Cod black ops 2 skill based matchmaking

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It's a game and new players shouldn't be protected. The chips need to fall where they fall.

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I can take an ass kicking like a man that's not the problem. I have played cod long enough to know something is going on with the matchmaking. I get matched with local players in hq though. I know this because clan tags have area codes from around my area. That's the kind of matchmaking I want in my multiplayer games.

  • Lack of skill-based matchmaking is killing this game for me : Blackops4!
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  • Skillbased matchmaking : Blackops4.
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  • Black Ops 3 Skill Based Matchmaking to be similar to Black Ops 2.
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Sure I'll get a good lobby sometimes but that is rare. Message 6 of Dedicated server vs listen server matchmaking always prioritizes a dedicated server even if they are km away 2. Message 7 of See ping has always been king with cod. Condrey is just stating the obvious to deflect sbmm. I can party up with my cousin that is the exact same prestige but clearly isn't good and do a lot better in his lobbies.

I play solo and it can get pretty rough. Something is definitely going on with the matchmaking.

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Either sbmm doesn't exist with parties or it only applies when playing solo. Been playing cod for 10 years and this cod you definitely have to put your sweat band on. Message 8 of Yeah obviously local games should come first but I could be wrong here I didn't see the OPie even mention anything about ping or connection. Im not a fan of it, i like rounds where i stomp people and rounds where i get stomped. If the players in a lobby are always equal to each other it just means you gotta sweat hardcore so you can get decent stats.

Skill based matchmaking is stupid. - Call of Duty: Black Ops II Message Board for Wii U - GameFAQs

Cod is probably the only community that considers trying to win as "sweating". I mean, don't you want a challenge?

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  • Skill-based Matchmaking - Activision Community.

You might as well play WW2 singleplayer, cycling through veteran and recruit difficulty. If i just play against people who have a 2. Going would probably take you giving near your absolute best unless your playing against complete no brains.

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Of course it is way above my average KD. My point is that this rounds can happen, but they wont happen if youre only playing vs. And nah im not a madlifer who just runs arround while searching for easy lobbys, i just like satisfying rounds now and then. It's CoD - people are always going to care about their stats. Even those who say they don't probably care a little. I want to play some chilled rounds without trying to hard and still getting some decent stats.

What else would i care for if not my stats? Im a TDM player. I believe everyone should care at least a bit. CoD is a lot more fun if you're constantly trying to improve.

I just don't get those people who play solely for stats - dashboarding, pub-stomping, lobby-shopping etc Message 1 of Message 2 of Message 3 of Message 4 of Message 5 of Message 6 of I agree, this matchmaking is a joke and quickly turning me off the game. Every game is just a swet fest, 20 kills 25 deaths or 10 kills 13 deaths. Message 7 of Tbh I don't feel the skill base matchmaking I have a 2. Message 8 of