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It is such a nice place full of attractive ladies, all of them eager to chat with you. More than a dream. I was so confused on where to start looking for a girlfriend? However, here I am with my girlfriend from the Philippines a year after. Filipino Cupid changed my life completely. It matched me up with a great woman, with whom we chat for 6 months already and planning to meet offline.

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I lack romance tour option, but still, we will manage it ourselves. Perhaps, I lack romance tour option, but, fortunately, I can afford to travel to the Philippines, so generally, this platform entirely meets my needs. Every website has pros and cons. For me, Filipino Cupid withstands the perfect balance between two of them. It has beautiful design, convenient tools, massive database. Filipino Cupid seems to be a trustworthy site but sometimes I find the profiles that are almost empty — a few words and a few photos. The other great aspect of the site is that it is full of Filipino women!

Not Chinese or Korean or Thai but Filipino! So I want to meet a Filipina girl and I hope she would agree to become my wife! I get even agree on staying in the Philippines! It should be like a heaven when you live there with the woman you love!

I like to spend time on Filipino Cupid. It is simple and clear, you know what you are paying for and you do not expect any surprises. I spent on the Filipino Cupid more than a year. It was pretty good — a lot of girls, acceptable prices. But a few days ago I tried to log into my account and I received a warning that such an account does not exist. Could you imagine that your profile, your contacts, messages, etc.

Later on, the support team contacted me and told there was some mistake in their system and my profile was deleted unintentionally. They offered to restore my membership but I refused.

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If they fail to control their system they may fail to protect my data. Free membership is a good idea! And I appreciate that I could spend as much time as needed to get used to the site and to the ladies. No one forced me to upgrade my membership. A have a ritual — every day after work I spend a few hours on chatting with girls on Filipino Cupid. Filipino women are incredible! I wish I could focus on one lady and build relations with her but Filipino Cupid offers me so many girls that I simply cannot make my mind and choose one of them. I thought that the Platinum membership is a bit expensive but when I bought it for the whole year it turned out to be really cheap.

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I pay a few bucks a month to chat with hundreds of beautiful women! So, I have nothing to complain about! I met the girl on Filipino Cupid and I wanted to see her in person. So, I asked if the customer support team could consult me and help me to deal with all the details. Okay, it was fair enough as they never promised to assist clients in such aspects. I prefer their last activity to be one month or better.

I find this very useful, because you can launch a chat session and start interacting instantly with those Philipino girls. After you have submitted your search, you are presented with the result. As you can see, there are 5 different options for interacting with the sexy Filipino women: If I find a Filipina girl attractive and interesting, I send her an interest followed by a short message.

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You can save your search queries for future use in the Advanced Search menu. That means to include her name. Just a simple tweak like that will increase your chances for a response. From my experience I think simpler is better, and I usually just write this to a hot Filipino girl that I am attracted to: I am Andy from San Francisco.

After you exchanged a few messages, ask for her Whatsapp number and move the conversation there. Never ever discuss money. That includes questions about your salary, hinting that she needs new clothes or have a relative who need expensive medical care. If those topics come up, tread with caution.

It could be a sign that she has other intentions with your relationship. The exception is taxi money for the date. If this question comes up I just offer to order her an Uber.

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If you followed all the steps in my guide, you will easily have at least 10 dates scheduled before your arrival in the Philippines. After you exchanged a few Whatsapp messages, ask if she wants to meet up for a drink or coffee. If the answer is no, next her and move on. There are plenty of hot Filipina girls on Filipinacupid, so no need to get attached to a time waster. Unfortunately, that means some girls are more interested in your passport and wallet, than you as a person.

Just make sure to choose a first date venue with reasonable drink and food prices. When the time has come to be intimate with your cute Filipina girlfriend, keep one thing in mind: Consequently, many girls will ask for sex without condom claiming they are on the pill. Do not fall for this trick!

How to Meet and Date Filipino Women (Plus My FilipinoCupid Review)

Always use condoms until you know your Filipino woman well enough! First, those who are seriously looking for friendship and love found it on this site. A number of men and women all over the world have found their lifetime partners through Filipino Cupid. All of them are very thankful for the site because it paved the way for them to meeting their mate. Join Filipina Cupid Here Free. They went to the Philippines and ended up falling in love with them. Those who have mutual feelings ended in engagement and weddings. Both parties were very glad that they turned to Filipino Cupid.

You can check more of the success stories here. Second, those who wish to engage in a short fun or sex romp find it here as well.

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A number of Filipino Cupid users also use the site to meet new persons to hang out with or have sex with. This dating site includes millions of individuals from different backgrounds. While Filipina women are known for being conservative, some are liberal. There are no string attach but they ended up banging each other on their first meeting and they part ways without any plans of meeting again or taking things up to the next level.

Third, you need to be conscious of the users because there are scammers in the site. Filipino Cupid is legit. However, there are reported cases of women using fake photos. Some ask for money for whatever reason and some men fall prey into this stint. Other users also feel that some women are not serious and are just into the game of milking their man.

An Introduction to FilipinoCupid - the #1 Filipino Dating Site

Thus, the site advises that foreign men do not give money, no matter how convincing the girl is. There will always be drama in her life. Typical stories include her mom being sick, her brother needing money for a job offer abroad that needs to be paid to the agency and some other similar stories with only one goal — and that is to ask the man to send money for urgent needs.

Although these stories are widely popular, some men still fall prey into this, which triggered some users to question the reputation of Filipino Cupid. Again, this dating site works for many people. However, it is difficult to control its users. In over 3 million individuals joining the site, each of them has different intension.

Thus, you will probably find the three different users here, so just take caution and be guided accordingly. Filipino Cupid remains to be one of the most trusted and reliable dating site today. How long have you been searching for a partner in life? Let us know what are you looking for in your special someone.