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But have no fear, all of their stories were specific to them and their circumstances.

Love but No Sex: 9 Women on Life in a Sexless Marriage

Read on to learn what they want us all to know about being in a sexless marriage. Their answers might just be surprising. We were very young 19 and 20! Sex at first was awkward and painful, for me, and it got a little better over time, but I've never had an orgasm. I love my husband but we just don't click sexually. I never thought we'd stop having sex altogether and it wasn't something we ever talked about, but it just kind of happened.

It has been over a year since we've had sex. I don't know when or even if it will happen again, although we do want one more kid, so we have to figure something out soon, I guess. My husband is my best friend and we are totally committed. He has some medical issues that make getting an erection hard no pun intended.

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We are physical in that we kiss and snuggle, but we haven't had sex in probably two or three years. I miss it sometimes, but that is why the vibrator was invented! We still love each other and we parent well together, but I am afraid for the future of our marriage. I'm not sure we'll make it if we can't find a way to reconnected, sexually and otherwise.

My husband and I always had a rocking sex life -- until I got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For the last year, I've been dealing with fighting cancer and recovery from surgery. I just physically don't feel up to sex and haven't been medically cleared for it for most of the last year.

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Honestly, I'd be worried about it, but I know this is just a phase and that when I am back to normal, I think our sex life will be too. I hope it will be. More from The Stir: And, yes, I'm counting.

Not having sex sucks. And I am not really sure why we aren't. So, the physical, auto. Even the repayment terms. It's the repayment terms.

Love but No Sex

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