Kim hyun joong dan jung so min dating

So it will always be special. I miss you guys, too!

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Now if only I could understand what was said. Mokomichi is so hot! No time right now though. Premise does looks cute! PK shippers is back!!! So happy this fan meet really happened. I love all the outfits they were wearing! They both look so good and healthy! It made me realize how much I missed them so much!

Thank you always Ockoala! It always make me smile to see updates of the two or anything related to PK!!! So excited for more news! I went through a lot of his pictures and I did not see a nose job kind of difference. I so miss them! But maybe there is??? Ahh time can only tell!

Lee Jong Suk and Jung So Min Deny Dating Rumors

I really miss Hyunmin couple. Probably from my primal cave-woman alter -ego! Sorry for frightening everyone! Acting skills can be honed in …give him a few more dramas. How many look good lookers can look even more gorgeous exposing their fore heads! Noo Noo not many, Look Capt K! No helmutty headgear too! Where ARE my manners?? And has strong legs…for not passing out during d hug. I have to say the TW version was my fave, this comes second and the jdorama third.

Jung so min dating ford | ВКонтакте

I think they they could make anew version in Japan just like they did with HYD. I was so angry at the the writers of Kurosagi. I mean Yamapi and Maki have great chemistry together and in the manga Tsurara and Kurosaki kiss and I was so let down that there was not the teeniest romance going on.

HyunMin Couple - Nice To Meet You ♥Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min♥

I miss this adorable PK couple so much that seeing them again together brings tears to my eyes! Well I just love this two! Hope to see more of them again in a project! Amazing how this post has gotten so much comments already! Thanks for posting this!!! No wonder So Min got all shy. I love the matching outfits.

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  • Who is Jung So min's Boyfriend? Lovelife about Jung So min | MIJ Miner8.
  • So happy that PK did very very well in Japan and will be having another fanmeet in August. Hope both of them will grace that event as well. Love you Ockoala for indulging the PKissers! I visit your playground often but remain a lurker until now! Here is the video so the event! They are actually quite playful and close!

    Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong Attend Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan

    Take out the spaces in youtube to watch! Here is the video! They are actually quite close and playful! The hug was short and courteous, since it was in front of the fans after all. They look great together! Kim Hyun Joong, my baby…. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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    This never was proven and the relationship with the two fizzled out and they went their separate ways. Long heart and soul with dating alleen voor hoger opgeleiden the cause and willing to take chance. I dont need to see a picture of you with your family, kim hyun joong and jung so min dating in real life unless youre subtly trying Gg Shahs Of Sunset Dating Jax to tell us youre a daddys girl.

    The main reason why their relationship did not go well was that the time they spent together got shorter and shorter eventually, and they had chosen to take the different paths. A post shared by Kim Hyun Joong kimhyunjoong86 on Feb 25, at 1: She said after the filming of this drama, her thoughts on love changed to something more realistic. Before filming, she thought that it was fine to chase her dreams and find anyone, but now she thinks that she wants someone who grew up in a nice household with nice parents.