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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the new batsman in. Shikhar Dhawan is on a roll here. Steps down the ground, uses his feet to hit Kinchit Shah over the mid-wicket for a boundary! Shikhar Dhawan slog sweeps Ehsan Khan over mid-wicket for a maximum. He has got the license to go on an all-out attack now. The southpaw takes a single from Ehsan Khan's delivery to achieve the feat. The entire India cricket team is at its feet and applauding from the dressing room! What a terrific innings from Dhawan, laced with 13 boundaries. Good stretch of the front leg from Dinesh Karthik, he punches the ball through the covers to find the fence from Ehsan Khan's overpitched delivery.

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Big one from Ehsan Nawaz. Free-hit given, but Ambati Rayudu barely manages to hit it over the umpires head. Shikhar Dhawan pulls Ehsan Nawaz's bouncer towards the fine leg to find the fence. Dhawan moves to 94 runs with that shot. Nawaz's delivery on the other side was poor, lacked pace and direction. Excellent placement from Shikhar Dhawan, punches it through the covers to find the fence. Poor bouncer from Ehsan Nawaz, was going down the leg side, Shikhar Dhawan pulls it towards fine leg to find the fence.

Soft dismissal, Ambati Rayudu was trying to play an upper cut from the short delivery by Ehsan Nawaz, the wicket-keeper Scott McKechnie does well to take the catch. Ultraedge shows the ball took the gloves of Ambati Rayudu. India lose their second wicket for runs in Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman in. Half-century for Ambati Rayudu! Brilliant comeback innings for him, scores his seventh ODI half-century in 63 balls. What a way to bring it! Rayudu cuts Aizaz Khan and the ball will find the fence towards fine leg.

Short-pitched delivery from Aizaz Khan, Ambati Rayudu drives it towards square leg to find the fence! Nadeem Ahmed to bowl his eighth over from the other end. Nadeem Ahmed's delivery to Ambati Rayudu was drifting down the leg side. Umpire quickly nods his head to signal not-out. Three singles from that over by Aizaz Khan. Aizaz Khan has been brought back into the attack by Hong Kong. He had 13 runs from his first spell of three overs.

Lofted shot from Shikhar Dhawan, great placement. Dhawan kept his shape well to slam Tanwir Afzal's good length delivery to the fence. Bowling change for Hong Kong, just the one over from Nizakat Khan, he went for 15 runs. Tanwir Afzal to bowl his fourth over. Shikhar Dhawan pulls Nizakat Khan's tossed up delivery towards mid-wicket to find the fence.

Half-century for Shikhar Dhawan! He plays spinner Nizakat Khan towards the cover to pick up a couple and get to his It has been a cautious innings for the southpaw, so far! Skipper Anshuman Rath has used both his spinners well since Rohit Sharma's dismissal. Positively for Hong Kong, the spin twins have not leaked too many runs. Excellent over after the drinks break from Hong Kong! Drinks break has been taken!

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Another tidy over for Hong Kong, their spinners are doing good bit of work here. Hong Kong getting through their overs very quickly! Two runs from that over by Nadeem Ahmed. Ehsan Khan to bowl from the other end. So, spin from both the ends have been enforced by Hong Kong skipper Anshuman Rath. One spinner replaces the other for Hong Kong! Nadeem Ahmed to bowl the 13th over. Dot ball from Ehsan Khan to finish the over.

Four runs from it. Shikhar Dhawan pulls the short-pitched delivery from Aizaz Khan through the mid-wicket and the ball travels to the fence like a bullet. Boundary and India cross the run mark in 9. Brilliant placement again from Shikhar Dhawan, cuts the short pitched delivery from Ehsan Khan to find the fence. Dot ball to Ambati Rayudu from Aizaz Khan to finish the over. Leading edge from Rohit Sharma, the Indian skipper was trying to play a lofted shot over the long on, did not time it to perfection and pays his price. Ehsan Khan strikes for Hong Kong! Ambati Rayudu is the new batsman in for India.

Spin from the other end for Hong Kong! Ehsan Khan to bowl the eighth over. Tidy over from Aizaz Khan! Only two runs from it. First bowling change from Hong Kong. Right-arm medium pacer Aizaz Khan has been introduced to the bowling attack. He will bowl the seventh over. Excellent placement from Shikhar Dhawan, well-balanced shot and he punishes the Ehsan Nawaz through the covers to pick up four runs. Back-to-back, the ball from Tanwir Afzal was swinging in to Rohit Sharma and hits a lofted shot over the mid-on to find the fence.

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Rohit Sharma drives the good length delivery from Ehsan Nawaz though short mid-wicket to find the fence. Exactly what India were looking for to end the over with. Ehsan Nawaz has bowled four dot balls to Rohit Sharma.

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He has not allow Rohit much room so far. Decent over for Hong Kong, just one boundary from the over by Tanwir Afzal. Elegant looking drive from Shikhar Dhawan, through the covers, fielders can only watch the ball go. Not much pace on the ball from Tanwir Afzal. Good length delivery from Ehsan Nawaz, Rohit tucks it away towards the square leg to pick up a double. Cover drive from Rohit Sharma, not a bad delivery at all from Tanwir Afzal that, but Rohit drives it through the cover region to find the first boundary for India of their innings.

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