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They called for neutrality and strongly opposed going to war to rescue the British Empire. Kern , and Vice President Thomas R. Most of the opposition dissipated when the United States officially declared war against Germany in April , but some teachers lost their jobs on suspicion of disloyalty, [] and public schools could no longer teach in German.

Debs , from Terre Haute, went to federal prison for encouraging young men to evade the draft. A separate organization, the Liberty Guard, was formed in , primarily for social purposes: Governor Samuel Ralston had to call out the Liberty Guard in November to put down a growing workers strike in Indianapolis. By , the state decided to formalize this group, renaming it the Indiana Civil Defense Force and supplying it with equipment and training. During World War II, it was again federalized and members were called up by the federal government.

The war-time economy provided a boom to Indiana's industry and agriculture, which led to more urbanization throughout the s.

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Indiana's greatest industries were steel production, iron, automobiles, and railroad cars. Scandal erupted across the state in when it was discovered that over half the seats in the General Assembly were controlled by the Indiana Ku Klux Klan , including members of three political parties. The Klan pushed an anti-Catholic legislative agenda, including a ban on parochial education. Stephenson boasted, "I am the law in Indiana. After Governor Edward L. Jackson , whom Stephenson helped elect, refused to pardon him, Stephenson began to name many of his co-conspirators.

This led the state's making a string of arrests and indictments against political leaders, including the governor, mayor of Indianapolis, the attorney general, and many others. The crackdown effectively rendered the Klan powerless. During the s, Indiana, like the rest of the nation, was affected by the Great Depression. The economic downturn had a wide-ranging negative impact on Indiana. McNutt 's administration struggled to build from scratch a state-funded welfare system to help the overwhelmed private charities. During his administration, spending and taxes were cut drastically in response to the Depression.

The state government was completely reorganized. McNutt also enacted the state's first income tax. On several occasions, he declared martial law to put an end to worker strikes. By October of that year, the agency had put 74, Hoosiers to work. In , there were still 64, people working for agency. Some helped index collections of libraries, and artists were employed to create murals for post offices and libraries. Nearly every community had a project to work on.

During the s, many local businesses collapsed, several railroads went bankrupt, and numerous small rural banks folded. The effects continued to be felt for many years thereafter. The economy began to recover in , but unemployment remained high among youth and older workers until , when the federal government built up supplies and armaments going into World War II. Indiana participated in the mobilization of the nation's economy and resources. Domestically, the state produced munitions in an army plant near Sellersburg. The P fighter-plane was manufactured in Evansville at Republic Aviation.

Other war-related materials were produced throughout the state. Indiana's military bases were activated, with areas such as Camp Atterbury reaching historical peaks in activity. The population was highly supportive of the war efforts. The churches showed much less pacifism than in The Church of God , based in Anderson, had a strong pacifist element, reaching a high point in the late s.

Anti-Communist sentiment has since kept strong pacifism from developing in the Church of God. The churches helped their young men to both become conscientious objectors and to provide valuable service to the nation. Goshen College set up a training program for unpaid Civilian Public Service jobs. Although the young women pacifists were not liable to the draft, they volunteered for unpaid Civilian Public Service jobs to demonstrate their patriotism; many worked in mental hospitals. The state sent nearly , Hoosiers who enlisted or were drafted.

Hoosiers served in all the major theaters of the war. Tens of thousands of women volunteered for war service, through agencies such as the Red Cross. Representative was Elizabeth Richardson of Mishawaka. She served coffee and doughnuts to combat soldiers in England and France from a Red Cross clubmobile.

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She died in a plane crash in in France. Central Indiana was struck by a major flood in , leading to widespread damage and the evacuations of hundreds of thousands of residents.

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Archived from the original on March 2, Retrieved July 29, The dam at Saint Mary's reservoir, twenty-five miles from Fort Wayne broke, while high water burst levees at Indianapolis, Marion , Muncie , Lafayette , and Lawrenceburg , flooding portions of these cities and others along the Ohio , White, Wabash, and Mississinewa rivers. The Great Flood of ". See also, Williams, p.

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