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Quick Team Match Making for Heroes of Newerth

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Version 1.0.2

You will join and leave any games they join or leave until you unfollow them, quit the game, or are in a game that starts. Players attempting to re-connect to servers they got disconnected from will no longer be unable to join them due to PSR restrictions for times when they have recently played a game and their PSR was not updated before connecting to the server. Fixed matchmaking to auto focus the channel they join in on.

Removed the "stats reset by release" notification from the reset stats form. Fixed an issue where blank lines would appear on IMs when one of the players chatting would join or leave a game. Fixed a bug where the No Stats icon would not show up in notifications for games that were "No Stats". The game will no longer display an additional disconnect message indicating that the hero was removed and assets distributed to their team when a player with no team is kicked from the game. Rearranged the icons on the bottom of Public Games interface to make more space and fix alignments.

Tweaked the Public Game interface so that it can now display the actual advanced game options when hovering over the "Advanced Options" icon. When enabled any games a player is ineligible for due to having a leaver status or having a PSR outside the range of that game will be hidden.

Matchmaking and Public Games - HON, Heroes of Newerth

Credit to Bangerz for the implementation. Added the Premium Account icon to the Icon Key tooltip. Added more ping filter values from a max of to a max of and added more PSR values and Added game hint indicating players can disable notifications in game via the options menu. Logging in with "Invisible Mode" will now always bring focus to the "Status" channel, previously it wouldn't the first time logging in.

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  • Heroes Of Newerth Matchmaking Disabled.

Fixed an issue where the banlist reason was not updated properly unless the player logged out first. Matchmaking [ edit edit source ] Added maximum spread setting for matchmaking. This will ensure that you are not forced to play with players far above or below your rating. Improve tracking of matchmaking failure rates and player disconnections.