When youre dating an athlete

They analyze the game or race to get better for the next time or they change their diet to improve their health or change their workout routine to improve one aspect of their figure. I applaud all of the athletes out there in whatever sport they choose. You just have to watch them play or run to really appreciate all of the efforts that go into it.

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Dating an athlete has definitely made me learn a lot of lessons that I hopefully was able to outline in this post for you to help you with dating a collegiate athlete. You still want to find that person that makes you fall in love and that pushes you to be a better person overall. If you liked this post, please share and leave a comment below so that I know this post helped you or someone that you know!

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Have you ever dated a collegiate athlete or are you currently dating one? What are your experiences? Really enjoyed this post and how unique of a topic it covered! Looking forward to your next posts! I actually met a transfer football player at my church this summer! And these are definitely things to remember if I pursue a relationship with him! If you do, I hope these tips help you building a great relationship with him. Your writing is so entertaining! I actually laughed it loud when you started on the topic of free clothing!

I feel like I can totally relate to having to schedule time with your person.

8 Tips to Dating A Collegiate Athlete As A Fellow College Student

I enjoyed reading your perspective on a unique topic! It definitely can feel like a long distance relationship at times. Copyright - Uniquely Mickie. June 28, By Makaela. TheBlondeLifestyle June 28, at 3: Makaela June 29, at 2: Sydney June 30, at 2: Makaela July 1, at 1: July 3, at 4: That's problem,'" she says. You're not a nag. You're my best friend and you're cooler than the other side of the pillow. You're the coolest person I know.

Autumn is quick to agree with Nicole's man.

10 Commandments Of Dating A College Athlete

She is so bomb! Nicole explains, "It's just a personality you have to have. I'm just very trusting. I feel like you just have to be self-confident. Similar to the first rule, you have to be secure within yourself if you're ever going to be secure in a relationship with a pro athlete. I'm confident in my relationship and that's why we're in a relationship.

Being married to or dating a professional athlete is very hard. Their job is extremely time-consuming, so you need to be a selfless woman. When you're secure within yourself, they're able to thrive within their career. Commitment and loyalty are also everything in the WAGS world.

The Truth About Dating A Professional Athlete

It's very different from being with somebody that works a regular nine-to-five job. You just got to have thick skin for whatever comes your way and just know why you're in it. You're going to ride or die," she says. I'm not going anywhere and he knows that I'm there for him and vice versa. Whatever comes, bring it on! If you want to date a professional sports star, it's also important to have a life outside of your relationship. Have your own identity is basically what I'm trying to say.

I've always been a hard-worker and just because I'm with somebody where I don't necessarily have to work, I still continue to just have my own career. Tia admits her modeling career helps her avoid moments of insecurity and anxiety in her relationship with her football beau.

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I have groupies too. It's one of those things where it's like we're not on some hierarchy. We're equal, which is nice.

The Truth: Dating A Professional Athlete

Just like Drake raps on his song "0 to ," you have to know yourself and know your worth before anybody else can—and Tia wholeheartedly agrees. If you stop believing in yourself, then that's it. As long as you know that, you'll be fine.

You'll be able to pursue anything in life. Just stay focused on yourself. Just like in any relationship, it's always nice to do little things for your man to show him how much you appreciate him. I'm always cooking for the team or I'm always baking goodies to bring. Those little things that I guess mom would do to make him feel special before he goes into work.

1. Their Diet

Doing those extra touches, I say. Every man loves to walk in with fresh-baked cookies or whatever for him and teammates. It makes him happy. I want to do that because he puts his neck on the line for us on Sundays. I appreciate him and our relationship. Beauty may only be skin deep, but WAGS always make the extra effort to look good for their ballers.