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January Positivity Maureen Tara Nelson , January 13, January 13, , Long Island Matchmaking , 0 The beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to make new and positive decisions to mold your outlook Maureen Tara Nelson , January 13, January 13, , Long Island Matchmaking , 0 During the month of January, there are many single people scrambling to find a date with the right person You are always there with advice, even if it has to be to the point.

You are ever the optimist, even in the most dire of situations. You are always there to lend and ear, give some sage advice, offer a new direction, be a cheerleader. I have never been as happy as I am right now and, I attribute my success to you and to God. You are amazing at what you do! I cannot be more grateful to you and Justine for all you have done for me. I have and will continue to sing your praises! Thanks Maureen for being my matchmaker and my dating coach.

I never thought being your Facebook friend would change my life like it did. Michelle and I are very happy together and we are already planning the rest of our lives together. She is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for all you did. I was hesitant at first Maureen is great!

They were also so supportive when my mom had a stroke. They put my profile on hold, assuring me that my membership would not be impacted, allowing me time to focus on myself and heal. Once we had been dating for two months, we both went on hold together. Thank you MTN Matchmaking and staff for being so understanding and helping me find love. Maureen is an excellent matchmaker! I would recommend her to everyone who is looking for love! I can not say enough about MTN Matchmaking. The staff and everyone there is so nice and caring to all of their clients.

I was given five matches and my now boyfriend was only my second match. After we officially became an item after four dates I told Maureen that I did not want any more matches. They are truly great at what they do and care about all of there clients. Just after two months I was lucky enough to find love.

Maureen and her entire staff are the best at what they do. And that is an understatement. Dear Maureen, I came to you not knowing what to expect.


As you know like most business owners I had limited time on my hands. Lastly even though we did nothing wrong, she still wrote a negative, false comment on your Revdex. In line 5 of our contract, which we also told her in advance when she threatened us if we did not refund her money that she would write a report on us. We cannot be threatened by the fear that someone will write in lies about us simply to get a refund when they have signed a legally binding agreement.

Therefore, as you can see by the contract she signed, she has now lost her membership without refund! Please also note, that we would have done everything for her to help her be successful. It was her who chose not to accept our calls, and told us we can't call her, it was her who quit the program, it was her who wrote lies and negative comments about us to you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this client, please feel free to call me.

I hope you can see, we did a great job for this client, and it is a shame she did not stick to the program. Sincerely, Best Regards,[redacted] Consumer Response: Dear Readers,As you can all see, I answered the client's initial concerns to the satisfaction of the Revdex. Then she added lies, slanderous statements as well as tried to attack me personally by "defamation of character.

As I previously stated, this client went out with four men in a very quick time period. She then tried to tell my matchmaker [redacted] that she only wanted to go out with men that were "dancers. That is what this all stems from! This client is making slanderous comments about my company which is illegal and will be punishable by law. To answer her lies please read the following: The name of my company was changed because of our expansion. We now have four offices and I do not interview everyone personally anymore.

However I still interview in my long island offices and also in Manhattan. It is a blessing that we have grown and have changed our name, which allows me to have Matchmakers interview clients in some of the offices. I already work around the clock and cannot be everywhere. However, I still do all of the matchmaking along with my matchmakers, every week. I also stand behind everything [redacted] told this client when she met her and when she told her she couldn't change her prerequisites to only men who dance. This whole situation has gotten out of hand! I tried to contact the girl personally and work things out with her.

Instead she said she preferred to damage my companies reputation, regardless of the fact that she is saying lies to do so. As for her saying the one match who works for his families business, and that is not good enough for her, he does! It is a family business that he will one day own himself. As for the second guy who is saving money to buy his own home, he is financially stable enough to afford the program and have a large savings account for when he buys his own house. The fact that she makes fun of this great guy says a lot about the person we are dealing with.

As for the Bill of Rights that she keeps bringing up, in our contract we have written that the bill of rights for dating services does not apply to our matchmaking service and she signed this contract acknowledged this. This is a clear example of a girl who will go to any means to hurt the reputation of a company to try to get her money back. At this point, she has stepped over the line and I have no other choice than to let my attorney deal with her illegal accusations. The purpose of the Revdex. Please note, I have been successfully matchmaking for 14 years and have made over clients successful.

