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Hey Eve, where do you find these Filipino men?? Almost all the Filipino men I know are hard working professionals. Now these Filipinas fall for foreign counterparts of slacker Filipino men. In America what a dumb Filipina thinks are good men are actually social outcasts and losers. Haha, shut up with your BS you bleep stupid retarded envious jealous virgin loser who cant afford trip to Philipines you retarded loser ahaha!!! Your life is over. Now that is true stupidity. Go to the Philippines. The Catholic Church is strrrroooongly opposing this citing abstinence over sex education.

Our president is very open that he is pro. International organizations are sending their representatives to help the bill to pass. Help im depressed about my situation im 25 yrs old from Philippines a 6months pregnant no work, no money, sometimes not eating properly cause of no budget for the food, living with my siblings. My ex ignoring my situation even though i begging him to help or support us.. What can i do guys,im worried about our situation?

Just pay for it. You are so irresponsible without knowing how Ur future going to be you just became pregnant, I really pity the young kid who is going to suffer because of your childish act. Jonnathan — not sure where you come from in the world.

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Why should the mother be stuck with the child without support from the father, either physically or financially? Or you can have a friend or relative start the proceedings here for you. I know this cos my friend was in this situation and had to pay child support for his son in the Philippines. I grew up in the Philippines but my brothers and sisters never had to do any type of chore. We just concentrated on school. I guess it all depends where you are in the sosioeconomic level.

Hi Martin; Yes that has a lot to do with how the Filipino men behave. BUT when it comes to commitment and sex they are mostly the same. The law for libel allows charges even if the information is correct Go figure that one. I never employed males in the Philippines. Females were much more responsible and reliable: More dedicated, less corrupt and deceptive. I was afraid at first but i chose my baby over his decision for me to get rid of it.

We live in my parents house. OK, maxen57 but why did u have sex unless being sure that ur lover will not just misuse u and he is the one whom u would like to live with forever? I go to school full time, I have a full time and a part time job at night while taking care of my 3-month old daughter. It is not easy but I feel that its all worth it everytime I see my daughter. Your daughter is the same age as mine. I work as a freelancer and been able to slowly recover financially.

Although she is unwise for posting here for this kind of help you are disgusting to make this kind of offer to her. You are all that is wrong with the world to have such an attitude. One day yes one day your Almighty foundation will fall down around your stupid ass, then maybe we get to see you begging on the street, and People making comments like your stupid ass dose ,will be there to give you the same type of encouragement.

I felt really pity on them. Philippines government must do some thing about it otherwise it would be very serious on future. My husband had an affair with a filipino girl and got her pregnant.

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We had been married for 20 years and have 3 lovely children but he broke my heart and trust. I am trying to deal with the hurt and pain that he had caused. Presently he is still keeping in touch with the mother of his child. He is constantly in contact with them and giving her money for child support.

He even refers to her as his wife and she calls him her husband even though he swears to me that they were never married.


I think its western values interfering with a family culture— they are innudated with false western images on internet and TV. The pill means a man can have sex for free— no responsibilities- it all falls to the woman. I have begun asking this question as well, and have come to blame the Filipino men. The age of consent is ridiculously young for Filipinos 12 , so they find the prettiest ones and bang them right away. When she winds up pregnant, they abandon responsibility and leave some foreigner to pick up where he left off.

And I can contribute tons on this subject. U can call me a specialist in this particular topic. But without going through the details, I can only tell you the root cause and society will take the own course whatever direction this country want to move — Cause 1 In Filipino society single moms are accepted normally which is not the case throughout Asia — from economically advanced countries like Japan, Korea, to the poor countries like India, Thailand — it is a shame to be a mother before marriage.

This is a serious topic and shamefully i have noticed some people are posting loose comments. Try to comprehend the enormous problem this country is facing — its far reaching repercussions and please add your comments in a constructive way. Constructive advice is to look at what is reality and then correct problems.

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Filipina women are far more abused by Filipino men than foreigners. If you are Filipino you know that. Filipino males treat the Filipino women as a commodity and not for long term. If a Filipina gets older the male looks for the younger one. The problem is complex and multi-faceted but one factor is that Filipinas are very emotional and sensitive, and so are easily swept off their feet by the macho Filipino lover-boys who measure their manhood by number of conquests.

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You can date at ANY age. And can have sex at 12! Not that the police or government ever care.

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Many whores are only 6 years old or younger…. Shut up you stupid envious jealous loser who will never afford trip to Philipines so that why you telling these stupid bullshits ahaha. I agree with most of the points. As a Catholic, conservative country, birth control is not encouraged and not that accessible. Do yourself a favor and get some advice from Mike. I am Sagittarius, cm 5' 0'' , 48 kg lbs. Someone who is open-minded to accept mentality from other race. I am Aries, cm 5' 6''. John , 26 y. I am Leo, cm 5' 11'' , 54 kg lbs. I can be fun and playful..

Ian , 25 y.

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