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Personally, I don't think I'd ask a girl out for a second date if a kiss didn't happen on the first. Ok I know a lot of people who feel similar. But for the sake of argument how do you feel about the female answers to this question? For the sake of argument, I'd say that often people will say one thing, but go with another if they're feeling it. I respect their statements, but I still think I likely wouldn't ask for a second date unless there was a kiss.

What kind of physical escalation on a first date? Hey all, answer this question based on your personal experiences: What kind of physical escalation have you experienced with your partner on your 1st date 2nd, 3rd, etc? For example, when you went out for the first time did y'all hold hands, kiss on the cheek, hug, make out, sex, what? I understand situations are different that allow for different levels of escalation but ill be happy with any answers. Have you ever done something, and accidentally pissed your partner off?

What should I do? Would you date someone if they had no passion in life? What is your biggest frustrations with Online Dating? Can men really handle long term casual sex with no strings attatch? What Girls Said 3.

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What Guys Said 1. The cause of lowered birthrates Brexit - where I think we may be Here is the full case study:. You may wonder what happened to Alex after we had our long chat. He decided to take action and actually made changes. He started his weekend nights out with the objective of screening harder via upfront physical escalation. He started lowballing the girls he was interacting with and immediately started seeing results.

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Here are some screenshots from the secret group where he posts his results on a weekly basis:. Below is a solid step-by-step strategy that will guarantee that you no longer fear rejection if you stick to it for at least a few weeks…. When I decided to become serious about my results with women, I decided that I wanted to be really analytical when I was out there chatting them up. I discovered that when I was drinking, I lost memory about what happened the previous night. I therefore learned absolutely nothing. I also found that I was becoming dependent on alcohol as a go-to short term band-aid solution for my inability with talking to women.

The more beer I drank on a night out, the more awkward I was when walking around sober the next day. This vicious cycle had to stop. I created a contract with myself on a piece of paper where I promised to go out absolutely sober 4 nights every week Wednesday — Saturday. And I stuck to this contract for the entire first year of going out.

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After a few weeks of removing alcohol from my nights out, I started seeing myself improve in terms of confidence and social ability. However, I discovered that by abstaining from alcohol, I was able to keep that heightened sense of awareness going throughout the entire week. I was slowly becoming a naturally confident and smooth player.

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  • The second item on your gameplan is to embrace rejection. In fact, go out with the objective of getting rejected by at least 20 girls for making a strong physical advance. The key here is to get rejected for trying to make strong physical advances. In the aforementioned case study featuring Alex, he talked about how some pick-up companies tell newbies to go out and say retarded things to girls and teach them to get accustomed to rejection like that.

    I hate to break this to you, but any guy can do this. But, only a guy who has elite confidence, a guy who is 1 in 10,, will go up to a girl and start seducing her with his touch without even saying one word. Over a long period of time, I grew tired of opening girls verbally, especially in NYC, where girls just will not stop for you on the street, no matter how attractive you are. The props I used were some fun looking neon party shades. Here is an example of such a prop opener:. If she accepts the shades, she will probably start giggling, jumping up and down with you, or hug you, and put the glasses on her face.

    If she rejects the shades, she will move away when you try to put the shades on her. I usually avoid these types of girls as well when going for quick 2-minute pulls. Here are some videos of me after I used the prop opener to pull girls within minutes of meeting them. By abstaining from alcohol I have complete control over my heightened state of awareness, whereas most men are dependent on alcohol to give them that same heightened state of awareness.

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    • All in all, escalation is contrary to popular belief, a very easy to understand subject. Be reckless and embrace rejection. This allows you to efficiently screen for girls who actually like you and are willing to hook up with you quickly. They work especially well on girls who look like models. It was that simple, all because not even a single fuck was given.

      Now let me know your take on this… Have you done crazy stuff like instant makeouts while you were out on a weekend and did it help you hook up with a girl you liked? We value your privacy and would never spam you.

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      Please explain why I want to be involved in any way with a woman. Let me guess, mgtow? You are on my site reading content on how to get laid with women. It is in your nature to want sex with women, and if you say otherwise, you are a liar or a crybaby who has given up and has a low amount of mental fortitude to withstand rejection. The world is full of rejection, get over it. And your actions speak louder than your words. You DO care about banging women. You just missed out on 5 free PDFs I eventually give out to long time subscribers.

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      Hello Sean, Can you send me pdf files, I Will be more than happy to read. What do you think about the metoo campaign? Unless you are in the top 10th percentile looks wise which will override their negative reaction due to biological reasons , this strategy is now very risky and could get you into legal trouble. Instant kino is not a problem in less educated countries at least yet.

      Improve your looks because there are ways to improve them. One 50 shades of grey style bio to specifically attract girls who are Down To Fuck One playful and subtly sexual bio to attract a broader range of girls, even relationship girls One hardcore sexual bio to attract freaky girls who are into extreme dominance in bed. Enter your name and email below for instant access: This article will tackle the biggest problem men have: How do I know that this is the biggest problem men face?

      The concept of lowballing: Based on her response, either: Video of me escalating on a girl within 5 minutes of meeting on a date: