Cancer male capricorn female dating

I have been with a few cancers and i have been extremely attracted to them. He emotionally was so cuddly with me and affectionate and i was loving every min of it. In all honesty, this man took all my energy. Always complaining, fighting, arguing, acting jealous, accusing, than turn around and be loving with me. I married my cheating cancer man by: He made me feel like I was goddess who was with a loser. We have been together for years and he has cheated on over 8 times. Every time, I wanna leave he says all the right things to make me stay.

We have 3 kids together and he always uses the children to make me stay. When I tell you the whole time we have been together that I have felt like I was in hell. He has lowed my self-esteem and verbally abused me. He has even told that If i leave that he will come looking for me. To get away from him for good i have decided to live the state and move miles from all that I know to get a way from that man.

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One thing is for sure when you are with a cancer man don't have kids with them. Because they feel like you are there property. Cancer men suck once u r outta their sight! Jus like I thought, all Cancer men are psycho He's not worth the emotional roller coaster!!!! They are the sweetest when u are together physically but after you leave it's outta sight outta mind! Im a cancer male by: Anonymous I almost feel persecuted reading these comments: But I can honestly say that I have never cheated in any of my relationships and I will never do it either.

On the other hand I have been cheated upon myself by other signs. I can only say that from my point of view we are very loyal. As well as caring and romantic and nice. Pretty much wonderful ; We can get insecure and moody at times and we need to be shown affection in words and touch. But it only takes a little effort and it can save our entire day. So I hope you dont put all cancers in that horrible box that has been opened here: We only want someone that will try to understand us and in return you wont find a more giving sign than us: Anonymous so yeah i'm a cancer man in a relationship with a capricorn woman and i have no idea if she is cheating on i would like to believe she's not ,but i don't know.

Might I add i've dated 6 and they are all bad. The first one I fell in love with cheated on me and got another chick pregnant, hooked up with her and three years went by and now hes begging me back. Another cancer i dated was very nice and we started hanging out more and more. We had sex and I became attached and wanted more, but he didnt and after I left him for good, he kept contacting me and trying to hangout! He did that for about 12 weeks and I would blow him off or ignore him. He lied about his age by a 11 year difference and I think hes gay now.

Him and i argued allllll the time and everytime we went out, I paid for everything. He believed that a woman should always be submissive to her man and if she wasnt she earned NO respect. We broke up and two weeks later he was begging me back. Another cancer I dated, I met in highschool 5 years before him and i started hanging out.

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Anyways, I told him that Im taking a break from serious relationships and I would just like to build a friendship. That didnt go over well with him because he stated blowing up my phone and sending me 10 pages of letters through facebook day after day and whenever I told him i didnt want to talk to him anymore beause he was crazy, he would say 'i never liked u anyways". He cursed me out telling me i just love attention and i love people to chase me, AFTER i told him I wanted friendships only, not a serious relationship!! Then theres LB cancer lol , I dated for a month and all he ever talked about was ass, tits, fucking and how adorable and gorgous i was!

That got old real quick. We got into it last night because he lied to me about his age because he thought I was 17 so he said he was 24 when he was really 28 im 24 by the way. I told him that I really liked his personality, but didnt find him attractive and we arent intellectually connecting because all he wants to talk about is Buffy the body's fat ass.

capricorn woman involved with a cancer man

I told him that were done and im leaving and to never contact me again and he called me a stupid bitch and slammed the door on me. Its cold so i was letting my car warm up when he came out side pointing and telling me to leave. I told him that my car needs to warm up and I didnt appreciate him calling me a bitch. Im DONE with cancer men!!

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

They are insane mutha fuggas! Anonymous Scorpio Lady It's funny how most Cancer men want their women to be submissive, but yet fail to be take the initiative to do anything. He is very self absorbed and too cocky. Therefore Ive helped him realize his wrong doings, and appreciates me and is more loyal than he ever has been in his life. People tell me all the time how much he cherishes me and is thankful for having someone teach him to be a better person. So tips to Capricorn women dating cancer men: You dominate, because as capricorns, we are very logical and will not steer anyone wrong!

If you do this, they will appreciate you and be more attracted to you. Basically you need to put them in check these does not mean control their life. Never take advantage and always let them know how much they mean to you, or they will slip away. Cancers need constant love, affection and attention.

Anjan give your cappie some space and time alone. Like me im a total loner and i hate being too occupied with people, i enjoy being with other people but not too much, or else i may become claustrophobic. Dont worry eventually or soon she will crawl back to your hands. You dont have to chase after her but you can if you want. Sometimes i become too silly and un-serious, so whenever i say something kind of offensive i could really push him to the limit. He gets veryy mad at me to the point he wants to break up with me, and when he gets too jealous its the same thing. But other than that his good side is always the best.

