Church dating culture

I point to the lack of information and mentoring on Christian dating as a main source of the relationship disasters that are rampant today the unspoken, taboo issues too. The amount of conflicting or straight-up bad advice is overwhelming in Christian circles, yes, even by beloved pastors and godly married couples.

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Little Timmy can hardly believe it either!! Dating itself is a relatively new social construct: What a dangerous way to start a marriage.

I want to offer you a different solution: My intent is to equip you with practical tools for your relationships and wrestle with challenging topics to achieve a higher standard in your dating life. So I think He would have an important question for you:. Looking to tackle the unique problems singles deal with, Danica outlines the struggles and confusion she has observed in her ministries and lived as a single. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention dating scene christian dating dating culture highly recommend recommend this book full of wisdom pastor park read this book christianese dating church is scared to talk definitely recommend really enjoyed bookstores and pastor park dating and relationships grace of god book is really park for this book christian book book is really great great book.

Showing of 41 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A very heartfelt, brutally honest and wonderfully sincere book on Christian dating. It was such a great and fulfilling read. Relationships are beautiful but can be pretty messy, and though romance is a treasure to cherish, there's so much to consider and think about, including the person I am and where I'm going and just so many details that come together to really form the story of our lives.

So if you're curious about dating as a Christian, the good and bad, highs and lows, things to grab on to and things to watch out for, the stories of hurt and hope and what to do if you're in them, and most importantly, the person dating will require you to be, then most certainly buy this book! It will take your breath away.

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Thank you, brother J. Why is this book labeled for those who are dating? It is far more than that. This book addresses so much more that contemporary church culture and tradition has to take an honest look at, and clean up. At the center of this book is purity, the clean desire to do what is right because we love God and want to please him. Our motives get checked.

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Our habits get examined. Maybe our little worlds of pride and ignorance get turned upside down, just a little. In the end a reader may listen differently to a sermon or read a book with a more inquisitive mind. This was the second of J. Park's books I read the first being What the Church Won't Talk About and this was as full of wisdom and humility as the first.

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Unfortunately, that's because it was full of a lot of the same things as the first. Park believes, as I believe, that it all comes back to Jesus - without Jesus we have no hope of moving forward, of growth, of joy, of anything good. All of that is important and good, obviously, but all of that does not a book on Christian Dating Culture make. I'm not a huge fan of super long subtitles, and this subtitle bothered me even more since Park never actually talked about purity rings or prayer sex and barely touched on courtship.

Christian dating culture

Which is fine - we don't need to talk about those things, but then don't include them in the lengthy subtitle. I would recommend the book. It's good and true and like I said wise and humble. It points us to the truth and the cross - all good things. But what Park said here probably could've been summed up in a much shorter fashion. Plus there were a few errors - word choice and word order and that kind of stuff - that drive me bananas in published books. Overall, good, but could've been better.

Also that foreword was all over the place and didn't add anything to the book. One person found this helpful. This book is really important to me, and I wish that I had it a few years ago I am in college. I feel that it would be especially useful for people who are still in high school, but it's definitely still helpful to me now. It covers a LOT-- from checking our motives for relationships, knocking down unrealistic expectations, helping one heal from a relationship, to combatting self shame and accepting forgiveness and much more! Above all, it points back to the bigger picture.

One thing I really appreciated was that, while the book doesn't condone things that go against the Gospel, the author makes sure to communicate God's grace by bucketfuls. There is no shame or judgment, and it directly tackles all the hard issues in a loving but powerful manner. This book has been greatly helpful in relaying grace, forgiveness, self worth, as well as making sure the other person in the relationship's self worth is treasured as well which is not very obvious to many of us nowadays, even though it should be.

The author is loving in his words but does not sugarcoat them; it is not fluff. It combats the struggles and pitfalls of the church, all without bashing the church. It remains true to the Gospel and really applies the Christian faith to our relational issues. All in all, it has been hugely helpful to me, as someone who grew up in the church with this very dating culture pounded into me.

I would recommend it anyone who has questions or issues with the Christian dating culture. I also laughed out loud a few times while reading it! The author is a clever writer. This book was surprisingly encouraging and challenging at the same time. I read it because of how much I liked "What the Church Won't Talk About" which I highly recommend , and found it full of wisdom and grace for the reader.

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Although directly applicable to dating scenarios, I found that it shed light on issues that can spring up in any relationship. I love reading Park's writing for a number of reasons. He speaks as if having a one-on-one conversation, and I find that inviting and comforting.

He clearly cares about his readers. His honesty is blunt to the point of discomfort, which creates an atmosphere of trust and shamelessness. By sharing openly his struggles and what he has overcome, he invites us to do the same. On occasion, I may find his answer to a question a bit vague I do love me some ten step solutions , but it's clear that he's prayed and thought and studied long and hard, and he always encourages readers to think for themselves and not take his word as God's.

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