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Thirteenth, women are expected to highly-prize the elderly and care for them domestically. They also give their seats away to elderly women or men, and pregnant women. Men give away their seat to everyone except children and other men. Men could do this as well, but since they are at work Monday through Friday all day it is hard for them to get to the school.

So the duty primarily falls to women. If the gift is food or wine, the woman should never suggest that they consumer together with the hostess what was brought over. Seventeenth, when a visitor comes over the hostess must give the best that they have, even her own bed if they are in the lower-middle class and do not have a guest bedroom arranged. You can assume that all the other etiquette that your mother taught you in North America or Europe regarding not picking your nose with your fingers, not putting your elbows on the dinner table, etc.

A woman, especially, since she is the leader of domestic life and qualities, should be a purveyor of social etiquette. Not complying with these manners and habits could get a woman marked as being uncultured or low-class.

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So foreign women might do well to take these things to heart when they visit or live in Chile. And I found it very realistic. But all the others are complety true. Monica, I report what I see and my Chilean wife provided these data. No other woman has written to deny what she said. Certainly there are exceptions but maybe you are more the exception than the rule yourself, especially considering women from the Chilean provinces or the very religious women in Chile.

Having said that, there is always a problem when on generalizes based on personal experiences. Influences from other cultures, and modern advances change Chile more and more each day.

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I would like to see the government help everyone get solar panels. The electricity fees are outrageous, so it just makes sense to use the abundant sunlight. I would also like someone, maybe Walmart, to eliminate the pharmacy monopoly and make medicine affordable. From my observation, men not helping out around the house and such tends to be true in the case of older generations ie my grandad and my dad on a slightly lesser scale and in more conservative families.

Is also understandable for who lives in other countries for many years to remember Chile just the way it used to work back then, but that is now past. The way our society has evolved is just amazing. Growing up in a conservative family is not easy, specially for women, as they must do everything at home plus overloaded with other responsibilities even when they work all day long, just like a man.

The man part was fun for me, cause I never had to cook, wash a dish, clean, anything at all, my only duty was to study and be successful as I will have to be the provider of my family in the future. When I was 25 I started traveling and had to deal with everything myself to survive and I can tell you … it was a really hard journey, I felt useless, I ate instant noodles for almost a year and had to learn everything from scratch and still going.

Apparently, you do not like the fact that most Chilean women are placed under this sort of pressure. I do not know what the article describes has to do with chauvinism or prejudice. Sounds like mere ignorant buzz words being hurled about without logic in order to make you feel better.

If you have evidence or experience to the contrary about what was written then present it. My wife says the only thing more conservative about Americans is the way that they handle money.

Britney Spears and others epitomize the slut culture. Your email address will not be published. Hi Steph, Yep, I can imagine Colombian partners and families being similar. I have added your blog to my reader. I absolutely loved your article about the Hormigas Culonas big-assed ants from Colombia Saludos.

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We may have married into the same family… no, kidding, I am sure our paths would have crossed… but it is just like being married to my husband , the extended, extended family, cousins 4 times removed and such. Hang on, that third cousin is my wife!!! Anyways, I want to marry him in December when I go back to visit, but we both still have about 2 years of undergraduate college to finish in our respective countries before he can move to USA.

We both want to start a life here. Sorry if I sound stupid I just have no idea!

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Let me know please. Not being from the States myself I have NO idea how the insurance thing works there maybe a reader can help out. Just so you know there are usually two weddings in Chile, the typical church wedding which is normally catholic so you need to have you religious papers in order, being baptized etc , and the civil registry wedding which is the official before-the-eyes-of-the-law wedding. From memory you must have the civil wedding before the church will allow you their religious one.

Would that mean you would be newlyweds though living in separate countries? We have been talking and gazing at each other for 6 months on Skype and I mean talking about every topic in the world. I know what you may be thinking, but we are fully aware of everything. I have met his mother, daughter, friends and students on Skype.

He is a translator and has an English Lang Academy where he teaches English. I am also a teacher here in Wellington, one of my jobs is teaching Eng as a second language. He has met my mother, my boys and some of my friends on Skype. I have travelled the world for 3 years, so am familiar with different cultures etc. My spanish is virtually non-existent and his english is perfect!

What do you think our main differences are going to be? Thanks very much for you input!!! I just crashed with this blog and I cant say how cool it is!!!. I wanted to do the typical 6 month kiwifruit working and 6 month of travelling to Asia. Well obviously didnt happened that way I did the travel to asia!! Since then I have been living in NZ for almost 3 years now.

We are coming to chile for christmas and would be great if we can go for a beer and meet you guys! Let me know when you are both in town so we can have a drink. Best wishes, hugs and kisses to you and your family -the not extended one-. Have a very happy Christmas. We are going for the trilingual kids…and of course, he said that that will be my job..

Hi Monse, You made me laugh out loud with the first words he learnt. In the end I knew that it meant anyone that was had lighter hair or skin. Yes, interesting how hitting things often does make them work again. It would be interesting to read about your experiences living there.

Me and my gf really enjoyed your blog. But I already know a bit of spanish enough to get by. Anyway pm me if you like, my email is — removed -. I also noticed that there is a website called grammar. Hi Patrick, I already had my permanent residency before I got married. It was part of an amnesty thingy they had years ago where all foreigners who had been in the country more than a year or so either doing the border run or just staying illegally could apply for residency.

I recommend it, mainly for the invites that you sometimes get and in case anything happens major earthquakes, zombie attacks etc. Hi mate, I was from Sydney; been here two years. I own 2 derechos but he wants to take over. So if it comes down to the wire I think I will need more standing in the country.

I live outside of Santiago south about 30k. Post me more of your blogs if you want.

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Hi, sorry to hear about the stuff happening with your land. Nine dogs and a kitten… that sounds like fun. I miss having a dog though living in a showbox a small apartment makes it a little difficult to have one. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your post very much.

Thanks for sharing your story. However, the country also hosts the world's driest desert and a thriving metropolis.

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Venezuela Rooted in Europe, Venezuela boasts an impressive history, culture, and beauty, including the Caribbean Coast pictured. Bolivia This hidden gem is full of surprises, from the impressive salt flats pictured to the migrating flamingos. It also clings to the most historic indigenous culture on the continent. Due to a fairly conservative religious attitude, pre-marital sex is considered inappropriate in Chile and few couples will live together prior to marriage.

Despite this, dating is common and seems to have a different dynamic than dating takes on in many other countries. Young men in Chile tend to be "mothered" to an extreme degree and when it comes to dating it often takes on a similar relationship. Once married these relationships change little as women often go overboard to take care of their husband in domestic situations and men support their wives both financially and emotionally.