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Posted in beauty , community , dating , leisure , life , people , society and community , street. Tagged bag her up , bitch , broads , dips , freak , girlfriend , golddigger , hoes , john , mack , pick-up artist , pimp , slut , superhoe , thirsty , Too Short , tramp. Has it gotten to the point for you that when you run thru the ghetto and see some shorty dressed extremely baggy, you have to check their chest for taped-down tiddys?

Quite tomboyish up to middle school, they usually go full-bore and come out around tenth grade. Even competing with straight males for the available pool of single ghetto women see future post.

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Your local ghetto yields a much higher proportion of open lesbians than anywhere else, and especially butches and studs. The WNBA needs to get its fans and players from somewhere, eh? Even funner and incidentally, funnier is this fact: New meaning to the term ride-or-die chick. Posted in community , dating , gangsta , gender , life , people , society and community , street , street cred.

Tagged butch , hood , lesbian , lesbo , lezzie , stud , thug , thuggish ruggish. Prom is an event that high school students all over America spend enormous amounts of time, money, and energy for a few hours of fun. This dance is usually held at the end of the year to celebrate the transition into adulthood where young teenagers dance the night away.

Traditionally young men wear a nice black-tie tux while the ladies grace the dance floor with lovely ball gowns. Prom is usually a night to remember especially the after parties where people lose their virginity or have their first taste of alcohol. However, ghetto people have a unique spin on Prom especially when it comes to the fashion.

No words can truly express the flamboyant prom fashions young ghetto people sport during prom. Prom being held at ghetto schools will have lots of color, intricate hairstyles, designer patterns, and the females will expose lots of skin.

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Prom is a time where ghetto people show out and try to outdo each other. Without further adieu, I present to you Ghetto Prom …. Posted in dating , fashion , ghetto , leisure , life , society and community , style. Tagged fashion , hair , party , pregnant , prom , tacky , tradition. When a ghetto person starts dating, there is one pivotal question that will make or break their chances of finding a suitor: What you mixed with?

The answer to this life altering inquiry is important to both ghetto males and females. This plagues ghetto people because they do not want their kids to look like extras from Roots. Or Celie from The Color Purple. That terrifying scenario is the principal reason why ghetto people love to announce to the world that they are part Cherokee. Ghetto people love to feel exotic.

10 Crucial Differences Between a Gentleman & a Ghetto Man

Because many people have not even seen an actual Native American before, it is the most easy race to use. The perks are infinite. Another perk that comes along with mixedness? Once the entire hood has been informed, a part Cherokee ghetto person can partake in exclusive activities such as wearing a jet black, bone straight, waist length weave, or adopting a screen name like PokAho69 or mochaHontas These actions are only acceptable when a ghetto person says they are part Cherokee.

Types of Non-Ghetto Women who date Black Men.

These include, but are not limited to: Do not assume that only black ghetto people participate in this phenomenon. Numerous other ethnic groups jump onto the bandwagon to appear more exotic as well. If you would like to befriend a ghetto person, start by asking what they are mixed with. They will shine with glee because they love to tell people that they are mixed with any and everything; however, claiming to be part Cherokee is by far the most popular.

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Posted in beauty , dating , life , people , race , society and community. Tagged beauty , black , hair , Indian , mixed , race. Stuff Ghetto People Like. Dating from a black male's perspective http: Originally posted by ObeyX View Post. I know black and biracial women that say they deliberately avoid light skinned men though. So I suppose there is some difference. Mostly he's joking but he refers to my brothers and sisters who are biracial as "the light skins" lol, or will be commenting on some light skinned woman in a movie or whatever.

Anyhow, this post is interesting to me since I primarily date black men. Let's see if I fit your categories. Check out my blog! I'm glad you fit the urban category lol. I'm tired as hell at the moment but I'll take a shot at your post, I hate formatting forum posts. Also the preppy women you mentioned who dated interracially from those college towns. Those women would fit right here: They would fit right where I inserted that 1.

Since you are very, very comfortable around black men I would put you where I inserted that 1 earlier, haha from what you post, I only skimmed through your blog but I'll rate you again once I read your blog a few more times. I realized there had to be some category in the middle of women who would fuck black guys easily that most of us black men just aren't aware of, lol thank my ex for this forum post I guess.

5 Things I Learned By Dating A Girl From The ‘Hood

This one is another top post, super practical, 0 kj, whole of fame due to practicality, accuracy, uniqueness Though i am light skin black is not as easy cause my type is curvy, and as you said a lot of them want a strictly black guys, so that is the only part of the post i did not agree with It is funny how other people always think people different than them have it easier Originally posted by Skills View Post. What's your style, vibe, and game? If you are a light skin black guy then you gotta use a little thug game on curvy chicks, from what I see with my light skin homies in the field they do online game though to be perfectly honest bro, light skin thugs get laid with a plethora of women, including curvy chicks.

Do you use a thug vibe when gaming these chicks? And I really appreciate it, I put a lot of thought into this post, black guys really don't got shit in the manosphere outside of justin wayne Lmfao. I thought you were Latino????? I was thinking Skills was Puerto Rican. Anyhow, dont forget Tariq Nasheed. My current guy has some of his books and watches his YouTube videos.