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Retrieved April 18, Retrieved 12 November Companies based in the Metro Vancouver area. Solely because it was a total waste of time. Therefore I say to all of you thinking of joining a free dating site. Stay away from this mob, cause they cannot be trusted with your money. Fake profiles and bots are rampant. Low barrier to entry makes way for the prevalence of fake profiles and bots. I suspect the company allows for a certain amount of them in order to help drive up sales of account upgrades.

It is likely the person you're interested in isn't active anymore because they're sick of messages from these profiles. There is a Tinder-inspired feature where you can like and dislike profiles, but it is very tacked-on. I went on POFfor the purpose of meeting genuine people. In they decided to clean out the fishbowl of undesirables just after bed intimacy.

I encountered this after attempting to weed out scammers and persons only interested in bed intimacy. Added to this I had no less than 5 males from overseas contacting my profile in over the 3 days I was signed up. I had no interest in meeting anyone from overseas or interstate for that matter. I've since realised angry dissatisfied persons block users for fun to get their kicks resulting in genuine people like you and I being permanently deleted.

POF clean up your act and remove the inconsistent selective approach to keeping undesirables on your website.

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This is just a scam. I was looking for a women. I found that most of the people are fake and they want u to sign up to other site or go on snap chat. Or u chat to someone then they ask for a iTunes gift card how hard is it to find decent real women on this site.

I am a good looking man that wants to find a decent attractive women it's a joke. What a Waste Of Time.. Aren't we better than this? Low Women were never available to chat. Alot of fake users I wouldn't use the app again. Actually very demoralizing I'm Better than This!! I'm in Brisbane but get shown to USA. Why have preferences set if they can still contact you? I have that I wouldn't date a smoker, yet I get plenty of guys who have on their profiles that smoke that contact me!

And heaps of dudes hundreds of kms away message me, getting angry because I don't want a long distance relationship.

Site blocked me mid conversation. POF blocked me mid convo with several guys which sucks cos i was just getting to know a couple of them and I had some good prospects. My one experience was a nightmare. Male lied about living in Airport West.

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Do not buy membership, biggest scam. Fake profiles and they always get you to talk on snapchat and add them on another website which they want you to put your email to hack you , Keylog your computer. Was upgraded user, had to watch my bank account as more than 1 charge for 2mths occurred still trying to get money back! This site is a disgrace i hooked up with 3 monsters two of them were grossly obesse and the other one was looking for a baby daddy.

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Now look im not expecting supermodels but cmon there should be a simple level of person care and hygiene thats taken into account before allowing these slobs to interact with others in a social environment. A quick way to make the world a better place is to stick the majority of Plenty Of Fish members in a large pen and toss away the key.


The screening process must change!!!!. The only thing this application is good for is laughing at the large selection of mutants and a possible avenue of recruitment for the local circus. Im writing this review cause i would never want anyone to go through a experience like i did when someones profile says" a few extra pounds" things become very uncomfortable when ur greeted by a Sasquatch looking creature.

Im glad i survived i now see it as my duty to protect others. I will not rest until i am satisifed there has been stark improvements. I've had a great time on this site.


I have had a great time on POF- met at least seven guys. One of these is by location. Matches will first be narrowed down by proximity to users, followed by likes and interests. Plenty of Fish is updated regularly.

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Due to its popularity as a dating service, it is constantly receiving updates and maintenance to fix bug issues and improve its overall performance and intuitiveness. One way to make sure you have a date or dates arranged for Christmas Looking for Windows version?

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