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Finally, the lady and I are friends. We talk at least every other day. She did not "kick me to the curb" after our meet up. Sections of this page.

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Pages liked by this Page. Dating and the Holidays. The post is too funny. And then there was the redhead…nice picture with her profile, things we had in common, ect. After talking a few times we decided to meet. I should have passed on that one too. We went to have lunch in a modest restaurant, and she started telling me how her therapist said she should try easing into the dating scene after a very failed marriage.

Then she started crying. The people around me are looking at me like I had just stolen their gold watch. The waiter that had been so nice before suddenly starts with an attitude like I had done something to this girl. Kept giving me the stink eye and looking at me and shaking his head while whispering to the other waitresses and waiters. Actually kinda squeezed in between us with his back to me and asked her if she wanted him to call someone for her.

As I paid the bill, I called the waiter over with a twenty dollar bill in my hand. Or the number of them. Constantly talking about what an ass he was gives us the impression you may be a bitter bitch. Whatever that may be, there is someone that likes those qualities in you. If you want us to think you are a lady, then you must act like one. If your conversations almost always include some sexual reference, then you will become associated with sex. Who I am is someone that wants to respect his lady and I find it difficult to respect someone that always makes me wonder if it is a mistake to invest our dating time in someone that is not what they marketed themselves to be in the first place.

Save that talk for the bedroom. If a man always talks about the size of a womans va jay jay, or always made sexual references, you would call him sleezy and a pig. Give us the same courtsey. April 29, April 29, Kiki Plesha 1 Comment.

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But I digress… And finally, I loved it when you take that proverbial pic in the bathroom with the cell phone nekked from the waist up. I'm a special needs teacher, I love my job and often wake up on the weekend wishing it were Monday so I can go to work and see my beautiful kids.

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I love smiling at people I pass on the street and noticing their reactions - I either get strange looks, or people look down, or I get a smile back. I don't drink a lot of coffee but having coffee in my blood - I do know good coffee and am very particular. Never make me Mexican from a box - with a mexican mother with amazing culinary talent it bothers me what they try and pass as Mexican. I always endeavour to make everone try real Mexican at least once.