried American women, " All the Single Ladies ," to see whether it resonated.

Think Dating Is Hard? Try Being A Year-Old Woman In China | GOOD

Yes, she told me, pointing especially to this passage: A generation ago, when Chinese society was simpler, there were fewer choices. And that just crystallizes the problem: The past year's most influential thinkers and doers Read Now. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. Sign up for free access to 3 articles per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts. Create a Foreign Policy account to access 3 articles per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts.

So why is it so hard to find a good husband? By Christina Larson April 23, , 2: There are many theories on the emergence of Sheng Nu, some argue that it is a mix of factors that coined the term.

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Women in China have been taking on high-level jobs in recent decades, something highly unusual in the past. As women in China continue to strive for professional success, statistically, it will become more difficult for find a male partner with higher accomplishments.

In this way the fortress of mendang hudui partners must match in economic and social status might crumble in future. Most of the dating shows in China have the revered setting as the American TV show The Bachelorette ; many female contestants are fighting over one male contestant. The culture of matchmaking has been around for centuries in China, but matchmaking events have never been more popular.

As the ladies labelled as Sheng Nu face the highest pressures from family members, Chinese New Year and other festivals are the toughest times for them. Whenever they visit their families without a significant other, they are faced with heavy criticisms and disappointed looks.

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Between Tradition and modernity: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China. A new hit Chinese dating show has parents picking partners for their kids, and it strikes close to home.