Can I make everyone successful? If you count the small amount of complaints we have received over my 14 year record, you will see we have an excellent track record. When she also mentions that the prior complaints were the same, please notice, that there are simply some people that no matter what we do, we cannot make them happy. Unfortunately, every business has to deal with unrealistic clients, and we have always done our best to make everyone happy and successful.

This is not a small feat, but one which we try very hard to achieve! In this case, the client should have continued with the service and let us help her. We never "talked her into" going out with anyone. Everything she has written about my company is a lie! I truly hope it is evident when reading the "mean" and "unprofessional" manner in which she speaks of our service. Please also note, we never took the low road and mentioned some reasons why this client might have been difficult to make successful.

However in reading her comments, I hope you can see how negative a person she is and that no matter how much we try to help someone, if they are a negative person and make such vicious statements as she has done, how could we possibly make her successful? We are doing this simply to show good faith that we are in the business to help people!

However, we can only help those clients who are realistic, positive, kind, emotionally stable and looking for a committed relationship. Thank you for the opportunity to show our side of these lies and see our offer of a partial refund is more than fair. I was only provided with 3 matches in two in a half years and they were not people that I would ever go out with according to the requirements I made when I signed up with the Service. I only met with the owner, [redacted], once. All the other attemps to speak with her or meet with her were denied.

I was always passed on to her employees, none of which would address my issues. Hi [redacted], During her membership [redacted] has received over 20 possible matches, so her claim that only three were sent is not true. As a matchmaker it is my worst nightmare when clients say "no" to a match or when someone a client wants to meet does not want to meet them. I have reached out to [redacted] to resolve this matter as I always do and I am currently awaiting her response. Thank you for your time. She only went on "3 dates of the In her particular case, both she and the men either both declined each other, or one party declined the other.

Also, during [redacted]'s program with us, she was invited into our office a few times to have personal "dating coaching sessions" with my dating coach. We truly did everything in our power to help her be successful! When someone expires as she did in October , we do not contact them to see if they would like to rejoin. Most people will contact us and ask us for a renewal price.

Most people are satisfied with my company during their time with me, and most clients do get their matches before their time runs out, but [redacted] did not. Obviously I choose people that I believe will say yes to each other, but in her case, I did my best, but many men did decline, as she did to many men. Apparently, due to the confusion of it and the fact I was out on disability, I understand that we did not respond again to this request. I am very sorry that [redacted] did not contact you about [redacted]. I will do everything in my power from this point forward to make sure any future hopefully there won't be any complaints will be addressed as soon as we receive them.

I will send the check directly to her. If you could kindly tell her for me, since I understand she is not taking our calls, I would greatly appreciate that! Kindly let me know if this answers all of your questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this inquiry. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Sincerely, [redacted] Consumer Response: I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved. I will consider the matter resolved as soon as I receive the check. In response to [redacted]'s comments, first I never was offered Coaching Lessons, or whatever that is.

I only went out with 3 of the men she set me up with because they were the best of the worst. None of the men were in the age group. The three men I did go out with, I had absolutely nothing in common with. I never received any phone calls or e-mails, in response to a refund. The "non-sending" of e-mails can be easily checked. My phone records can also be checked, but that would take awhile to confirm.

If I would have received any response to my direct e-mail, to her, I would not have found it neccessary to file a complaint with the Revdex. I signed up for [redacted]'s services nearly two years ago, yet have never met her in person. I originally met with one of her employees, [redacted]. Despite this, [redacted] and her staff have refused to provide a refund although they admit as a team, they failed to provide the contracted service to their clients.

I have never met with anyone else at the firm. My contract states there will be cocktail parties, roughly monthly, to meet other singles.

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Those services have been eliminated with no compensation offered to clients. In the calendar year of , [redacted]'s firm has sent me 6 unique matches.

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Despite none of these matches meeting my requirements how could they meet my requirements, no one in [redacted]'s firm has even bothered to check what those requirement are , I respond positively as often as possible. But like so many other clients have stated Maureen may claim that my membership was on hold for a period in , but it shouldn't have been, it was their administrative error if it really was.

I realize Maureen was ill for a period of but her failure to provide contracted services dates prior to her illness. I believe Maureen's female clients outnumber her male clients by such a multiple, it is not feasible for her to provide the contracted services to her female clientele. I think she is a fraud. Complete refund of services and more transperancy about the composition male vs female of her clientele.

