Dating zenith radio

That reflects the true model season and can avoid ambiguities. That must not be compared with the automobile market, where the sales are mainly in springtime. The model year is more or less congruent with the calender year. To backup my discussion with an US member: Here you find a nice example. The August ad brings the complete "" line with the following text: Throughout the country they're pulling the public into dealer's stores. This says clearly that at least in September the models were on the market.

If you compare sales figures for radios, it is also obvious that the vast sales are in - quite different to cars, where the biggest sales are in Spring. We bought many folders from the author Mark V. Some of the folders show no date, some have definitly date information and some are marked by hand with a year. Only if there is an official date by the manufacturer we have a proof. We can also then work through other models if we find some models for which we have a proof, for instance by an ad or description in a journal.

Zenith Radio chassis & serial model number locator

If the models lasted for a season only, then we can determine the rest of the models on a given folder. I now list modles from a given folder with many models.

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Consoltone A part of the folder reflects the brand or name Consoltone with the sentence: There is one problem with them and most of the others too: The third or forth digit in the name is written like the letter "O" example 5DO11 but we present them with the number "0". The reason is most probably the Rider's schematic.

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In order that both ways of writings can be found, we use both versions in the field model name. Now the models on the folder: Table combination 5RO86R and 5RO86E - and in this example one can see that not even the person who designed the folder could stay on one version. Rural radios that go to town: Under "Enjoy AU 3 at their Best! On the other side we find names only like the " Cobra Tone Arm and the Silent Speed Record Changer " as " Now, the new way to play records with the sensational radionic ". The Transoceanic Clipper Portable for standard broadcast and short wave with 5.

The folder is R with the slogan " Another 30 years ". It tells that since Zenith led in the manufacture of fine home radios. Zenith's Alphanumeric Numbering System to You have to know that Zenith and some other manufacturers depending on the yeaars have dated their models with one year advanced! So they call it when it is in fact sold in and was outdated in Radios come on the market for Autumn when daytime is shorter and one would like to listen to a radio and X-mas. Sometimes they are on the market from July to July of next year. This is the big difference with cars which have a correct model year because they are mainly sold in Spring time.

Sorry, because of not caring sufficiently we still have to change our models concerning the right season! That indicates a wooden replacement cabinet due to plastics shortage, e. They did not consider the real manufacturing state of technique and sales year but have gone "the easy way" Es begann im Jahr Ich war von den Formen so begeistert, das ich anfing die Bilder zu sammeln. Ich musste beim Umfang der Modelle mich auf eine Marke konzentrieren.

Ich begann mich auf den Hersteller Zenith fest zu legen. Um eine genaue Zuordnung meiner Bilder zu den einzelnen Modellseiten zu erreichen, war erst mal Lehrgeld zu zahlen. Im Anfang ging ohne Konrad Birkner nichts oder nichts genaues. Also wurde erst mal Literatur beschafft.

Meine Bildersammlung begann zu wachsen.

Zenith Transoceanic model Royal 3000-1 (1965, USA)

Auch das ist mittlerweile eine Erfolgsgeschichte. Auch die Chassis von Zenith haben oft eine Modellnummer, die je nach zustand noch erhalten ist. Von dieser Gesamtsumme sind Modelle, die unter dem der Jahreszahl Modelle die aussortiert wurden. Damit ergibt sich eine bereinigte Gesamtzahl von 2. Es folgt eine Zusammenstellung der Modellseiten unterteilt nach: Sie differiert um 15 Modelle. In Klammern habe ich die Prozentzahlen der Jahre und Gesamtbilder angegeben.

Es warten noch neue Projekte auf ihre Umsetzung. Das erleichtert die Suche nach fehlenden Modellbildern um einiges. Allen Mitarbeitern an diesem Projekt sei herzlich gedankt, vor allem gilt aber mein besonderer Dank Herrn. In dieser Beziehung haben wir viel geleistet, weil selbst renommierte www sites viele Falschzuweisungen beinhalten.

Dating zenith radio

LR 5-R? Danke, Herrr Amberger, dass Sie die Story hier dargestellt haben. Dem ganzen Team danke ich - wahrscheinlich im Namen aller aktiveren Mitglieder. Nach den ersten Erfolgen hatte ich um Mithilfe und Nachahmung gebeten. Auch auf Englisch habe ich es probiert Auch das ist vorbildlich. Erst mit internationalen Recherchen kann man die Entwicklungen beim Radio richtig beurteilen. Herr Amberger hat die Mitstreiter um Zenith oben schon genannt, weshalb ich diese hier nicht wiederhole.

Ich habe ihn gebeten, hier in ein paar Tagen seine Methode vorzustellen, da viel mehr dahinter liegt, als man gemeinhin glaubt. Wer zeigt diese Initiative? Zenith was no exception, but the general consensus among radio aficionados is that Zenith was simply the last manufacturer to completely phase out tube-based units. But I fear that for this particular topic, a handful of anecdotes have been posted online, and then repeated in enough sources that they have been taken as fact.

Although I agree that the X-models preceded the Y-models, which preceded the Z-models, generally, ascertaining the production date from the model prefix is not so clear-cut, as we shall see. Looking through some contemporary sales releases and newspaper ads, I believe that that last assertion is wrong.

This article in Billboard Magazine, dated February 17, [Excerpt]:.

Zenith serial number to model finder

They all feature automatic frequency control, a broadband RF state on FM, precision vernier tuning, automatic bass control circuit, milliwatts of audio output and a solid-state chassis the Prompter excepted. What this is saying is that the Z radio and Z clock radio were the only two tube-based sets introduced at that time. It does support the assertion that these were the last 2 models: To make matters more confusing, it appears that Zenith changed the date of major product announcements during this era.

These models could conceivably be labeled with the model year following that of the announcement: But some time around , Zenith moved their product announcement calendar date forward, to February. What model year to use? My particular unit has several date codes present. It always leaves open the possibility that all the parts were held back in inventory before being assembled at a later date as RadioTVPhonoNut suggests , but my Z has no fewer than 5 date codes from mid, yet none from The preponderance of evidence therefore suggests a build date:.

Dating Zenith Radio Chassis'?

May Wed 13, 5: The silver chassis plate shows: The "D" represents the year , according to Padgett's Zenith page. But what do the numbers represent? Do they designate a manufacturing date? May Wed 13, 6: The number you are referring to is the serial number. I don't think serial records correlating numbers to dates survived for Zenith, if they ever even existed in the first place. The number on the website you are referring to is the chassis number.