Hes really romantic and loves to play with me. He makes me feel comfortable,happy, special at all times and cares for me more than everyone else! He said he was obsessed with me and cant ever live or survive without me. I can understand all of his emotions and he could understand mines. We both get along great as long as he isnt in his bad mood. I love him more than anyone anyone in the world: I am love with a capricorn girl. I am much older than the girl. She expressed her love and met me once physically.

But now she is not showing any interest on me. Or she is wanting me to go mad for her. I love her too much. Now we talk very occasionally and she do not call me now and send any msg to me though I am extremely interested to talk with her. What will be my strategy to get her back to me? It really goes back to how the Cancer man was raised. The values he was taught. Or perhaps he did not. If only young people would get this. I think I finally get it. He is very sweet, kind, gentle.. I was so caught up on not showing him how much I needed him, I was messing us up. Also, although he is gorgeous, he is very self-conscience.

It just like anything that there are good cancer men and not so good cancer men…as with any zodiac. The question you should ask is not about his sign but him as a person. I am a Capricorn woman, I have been with my Cancer for a year and a couple months. Straight up, when you have been with a Cancer for a while, they become increasingly dominating.

But when you love the Crab as much as I love mine, you deal with it. Working hard, then coming home to a caring crab who is ready to rub your feet and talk about your day. But as time went on I observed him, and jeez, Cancers can have some of the darkest moods.. I once read that since Cancers are ruled by the Moon which also rules emotions their moods change as often as the moon does. I soon learned that anything I say can set him off into a rage, soon retreating into his shell. We have had quite a few setbacks, seeing as how we are opposite signs.

One thing I do know, is Cancers have potential to be the ultimate masters of manipulation. I believe him knowing how loyal and dedicated I am to him, he knows that I will do anything for him. I soon found myself not having any choice in any matter.. Which increased inner-turmoil for an independent Capricorn. All in all, Capricorn and Cancer relationships are complicated.

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But dare you fall in love with a Crab, you are forever theirs. But like I said, if you love your crab like I love mine, you learn to live with them. Communication is definitely key. Tip to Capricorns — Open up and baby your crab. Often tell them how handsome they are today, and how you like a specific thing. For example, I tell my crab how handsome he is and how much I love how his freckles are sprinkled across his nose. I have come to the conclusion that he she never marry again, because he needs variety. Sam you are right, forget what Adreanna said. Well I do not want to sound angry or bitter, but I can confirm all the negative things said here are true.

The cancer male I was involved with was like a dream come true. Theirs will be a very successful marriage in terms of trust, faith, love and balance. They both are sexually compatible too. Yeah, what you thought? A post shared by Tasha Coward-Bradbury intlbound on Nov 15, at 7: Both, the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman take their sexual life as their priority. Together they enjoy the most passionate sexual pleasures which make their life very beautiful. A Cancer man's lovemaking is very emotional whereas a Capricorn woman takes sex very practically.

For her, it's more of a mutual trust which blossoms after years of staying with each other before she manages to fully surrender herself in the arms of her Cancer man. Once they have reached that stage in their lives, their lovemaking is emotional, harmonious and very meaningful. A Cancer man is capable of stimulating an unknown craving of wanting him more and more in the Capricorn woman. As their sexual needs and experiences are different, they manage to attract and fascinate each other more resulting in a passionate bond.

Cancer man and Capricorn woman love compatibility

They are the most sexually compatible combination of the entire zodiac. It is a blend wherein dreams are answered by reality. While in the bedroom, these two experience the most passionate lovemaking and strong attraction for each other. Capricorn woman has a high level of patience for her partner in the bedroom and this patience is highly needed for a Cancer man to feel sexually aroused.

A Cancer man is capable of creating an intimacy which a Capricorn woman lacks and this helps in thawing the Capricorn's woman emotional nature; that helps them have the best sexual experience of their lives. Happy birthday to my best friend!!! A post shared by Amy amychabot on Jul 7, at 4: Some problems exist in every relationship and the Cancer man and Capricorn woman also face some problems in their relationship. Mostly, the problems arise due to the opposite natures.

Eventually, in due course of time and with patience, they understand each other properly. A Capricorn woman will always be flattered by the determined, cautious and tender nature of her husband but his mood swings will irritate her a lot. This might be the main problem between the two in marriage. In a marriage between a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman, the wife will always impress her husband with her wisdom and stability. But her insensitive and rigid behavior might depress him sometimes.

To sort out their problems, the Cancer man needs to control his mood swings and the Capricorn woman needs to be more sensitive and compassionate. A Cancer man is known to be a homemaker. His first priorities are always his family. On the other hand, for a Capricorn woman, her career comes first. She works hard enough to provide well for her home and family.

Though she appears to be cool and distant, she is always thinking about the future of her loved ones. When in a relationship, both, the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman will have to mutually split responsibilities and create a balance between their work and career.

They both are very different emotionally.

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  • While the Cancer man is very intuitive and his gut feeling always seems to be telling him stuff, the Capricorn woman is very logical and practical. Most of the time, she is much ahead in planning and accomplishing tasks which her Cancer husband might be still be considering.