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Please let me know which one she would prefer. If you would like to know the history of her two years with us I will provide it for you just in case. I would first like to mention that I am offering her a partial refund of services not yet rendered, not because we did anything wrong. I am breaking my own contract which clearly states there are no refunds after a NY State 3 day grace period law, because I want to be very fair and make her happy.

During her two year membership she was matched up perfectly with 23 men who were all compatible to her and fit her requirements. She said NO to 9 of them, which is way too high. She only said yes to 8 men, which again, is way below average. One man who called her complained because he made several attempts to take her out, but each time she told him she was too busy to date. Most of the men who she said yes to declined. In all cases, there reason was all the same, that she was too over weight.

In the contract there are no promises of anything, since we cannot control if a man or a woman will say yes to each other. I only claim to match people based upon compatibility, which I did in her case. Please note I am not saying that I cannot make overweight clients successful. I can and I have. But with every client, they need to be realistic and say "yes.

To answer her complaints, if you need this information Yes, [redacted] signed her up and then was terminated. However I quickly put [redacted]'s [redacted] in charge of her. I do all the matches of all my clients anyway. I used the information that [redacted] provided. I also offered to have her come in and meet with me personally at anytime during her membership. We did change our program instead of offering parties, to offering a dating coordinator to set up the dates for our clients. Lastly [redacted] is implying that she was not successful because we have more women in our program.

That is simply not the case. Our membership changes daily and new clients are brought in every day. She would probably have been much more successful if she said yes more than only to 8 men. Lastly, there are no guarantees in matchmaking. I do however do my best in providing my members with appropriate matches whom are compatible to them and have their requirements. That is all I can promise, and that is exactly what I did for [redacted]. Please let me know if [redacted] would like a new membership, meet with me personally and I would begin the time from day one, or if she would like the offer of a partial refund for services not yet rendered for the remaining year of her program.

Any question, please call me at [redacted]. I would also like to state that [redacted] continues to provide false information, like stating she provided 23 matches that met my requirements. A couple of the matches she provided were clearly out of my age range, one was 20 years older than me!!! Also, it was I that called [redacted] about the guy I had been speaking to, because as I told [redacted], he cancelled on me four times. I still have the texts, so do not dare put the blame on me in that instance.

Maureen Tara Nelson Private Matchmaking is a total scam. She told me about her large database of over a thousand clients and how many matches she has had that lead to marriage. I was told for under a thousand dollars that I would be entitled to a match a week and she hand selected each match. I would also be entitled to date five different matches as part of my contract.

She then proceeded to tell me that her prices were increasing and that if I paid now- I would get the cheaper price of under a thousand dollars. Since, I was promised the world, I handed over my check and was so excited about my future. The matches became few and far between. Except for the last email that I sent, all of a sudden I would receive a match but never one that fit what I had asked her for.

Each of the emails that I sent her, I requested my money back because this service was not working for me. Every time she refused. I was never notified, in fact, every week I would look to see if I was sent a match. This is great customer service. I know a few other people that have been dissatisfied with the service or lack of service provided.

I wasted three years waiting for my match, was promised to date five ladies in this period and would receive a match a week. I barely received matches and the matches that were sent were so disappointing. Hi [redacted], Before I begin, I would like to just mention to you that I've been matchmaking for many years now, and always have noticed during the holidays people are extra emotional during this time.

If they have not been successful, they will always blame me. I only mention this because I want to give you my word that the extra amount of complaints during the holidays is not because I am "slacking off" or "not doing my best for my clients. As per [redacted], I am shocked beyond belief that [redacted] would write a report on my service. Once we switched over to our new record keeping, we have on record sending him 24 potential matches. Not to be mean, but [redacted] is short and overweight. He should have said yes to all of the potential matches, since everyone of them were compatible to him and have his five prerequisites.

This is a case of a man being way too picky. He also would not respond to his matches. In fact, he didn't respond to 16 of the I emailed him and mentioned to him that he must respond to his matches, and still he did not respond to them even after getting my email. I did feel bad for him that he wasn't successful in meeting five girls in the year's time, even though that is all he contractually paid for.

Because I always try to do the right thing, I extended his time for free. In fact I gave him two free years!!! The ten free potential matches during his two years of free membership, he didn't respond to 8 of them and said no to 2 of them. I tried very hard for this client. After giving him two free years, I had to finally give up.

MTN Matchmaking

He wasn't responding anyway! That is why this letter to you from him is so shocking. He had many girls that said yes to him. He could have been successful.

