Dating a guy living with parents

I've kind of avoided actively trying to date until I move out because I'm under the impression nobody wants to date a guy that quite literally lives in his parents' basement. This question is asked very frequently. You'll find a lot of varied opinions in previous comments. That said, for me, it depends on why. If you're at home saving some money while looking for full-time work, I'd have no problems with. I did it myself.

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I'd be happy to date you as long as your family were cool with me visiting, and you didn't expect us to spend all of our time at your house. Sorry, I guess I should have searched first. Based on the responses so far, it seems like a mix of different opinions which makes sense. I'm currently dating a year-old who lives with his parents. His year-old brother lives there, too, but is moving out in a couple of months.

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He's had a girlfriend for years now. I go to a major commuter school and it's not uncommon for college students to still be living with their parents. Luckily, I have an apartment and his parents are domineering or overly conservative. I had an ex who could never stay the night because he "wasn't allowed to.

It'd be hard if I also lived with my parents, thought. I would date someone at any age that lived with their parents. I don't see it as a negative thing at all. At 24 it would have been fine, that's pretty normal. Towards the late 20's and beyond - no. I know one that is 40 and still lives at home.

Not taking care of his parents, just It's worked out because for the most part I've lived in my own place with roommates though so it's worked out. It's great because I've really gotten to know his parents well I love his family and on top of that he saves a lot of money still living at home. We both decided to go back to school after meeting each other, and he's paid off a lot of his school tuition and whatnot already and he can afford his own vehicle and the repairs for it. It can be stressful sometimes, but in the long run it benefits our relationship. I don't want to sound like a gold digger but it's nice because despite me having a ton of bills, we can go out occasionally still and he'll buy us a couple drinks or a meal.

Or he'll buy some food and I'll cook it for him. Or just in general, he can drive over to spend the night anytime, rather than having to worry about buses or cabs or whatever. And then when he is done with school, he won't be as stressed out with loans as everyone else.

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It really seems responsible to me. He doesn't mooch off his parents, he does so much around the house despite working two jobs, having a gf, and going to school. He is not the only person I know who live at home and aren't lazy stereotypes. I think a lot of people in my area end up living at home longer. It's much harder to get out on your feet. Why struggle and end up in debt, with all the odds stacked up against you?

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Well, considering that both my boyfriend and I are still in college and both of us will likely be living with our parents for at the very least a few months after we graduate, I don't find this weird at all. Considering the difficulties in finding jobs and affordable housing right out of college, it can't really be helped in most cases.

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It's pretty interesting to note that moving out young as a right of passage is a pretty distinct cultural thing; of course it's not limited to just the U. Not for me, at this stage. The last guy I dated was living at home. That experience has pretty much turned me off of dating those who still live at home. It's unlikely, unless it was for a very good reason, such as he's taking care of his parent s.

Trust me, I get that. I also wouldn't feel nearly as weird bringing dates home if it was just me and the parents. I'm 25 and still living with my parents while I get my degree, work, and pay for my own schooling. It wouldn't worry me at all, there are circumstances when it is necessary. However, if they are fully capable of living on their own and are just too lazy to move out, then it would be a slight issue. I'm in the same boat. I'd be very comfortable and happy with a guy like that. We'd understand each other. I think these days it's very normal for people in their 20's, especially early to mid 20's, to be living with their parents.

While I prefer a guy to have his own place privacy, and it can be a bit awkward meeting his family so early on because he lives with them it would not put me off a guy I liked. If he was 35 and still living with his parents though I'd be a bit wary, unless he had a reason just been laid off a job, caring for a parent, etc. He's 24 as well but we're moving in together shortly. Bugs me a bit because I house share and him living at home means sex needs to be a bit quieter and not a frequent but I love his family and it's lovely being in a family home.

Living away from family I miss it.

He's also more financially stable for it which I appreciate. Your situation makes sense, so no I wouldn't have an issue. Those that just won't grow up and never leave?

Is Dating Someone Who Lives With Their Parents A Dealbreaker?

If I had my own place, definitely. I don't want to wake up and be greeted by parents asking what I want for breakfast. Seeing his parents should be for dinner or a holiday. I want to date a man that is strong on his own, that I don't have to take care of, nor do his parents, that's when love grows.


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