MTN Matchmaking - Executive Certified Matchmaker on Long Island & New York City

All he had to do was respond and say yes to the girls. I did all I could for him. In response to his comment that he would receive a match every week, that is untrue. I say and put in writing in everyone's take home paperwork that I go over in the end of the interview and tell them they have to read is that I check every week to see if someone is compatible to them, have all five of their prerequisites, and must also be available to date, and not in the dating process with someone else.

I also tell them, most clients are in the "3 date process of dating with someone" and I will wait a week or a few weeks to see if they become available to them. Again, he wasn't responding anyway, so I do not understand why he even wanted to continue. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond and give my side of the story. Maureen Tara Nelson promotes how successful she is but that was not the case for me. When I went to her office she was extremely positive in promoting that she has over successful stories and presently active clients. I even called the next day to cancel my contract but once again she reassured me to please stay as a client since I was an easy match.

Once again promising me success in finding me matches. Since then, no success. I've complained several times but still not happy. It's been almost a year and only 1 date. I'm suppose to have up to 10 in a year. She claims that she has sent me 20 potential matches and that every one of them were compatible to me in 3 different ways. Well, if she is successful in personally matching based on compatibility then why did majority of them supposedly say no or never respond. I never got any reasons for why the men said no. She just claims that there is no guarantees.

Which is why I am confused. To have so many no's if the men were personally matched with my file? I want to know are they current clients? As she stated when we met, I was an easy match - very attractive, smart, outgoing, physical fit, etc. That is why she assured me and reassured me that she was confident to find me matches. Her business is to match people so why no matches if you are successive at what you do?

She said she needs more time already almost a year or that I should have joined the Elite program - more money in order to be successive. She also told me on the phone that I need to consider dating someone at least 10 years older than me for her to be successive in finding me a match. After my last complaint she asked for me to give her another try and she would work hard to find me the right man - yes a month ago and nothing yet.

Dear [redacted], This client [redacted] is 42 years old, wants to get married and have a child. I told her the day I met her, as well as it is written in my contract, that there are no guarantees that I can do this. She did call the next day and say she was nervous.

I told her she has three days to cancel our agreement. I did tell her she was attractive, but told her that I could not guarantee marriage or having a baby. That is why I think she was so nervous, she wanted a guarantee and I couldn't give her one.

Introduction to Maureen Tara Nelson & MTN Matchmaking Long Island, NY

I gave her a great discount to make her happy, a year's membership or ten matches, whichever comes first. In that year, I sent her over 20 potential matches, that were all compatible to her in three ways. The men that said no to her said no for various reasons, not enough chemisty, or older than they wanted since they wanted children too. She has complained before and I told her I would give her free time.

I told her I would work for her until I got her the ten matches. However in her last email to me she threatened to complain to you and the internet reports if I did not give her a refund. I told her again, I cannot give out refunds because she and men have both said no to eachother, but again, would match her until her ten matches are completed. She immediately followed through with her threat and reported me as a scam on the Internet, which will never be removed, and now to you.

I am very sorry [redacted], but I worked very hard for this girl and I never promise anything. I cannot give out refunds to every client that threatens to call the Revdex. I will still giver her unlimited time for her ten matches, if she takes back the complaints. I hope you understand. I want a full refund and no further contact. I was unsure about joining but she ASSURED me that she had tons of matches for me and I was an easy match because I was very attractive, outgoing, physical fit, independent, emotionally and financially stable.

I had one date in early March that was a front man who was based in my area bait and switch. It was clear this person had no intent whatsoever of contacting me again. A second date a year later Feb was a car salesman who attempted to sell me a car and how he could provide the financing. Additionally, she tried to convince me to spend even more money with an elite service and dating coach a path I did not choose.

Let me share a little on my background. I work for a major Long Island Company based and have been employed with them for 26 years. As a window I selected [redacted] as I was led to believe there was a level of security because of the screening process and background check that she said was performed. I have reservations if that occurs at this time.

I have learned all an act and scam for your money. She has from time to time forward me a match on Friday on an inconsistent basis until I recently placed pressure on her for a weekly match in This has not yielded anything nor is a match received every Friday. There were many excuses as you can see from the responses below: She did send a note out but that was six months later in Nov I never phoned the office to complain, it would not have changed the situation and my communication on the situation was via email. I spoke with many other customer who called, yelled and go so upset that I know it would yield no positive outcome.

I could continue to provide background and history for many more pages but it would be similar to what has already been provided and what many other have already written. Again, all email traffic since the start of my contract in Feb can be provided. Additionally, as a widow she took advantage of me especially tearing up during the meeting, but ran right to the back to cash the check that very night. This woman has No soul Thank you very much for the review and your consideration and the Revdex. I expect you will see a pattern very quickly and more evidence can be provided.

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In closing, I selected today to log my complaint. Much more can be provided. I did not hear back from you and I thought that you were busy like so many of my clients who did not want to be matched over the holidays. I did send you the December newsletter and also did not hear back from you many of our clients did respond back to that too.

I did not want to bother you, I really thought you were busy. With clients, sometimes I do need some prompting. There are no refunds as per the contract. As you know I have had a very rough and I understand that you did not get the service you should have gotten while I was recovering from [redacted]. I am committed to making you happy and successful so I will extend your membership for an additional 6 months to make up for the lack of service.

I do have many great men for you and I hope you will like the match I will send you this Friday. Thank you in advance for your understanding. I just checked and see that unfortunately [redacted] declined - his loss! I'll let you know about the new match, [redacted] as soon as possible. Have a nice day. Hi [redacted], I'll find out what happened with [redacted] In the meantime, I will look for a new potential match for you this week. Thanks for informing me. Have a nice day! There is no reason to worry! I will put you back on my list and continue to check for a compatible match.

Have a great day. Hello, How are you doing? I will look for a new match for you. Please don't be disappointed, it's very early in the process. You have only been a client for less than 2 months. We are still learning about you and what you like and getting feedback. Sometimes, I can make someone successful right away, but other times it takes a while. It's different for everyone. You have a 2 year program so there is time to find you the right one. Request full refund from [redacted] and be removed from any further distribution.

It is not filled with any facts, only emotions. Please note that the client, [redacted] is clearly very upset and seems to be "under the influence" due to the fact of her writing Four times that I cashed her check the night she came into my office. Please tell me what the problem is with that? That is our standard practice to deposit all checks on the way home rather than leaving them in the office! She remembers from two years ago that I cashed her check the night she came in, but doesn't remember the amount? She wrote the incorrect amount down four times too. I understand if she is upset about her husband passing away, but she is clearly emotional in her writing and trying to take it out on me.

When she came in to me two years ago, she had been widowed for 7 years. She met a man right after her husband died and was in a six year relationship that ended a year before. She was ready for a committed relationship and so I accepted her. I truly do not feel that I should have to respond to this "emotional display of lies". I will be brief because I do not think it is fair that someone can write lies about my service and have them be published by you. Here are the facts: I have attached the contract that clearly states in line 8, there are no refunds given after 3 business days.

It also states there are no exceptions to this rule. I matched her for two years as per her contract based upon compatibility. In that time, I matched her with 33 men! She said yes to all but seven of them, which she did not respond to. Four men said yes to her. Unfortunately, I do not have control over if the men say yes or no to their matches, however she did require dating coaching as she in fact mentioned, but she did not want to pay for that service.

She definitely needed that service. It is a terrible lie that the first guy she went out with she is calling a "front man" simply because he did not want to go out with her again. I cannot go on a date with someone, and do not have control over if a person will have chemistry with each other. In his case, he said she was nice, but not attractive enough for him. As for the second man, he did not have chemistry with her either.

I do not know if he offered to help her buy a car like she states. If the other men didn't call her, she should have told me and we would have contacted him for her. As for the comments she says I said about her-that is what she described herself as! I do not guarantee that I can make someone successful. I always do my best for everyone. While I was out with [redacted], I did have an associate take over for me, so that is another lie.

Because she wasn't compatible to any man during a 3 month period, I told her I would give her 6 free months if she remained positive. She did just receive a match before I was notified about this terrible and mean spirited complaint. Calling me a "thief" is just very inappropriate and I will not respond to any more of her false allegations.

I truly hope she rereads what she wrote and realizes that she "stepped over the line" and took out whatever she is going through on me. I will however, if she realizes that she was very unprofessional and takes back these lies, honor my offer to give her the remaining four free months of her membership!

I was told that I would be matched up with 10 mutual matches and that I would receive a phone call once we both agreed to meet one another. In December when I questioned why I havent been matched with anyone I was told that alot of members put their memberships on hold around the holidays because they are busy with families and parties.

Which didn't sound right to me.